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"All I ever want is you not the fame with it." ~Myra. "Loving you was the mistake I willfully made." ~ Adrian. "Seeing you Happy is all I ever wanted" ~ Myra. "Having you in my arms was the most sinful pleasure" ~ Adrian. Follow Myra and Adrian's love-hate relationship... where they couldn't stand each other yet couldn't get away. Hating each other is the hardest thing they did apart from the love which now is nothing but a sin in their opinion. Witness two hearts dangled with flashing lights following them around.

Romance / Drama
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Past entwined


I turned the page of the book I was reading, it was a classic love story which is being made into a movie. A movie where I am playing the lovely, carefree, strong Katherine who fell in love with a handsome soldier Xavier.

When the producers approached me with the story, I was so intrigued that I said yes without a second thought. I asked them to send me the book from which the movie is adapted and I have been reading it since this morning when I woke up and saw this book in my rack where my manager Roni left it yesterday.

You know the feeling when you read a good book, a book so emotional... So touching that it shakes you to the core. Especially a love story which makes you long for a love that characters are experiencing reminds you of the one person you are trying to forget.

In my case, it would be the one and only Adrian Cruz.

I pulled my throw blanket tighter around me, I was wiping my eyes with some tissues after completing such a wonderful story when Roni walked in.

I live in a very chic deluxe Condo, I bought a few months back.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.” She said giving me a bear hug.

I wondered what has gotten into her this morning.

“I am sorry Myra if I knew it. I wouldn’t have told the producers you have free dates.” Roni continued to blabber.

“Roni... what happened?” I asked confused.

“Wait you didn’t see it yet?” She asked.

“See what?”

“The news about your new movie.”

“What about it?”

“They are casting Adrian against you.” She said in a slow voice.

“Adrian? As in Adrian Cruz.?” I asked my voice skipping a beat.

“Yea.. didn’t they have to discuss that with you?” She asked walking like a mad person to and fro.

“Shit. I was so intrigued by the story that I said yes before asking them who they are gonna cast in Xavier’s Character.”

“Oh my god!! I hope it won’t be awkward.” Roni said finally sitting beside me.

“We are professional actors Roni, of course, we could pull our personal crap together and work,” I said not truly believing what I said.

“The internet is having gala time over this,” she said it with a chuckle.

She quickly took her phone out and typed our ship name #adrya into her search bar.

Her phone screen filled with thousands of our photos together.

Roni started reading the title of the very first article under the photo gallery.

“Adrian Cruz and Myra Wilson are back together.”

“Could this be any more twisted.” I wondered, catching my head in my hands.

“Well, it is actually true,” Roni said chuckling again.

I narrowed my eyes at her, ” you were the one who came running chanting sorry.”

An instant frown lit up her face, “But you said you are okay with it.”

I shook my head with a small sigh escaping my lips.

“How long has it been?” She asked.

“18 months” I replied.

“Do you want me to read it?” She asked.

I vaguely nodded my head, “Do you want some coffee?” I asked her.

“Yup,” she said following me to my kitchen.

" Adrian Cruz and Myra Wilson are back together!!”

It’s good news for all the #adrya fans out there. Our beloved heart-throb Adrian Cruz and Myra Wilson are back together. Well, not together.. together.. but they are doing a movie together. According to the news, both of them have been approached for the lead roles and both of them have said Yes!! Yes, you heard it right... Both of them have said Yes! The film is an adaptation of the book, Yours Truly by Patricia Adams. And we can’t wait to see them romancing each other. ”

I groaned. Yeah! “Romancing him”, the thought itself made me shiver.

“We fell in love with the beautiful couple when we first saw them in Shine away. And the couple soon started dating, when asked about it back then Cruz always told that the spark flew the movement their eyes met. The IT couple of Hollywood has been giving us the major couple goals while they were together for 2 years and now after 18 months they are coming back together to do a movie.

We can’t wait for the magic to happen again and fans are praying for them to rekindle their romance as well both on screen and off screen.”

I scoffed at the article, rekindle their romance could that be any more stupid and cheesy.

“Well as I said they are having a gala time over this,” Roni said putting her phone aside.

“God this is going to be awful,” I muttered.

“There is still time for you to back off I can pull some strings.”

“No, Roni. I have avoided him enough. I am not going to let this thing between us spoil my career. ”

Roni gave me a sad look and nodded her head. “You should be seen outside. You need to attend the Andrew DeLuca’s party tonight.”

I groaned, I didn’t want to go but I knew I need to show the world that I am not grieving.

I was disturbed from my thoughts with my phone ringing, I groaned Again when I saw who was calling, My mom.

“Hello”, I said taking the call.

“Is it true?” She jumped right into it.

“Wow. Hello to you too Mom!”

“Myra Wilson!”

“Yes mom, I am working with him.”


“Good?!“, I asked confused.

“Yea... You both are a hit couple. The movie would do well. It would be good for your career” She replied.

Of course!! Why would I even think she would care about me.

“Well... I have to go. I’ll see you this Sunday?” She asked.

“Okay. Bye, Mom.”

“Bye Myra.”

