Killing Julie

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Chapter 59

“Can I do anything else?” Hours later, they were at the front door, finished and ready to end the night.

Rory felt ready to drop, but everything that reminded her of Paul was boxed and ready, waiting in the garage for the Salvation Army to take it all away on Monday. She liked the idea of Paul’s belongings going to people that he had normally looked down on. Poetic justice. “No. We got everything. Thank you again, Cade.”

“Well, yeah. Let me know if I can do anything else,” he said, standing a few from her but making no move to leave.

“I’d like you to stay,” she said finally.

It was all he needed. He stole her breath the moment his lips touched hers. Slow and tender. Gentle and unhurried. A feathery brush that made her tremble. He paused and pulled back, looking at her. The slight upward tilt of her head was all he needed to taste her again. The next kiss was different. His lips slanted over hers possessively, and he didn’t have to urge her to respond. She moaned softly, a light whimper in the back of her throat, as their tongues met. She felt him reach up and undo her hair and shove his hands through it, and she shivered. His hands ran down her back, her sides, tracing her and studying her geography. The keys Rory had been holding clattered to the floor as she put her arms around his neck, pressing against him.

When he paused, she looked up at him. “Do you always kiss like that?” Her voice was shaky, breathless.

“Only with you,” he teased, loving the way that she looked at him with wide eyes.

It wasn’t in her to be coy tonight. “I missed you. Kiss me again.”

He did, another soft close-mouthed kiss that made her ache.

“Cade,” she whispered into his ear as she kissed it. He shivered, lowering his head to her shoulder for a moment. “What?” she whispered again, raking her nails through his hair, inhaling his scent.

He raised his head to look at her. “Chills,” he said in a raw voice. And she laughed, kissing and whispering his name once more and savoring the way he shuddered. It amazed her, this power.

“I’m not going to play fair, Cade, not ever. I don’t know how.”

“Good,” she thought she heard him breathe in that instant before his mouth captured hers again. His hands were on her waist, tugging at her t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. She caught the pleased look when he saw her bra – a deep, rich burgundy.

“Do you like? I thought of you when I bought it,” she whispered huskily.

Eyes gleaming, he looked at her. “Do your panties match?”

“You’ll have to find out,” she replied, unbuttoning his shirt, pushing it aside and running her hands over his broad chest. “Mmm, I really missed this.” He growled in answer, working his way down her neck while his hands cupped her backside and pulled her tight against him. His heat against her now. “Don’t tease me, Cayden,” she whispered, moving her hips against him as she nipped his ear again.

“Never,” he promised, unbuttoning her jeans and slipping his fingers into her. She lost track of the world then, forgot about everything but the sensation of his hands on her. She knew nothing but the man who held her. And she could only respond.

He watched from his car as the bastard seduced her. Watched him carry her to the couch to fuck her. A goddamned bitch in heat. Can’t even close the curtains let alone her legs. Didn’t even have the sense to make sure no one was watching. Any decent woman would know better. Not this one. That bastard knew though, he was the one who paused to close the curtains and hide their indiscretion. Not that it mattered, he knew what they were doing. Whore. Hopping from man to man, from dick to dick. She’d learn soon enough that being a slut came to nothing in the end. Then she’d have to make her choice.

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