Killing Julie

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Chapter 68

“A new twist to the Julie Daniels case today, Ken.” That announcement greeted Cade just as he turned on the radio in the car he rented, which he knew would be faster than trying to book a flight. “This morning police named her brother, artist Richard Daniels, as a ‘person of interest’ in her murder. It seems that he was involved in an altercation yesterday evening with Ms. Daniels’ former fiancé Alexander Webster, and he allegedly admitted to killing her. Mr. Daniels escaped and has not been seen since. We’ll have more later. Stay tuned for updates every hour on the hour.”

A top 40 song replaced the talk. Cade flipped to another station, hoping to hear more, but the information was the same. Richard was missing. Slamming his palm onto the steering wheel, Cade cursed again, why did he leave her alone and go to that stupid convention? If I’d been with her, she’d be safe.

The drive from Philadelphia took just under five hours. Her car was in the driveway, the tires slashed. Her cell phone was in the grass a few feet away. Holding the phone and staring at the tires, Cade pondered his next move. Would the police consider her missing this early? Given her connection to Julie and Richard, they would have to.

“She’s not here, dear.” It was Mrs. Dubois.

Cade turned around abruptly, started to see the elderly woman. “What?”

“She left the last night. Late. I was up and heard someone yelling to wake the dead. That fancy lawyer friend of hers was pounding on her door. I don’t know why he’d be here at one in the morning, but he was. Not thirty minutes later, she was following him to his car.”

“Did you call the police?”

“Goodness, no, she went off on her own. Carrying an overnight bag it looked like. Given that they’re looking for that dead girl’s brother, I expect that the lawyer was there to warn her.”

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