Killing Julie

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Chapter 65

Her hands shaking, Rory dialed and hoped that nine-thirty at night wasn’t too late to call.

“Yeah?” Selina was never one for formal greetings.



“It’s me.”

A moment’s silence greeted her, but then it was broken by a shriek – and a scolding. “All these years, and now all these weeks, how the hell long were you going to mourn that coward, anyway?” Despite herself, Rory gasped at her friend’s bluntness. “What? You think that I didn’t know you were lying all those times you insisted that things were so great? He was terrified of you, and of me for that matter, and the only way that he could manage that terror was to turn you into some mute little nothing. But he’s dead now, and from what I see, you’re quite the writer. It’s about time on that, too.”

She paused to catch her breath and continued before Rory could begin to form her reply. “So, Roar, here’s our plan: you and I are going to have a lost weekend. We are going to get together and make like these last few years never happened. How about this weekend?”

Rory felt as if she’d been sucked into a whirlwind. She’d forgotten how alive just talking to Selina made her feel. The words “lost weekend” made her smile. “This weekend I’m in Williamsport,” she managed.

“I’ll come with you.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

With an embarrassed jolt, Rory realized that she didn’t know anything about her friend’s personal life. “What about your responsibilities? Forgive me, Selina, I don’t know.”

“Forgive you for what? For trying to live in that marriage? I know you’re floundering being out in the big world and trying to catch up with everything. So let me help you out – I’m the same Selina you knew when we lived together. No husband, no kids, no pets. I’m still a consultant. I now live barely thirty minutes away, to boot. Translation: I can do my own thing. So what we need to do is go out and find some trouble and give some false names. Sound good?”


“Don’t answer that, tell me in person. When are you leaving for Williamsport and how long will we be there?”

“Friday afternoon and three or four days. I’m driving up.”

“Perfect. I’ll be there at noon. I’ll be your co-pilot. Now, tell me all about your life, your career, and the men you want to meet now that puss-boy is dead.”

Laughing, Rory settled comfortably on her couch. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…”

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