Ahh... I pulled my hair little frustrated. If only the story wasn’t this phenomenal, I would never ever work with that heartbreaker.

“I will go take a shower and you better call Saul by the time I get back,” I said walking into my room.

“Right at it,” I heard Roni say.

I stripped out of my onesie’s and walked it into my shower. I let the hot water soak into my pores. I closed my eyes and I see him smiling at me, pulling me close, his hands in my hair, his lips working their magic on my lips. I open my eyes immediately and shake my head. I am not going to let him into my life. He has given me enough heartbreak to last this lifetime. I do not need anymore.

By the time I was out of the shower, Saul was waiting for me. Saul was my make up artist and the best in his field.

“Hi, Darling!” He said air kissing both of my cheeks.

“Hi Saul,” I replied giving him a smile.

“How are you feeling today?“, he asked.

“Good,” I said, ” I want you to work your magic on me.”

“Oh darling, you are a natural beauty you do not need any of my magic.”

“Your flattery quite boosts my ego.” I laughed at him.

“It’s true Myra.” Roni joined him.

I shook my head at them, “Did you pick up my outfit?” I asked Roni.

“Yup,” She said pulling out my dress from the hanger in her hand, it was a beautiful red color cocktail dress.

“Ah this is beautiful Roni,” I said taking the dress into my hand.

“Where is yours?” I asked.

“I don’t need such an extravagant dress, I would be fine in my jeans.”

“Oh Roni, Do you really think I would let you come like that?”

“It’s one thing I am coming. I am not going to dress up Myra.”

I chewed my lips as a small smile broke on my face, ” Nope not going to happen, think as it is the cost of my sorry which you were asking earlier.”

Roni groaned as I quickly ran into my walk-in closet, “Saul don’t you think Roni would look amazing in black.”

“Yup, she would.”

“Uff.., Okay...Okay.” Roni groaned as she took The strapless black dress from my hand.

It took Saul an hour to do both our makeup and hair. He blows my hair and set the long curls beautifully around my face. The dress was a perfect fit it came up to my mid-thigh and the heart line neck made me look pretty.

“You look hot,” Saul commented.

“Thank you, Saul.”


It took us another hour to reach the party venue and another twenty to go past the journalists. Everyone asking the same question.

"Myra are you and Adrian back?”

I just walked away with Roni.

“Hey, Myra.” Andrew greeted.

“Hey.. nice party,” I said looking around.

“You look amazing,” he commented.

I gave him a small smile, Roni excused herself to get us drinks.

“So is it true?”

I sighed at everyone asking me the same thing, “Yes Andrew, Yes. I am working with Adrian Cruz.”

“Wow. It’s going to be amazing.”

I sighed and looked around my eyes instantly met those beautiful black orbs I fell in love with.

“Cruz is here?” I asked.

Andrew looked back at Adrian lifting the glass in his hand, ” oh yes.. he came in just a few minutes before you.”

It’s been 5 months since I last saw him in person. “Do you want to go say Hi?” Andrew asked.

Andrews’ eyes were on me I gave him a small smile, ” Not yet.” I said turning my back towards those luring black eyes.

“Hey Andrew,” someone called, signaling him to come.

“Go. I’ll be fine.” I said.

Andrew was one of the prominent actors in the industry, I have done a movie with him where he plays my hot brother my friends go crazy about.

I looked around again skilfully avoiding the perimeter of my Ex.

“Don’t you look lovely,” someone said from my behind. The voice which could make the hair on the back of my neck stand. I gulped and placing a small smile on my face, I turned around.

“Thank you,” I replied politely.

Something stirred in those dark orbs. He was wearing a white shirt and dark jeans paired with a dark jacket. He looked so dapper. I involuntarily increased the grip I had around my clutch.

“You look like you are scared that I would eat you?” He commented.

I was just about to reply when he moved closer to me just a few inches away from my face when he whispered, ” And I would.”

My face turned crimson as images of us wrapped in each other’s arms flashed in front my eyes. Every time he tasted me, every time he kissed me.

“As if I’ll let you,” I replied really glad my voice didn’t come out as a whisper.

Adrian moved back a little and laughed, “Good to know there is still the same fire in you kitten.”

I just smiled at him because I didn’t want to prolong the conversation we are having, my eyes were again searching for someone to help me.

“Still trying to run away from me?” He asked.

I turned my head towards him, “why would I run away from you?”

Adrian shrugged his shoulders in reply, ” I don’t know maybe that’s the reason I haven’t seen you in 5 months.”

“I have been busy” I replied just when I saw Roni rushing back to me with two glasses in her hand.

“So I heard, Good luck for your movie coming out next month.” He said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Hey Roni, nice seeing you.” Adrian waved at Roni.

“Same here Adrian.” She replied in a monotonous tone.

“See you, ladies, later,” He said and walked away.

“I’m sorry, Myra. I found Desmond he kept on talking... what happened?”

“Roni... I cant do it.” I said.

“Do what Myra?”

“I can’t act with him. Just a couple of minutes with him, my body is being a traitor. How could I survive acting a whole movie? What did I get myself into?”

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