Killing Julie

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Chapter 44

Disqualifications. I think.

By Rory Cullers

I don't cook, either well or often

My wines come in boxes and sit until they turn to vinegar

I swear. I sulk. I cry.

I have hang-ups you don't know about.

You'd spend all of your time trying to fix me.

I’m remembering how to say "no."

You'll hear it often

I know how to be selfish.

I'm not selfish enough.

I only dust on weekends.

I’d rather read than do laundry.

I’ll write before all else.

You'll probably trip on my shoes, I have too many.

I don't fold underwear.

I hate your pipe.

You won't be allowed to smoke it in the house.

Clutter makes me nervous.

I'm high-strung.

I obsess over things big and small

at odd and inconvenient and bothersome times.

I’ve more than a few skeletons in the closet –

they like to come out and dance at odd and inconvenient

and bothersome times.

It's likely, too, that I'll forget your clothes at the dry cleaners for weeks at a time.

(Those ninety-day deadlines were made because of people like me.)

I don't follow schedules very well. Dinner may well be served after 8 pm.

Assuming that I even bother to cook.

I never fill my gas tank.

I write upside-down which explains, I think,

my skewed eye on the world.

You won't understand me very often.

Rory studied the computer screen before her, drinking in the words before her.

Had he really meant what he said? Had she really said what she said? I don’t care. How bold!

I’m afraid.

She typed the last two words, studied them, deleted them.

Hell with it, she decided, hitting save and pushing away from the table. She’d analyze herself and worry about Cade and whether or not she was running on emotion tomorrow. Right now, she would get caught up on everything else. The busier she kept, the better.

“Hi! You’ve reached Selina Deitson. I can’t take your call right now, but if you leave your name and number, I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Thanks!”

Taking a deep breath, Rory left her message. “It’s me, Rory. I got your message. Thank you.” She paused for a moment, not sure if she should say more. “Call me,” she finally said before hanging up.

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