Such a Fool

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Dessi gave up on Mason in high school. But, now, seven years later, he’s determined to win back her heart. December James hates Mason Warren. She's been played a fool by him more times than she can count, and she's more than happy when he moves far, far away from the small town they grew up in. She's done entrusting Mason Warren with her heart. Seven years later, Dessi is a famous reporter and late-night talk show host. She knows she can get any guy, but the only guy she wants is halfway across the country. Or is he? Because the man competing for her heart, the one she took back from him all those years ago, the self-made billionaire, can't be Mason Warren. Or can it?

VJ Vaughan
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January 5th, 2012

Even though I knew I would miss him, I wasn't sad when I saw Mason Warren for the last time.

I knew that we could reach out to each other if they want to. I still have his number from last year. I just didn't have the heart to delete it. He took that from me. Mason Warren stole my heart and he never gave it back, even when he tossed me to the side. Even when he didn't want me anymore, he kept my heart as a prize.

Today was his last day of school. The first day back from winter break. I'm not sure why they didn't just move over break, but I guess this works too.

He was making his rounds, talking to all of his close friends and acquaintances throughout the day. But he didn't talk to me until after the end of the day.

I was walking to my car, alone, and suddenly, he was by my side.

"Dec," Mason says, startling me.

"What are you doing here, Mason?" I don't want to see him. Why was he even talking to me? He broke my heart, left me alone. Why was he coming back now?

"I'll miss you, Dec," he says, and sounds sincere, but I don't trust a single word coming out of his mouth. He lost my trust.

But I wasn't going to lie. "Don't get me wrong; I'm not sad you're leaving. But I'll miss you too."

"I know I messed up," he says softly. "Can I- Can I kiss you one last time?"

I was obviously taken aback by his request but, for some reason I can't really place, I go up on my toes and gently places my lips on his.

He pulls me closer and now we're were full-on making out in the partying lot and I know that this is wrong, very very wrong, but I missed him, and I know that this is the last time we'll see each other. He'll be gone in only a few hours.

This is our last chance and we both know it.

Finally, I back away from him and his arms drop to his side.

"Bye, Mason," I say quietly. And, with that, I turn on my heel and walk to my car.

This was the end of our story. Mason was gone and I'm not sad, but I know I'd never regret our final kiss.

But that was okay. Because it's not like we'll ever see each other again.

I get into my car, slam the door, and drive off, leaving him behind.

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