Killing Julie

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Chapter 60

“Don’t go,” Rory murmured. They were in her bed now, exhausted from making love a second time. “Sleep here with me tonight,” she said, her warm, nude body tangled close with his under the sheets. “You can’t leave me, you know. I’m naked.”

“I see that.” He laughed, drawing her closer. “Leaving would be very ungentlemanly, wouldn’t it?”

She nodded and put her head on his shoulder.

“I’m flying to Philly tomorrow afternoon. I won’t be able to stay long.”

“I’ll see you when you come home,” the words seemed natural to her, and home took a new location – new meaning – for each of them.

“You will, I promise.”

He gave her a squeeze and kissed the top of her head. And she bit her tongue as she came close to saying I love you. She couldn’t. Not yet. She wasn’t brave enough. It would go unsaid for now. “Good night, darling.” It wasn’t the same, she knew, but it was a start.

He kissed the top of her head again. I love you. He left it unsaid as well, afraid to move too fast. It had taken too damn long to get here, and he wasn’t about to scare her away.

Cade felt her body relax as she drifted off to sleep in his arms. He wasn’t ready to sleep quite yet. His hands ran along her back, remembering, learning her in the dark, feeling the curves and ripples a woman’s body should have. She was soft. This wasn’t a body from the gym, muscular and ripped, but one of a woman who enjoyed life and sometimes exercised. He liked her small belly. Soft and warm. His hand rested on it lightly, possessively.

They hadn’t used protection this time. What would it be like to someday feel a tiny foot kick under his hand? He would propose, he decided, in a few months, when he knew she was ready to think about marriage again. Rushing her would be disastrous. Besides, no doubt he would have to convince her that a second marriage would be worth it. Lord knows her first one was a waste.

He kissed her neck, breathing in her scent. She sighed and he kissed her again, his lips moving from her neck to her ear, nipping lightly. “Good night, Rory,” he whispered. “I love you.”

Cade’s alarm on his cell phone beeped barely three hours after he fell asleep. I’ll make up for it on the tonight, he told himself groggily, looking at Rory and caressing her cheek. He slid out from under the sheet and pulled on his discarded jeans. He’d gotten as far as putting them on after making love to her the first time, when one look at her convinced him that leaving her was simply not an option. His shirt, if he remembered correctly, was still in the living room… as were all of Rory’s clothes, a thought that made him smile as he remembered peeling them off her, rediscovering her perfections and – even better, because they made her more real – her imperfections.

Sensing she was alone, Rory rolled over onto her stomach and into the center of the bed, throwing both arms out wide. She muttered softly but didn’t awaken, and he smiled at the way in which she was completely tangled in the sheets. Her long legs, which only a few hours ago had been wrapped tightly around him, were now spread wide. Judging by the way she sprawled out, he guessed that she was used to sleeping alone. The thought appealed to him, and he was honest enough to admit it.

Cade studied her scar. Long and jagged, running nearly heel to knee. Discernible only because of the way the skin still puckered slightly. It was a shade paler then her ivory skin, but not by much. When she wore dresses or skirts, her pantyhose hid it easily. “From the car accident,” she’d admitted last night when he touched it and asked. “It’s nothing, really.”

He thought of the way she walked, a slight roll to her hips. A strut, he once called it and she’d blushed. Now he knew where it came from. How tempting to kiss every inch of that beautiful mark that made her hips sway so perfectly. There was more to her, he didn’t doubt. She held secrets he could barely begin to guess. But he’d find out soon enough. They had forever. I love you.

Unwilling to just leave, and hating that he had to, Cade tried gently to wake her. Rory, however, proved to be as stubborn a sleeper as she was a writer, and she burrowed her head under the pillows, muttering for him to leave her alone until breakfast.

Laughing, he pulled the pillow aside and kissed her neck until she woke up and kissed him back. “I’ll miss you, Rory,” he said, giving her one last kiss and standing straight again. Climbing back into bed with her was too tempting; he had to stop now. “Don’t think I won’t.”

She smiled softly as she looked at him. “I don’t doubt it,” she said, letting the covers fall away as she sat up and reached to touch his face. “I’ll be here, waiting. Don’t think I won’t.”

Cade laughed suddenly and kissed her. Hard. Possessively. She was his now. She’d given herself to him not once but twice and now he knew there would be another night after this. It was simply the beginning and everything after was a continuation. “You’d better be, Roar. I didn’t wait this long to lose you.”

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