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Our Story- Short

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Join in and celebrate as the wedding ceremony of the year takes place! Watch as Katie Lee and Marisol Smith come together in holy matrimony. They are high school sweethearts who taught each other how to love. From ups and downs to a wedding ceremony, these two are pure sweethearts who are made for each other. Enjoy their family and their story !

Romance / Humor
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Part 1

Good Morning Everyone. Now I know what you’re thinking or at least I’d like to think so.

You’re probably wondering who starts a story like this but it’s all within good reasoning. Standing here today in Dubai I never thought it possible that I, Katie Lee, the one and only daughter of Mary and Gerald Lee would be getting married.

I’ve never been a brave soul or someone who would take the first initiative so when my sweetheart found me, I was genuinely surprised. Standing here today, the only thing I can do is recite the one thing I’ve been dying to say this whole morning.

I love you honey. Over and over again I say those words in my head. It’s the only thing that will keep me sane. Just thinking about seeing my love, I get goosebumps all over. Palpations and heartbeats. This is not a joke.

My whole body reacts on instinct like it knows that the chemistry we have together is true. Look at me getting all carried away.

“Katie Darling, it’s almost time,” my mom said. She was chipper than a chipmunk with a nut. She always gave me support and love whenever I needed it. I always thought that it was because of her duty as a mother, and not that she did it because she really meant it, but after she found out about my love and I saw her reaction, I knew she meant it.

My gosh. I truly apologize. I forgot to give you an optical insight on my surroundings. I’m getting married in a chapel filled with numerous ancient murals. They were multicolored and as I looked at them my eyesight cringed. I’m light sensitive.

The floor is wooden but it doesn’t creak like I expected it to. The whole makeup of the chapel is ancient and modern. It was remodeled but still had its ancient jewels intact.

“Almost ready Mom.” I had to get dressed if I was ever going to make it out of this room.

Sliding on my dress wasn’t easy. I get it now. In every movie I’ve ever watched, the bride would always have a whole entourage of people with her but I never understood why.

“Mom, for the love of God, I can’t breathe. Get in here please.” Rushing through the door she appeared with her red hair wilding about. She called in my bridesmaid and together they helped me.

“Oh honey. Let me help you out.” She proceeded to remove my dress then instructed me to raise my hands above my head. Slowly, she launched the dress over my body and slid it down. Finally, I could see and breathe again.

She reached for the veil and attached it to my head. It was merely for appearances but I wanted to be surprised until I saw my love again, so a hot and mingy piece of accessory was what I’d wear over my face until it was time.

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