Killing Julie

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Chapter 19

March 2012

Two hikers digging a fire pit unearthed Julie’s remains on a cool evening in March. At first, they thought the bones were an animal’s and simply tossed them to the side. Picking up what appeared to be a rib, one hiker made a few jokes about this being the evidence of a forest homicide. “Bambi returns,” he laughed, throwing it to his friend. “He’s looking for revenge.”

His friend caught it and pretended to study it for a moment. “Could be the body of the hunter that bagged Bambi’s mom.”

“Maybe,” the digger laughed, reaching down to move what he assumed was the animal’s skull. “Or it could be…” He never finished his sentence. He couldn’t find the sound to do it, not after he realized that the skull was human and that there was a bullet hole in the center of its forehead.

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