Killing Julie

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Chapter 67

“The proposed tax cuts will push millions into the economy,” announced the economist at the podium Tuesday morning. Cade rolled his eyes. How many more times would the speaker say that? Too bad Rory isn’t here. She’d have a field day. His plans are so full of holes even I can see the problems. Cade fished in his pocket for his cell phone, then realized he’d forgotten it in his hotel room. So much for texting some of the speech to Rory to see her reaction.

He smiled, thinking about how she’d changed since Paul’s death. She was braver now. Not that she hadn’t been prior, like that night she had stood up to Alex at the club. It took a lot to tell him no – and to return the bracelet.

The bracelet.

He had to see the pictures again.

Five minutes later, Cade was back in his room, flipping through the file on Julie. Grabbing the photos, he spread them out on the desk. Where is it, dammit, where is it? There, one of the last ones in the pack from Natalie, a photo of Julie and Alex walking to his car, her right arm raised as she waved good-bye. The bracelet, identical to the necklace, on her right wrist.

Son of a bitch. Grabbing his phone, he saw that he’d missed last night’s call. “I’m at Vanderwick with Alex until you come home. Someone tried to break in last night. Richard is missing, and he killed Julie. I miss you dearly, Cade. I’m thinking about you and about us. Call me when you get this. Bye.”

“Son of a bitch!” Cursing himself, he dialed her cell. Her voice mail picked up immediately. He left a message for her to call him. He tried her mother, but Isadora told him that Alex was perfectly safe and a fine match for her daughter. Then she hung up on him.

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