Killing Julie

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Chapter 76

Officer Welsch was not interested in helping Cade or listening to what he had to say about the bracelet and Alex. “You know who she’s with and where she’s at. The BOLO is out for Daniels. Just let us do our job and call us when you know she’s actually missing. It looks to me like she took off for a wild weekend with some other guy, and I’m not wasting resources on that.” With that, he hung up the phone.

Why would Rory go off with Alex? That baffled Cade the most. Why would she go anywhere with him? And where the hell did he take her?

Breaking into her house was easy. Paul had never bothered to update the basement windows in the back of the house, and not a single neighbor noticed Cade when he put his foot through the thin pane and let himself in.

What he wanted was her home telephone’s caller ID. He wanted to know who else she’d spoken to that night. Her cell phone listed her calls to him and to Maggie, a few to her mother and Selina. There was only one unfamiliar number from the night she disappeared, made just fifteen minutes before her call to Maggie. He hit the send button.

“Thank you for calling The Nutrition Kitchen, how may I help you?”

He hung up. Why would she call a store when Alex was here?

Selina’s call to Rory was the last one recorded on her landline. Without pause, he called her.

“Hey Rora, what’s up?”


“Who is this?”

“My name’s Cade Ransome. I’m a friend of Rory’s.”

“Where is she?”

When he told her, Selina refused to talk on the phone. “I’m coming over. I’ll be there in thirty.”

“Have you ever heard of Vanderwick?”

“Not off the top of my head, but let me think on it. Go through Rory’s paperwork while you wait. Look for everything she might have on Richard and Alex.” She hung up after giving the orders. Cade cradled the phone and headed to Rory’s office.

When Selina arrived, she listened to what Cade had to say and quickly dismissed Welsch. “He’s Paul’s cousin and as useless as they come. I remember meeting him at the wedding. Let’s just say that he was overly impressed with himself, and that was when he was fresh from the police academy.” Shaking her head, she scowled. “I tried to protect her by not being around when Paul was. I knew things would be worse for her if I was, because he hated me so much.” Knowing his own experience with Paul, Cade said nothing. “We need to try to reach Alex,” she said abruptly.

“He kidnapped her. Do you think he would actually he be stupid enough to answer?”

“Trust me. He’s an arrogant jackass who thinks he’s invincible.” The caller ID provided his number, and Selina used her own phone to call. “Alex, this is Selina Deitson,” she said when the voicemail picked up. Her voice was soft and fluttery, breathless and sexy, completely different than what he’d heard so far. “I’m a friend of Rory’s. I can’t find her anywhere, and I know she was seeing you. Can you give me a call? I’m worried sick about her and am afraid that Richard might have her. Please, call me at this number as soon as you can.”

“Clever. I’m impressed.”

“Don’t be. He’s a jerk whose ego feeds off crap like that. All a woman has to do is act like a half-wit and he’s on her.” She gave Cade an ironic little grin. “That bit of wisdom came straight from Rory, by the way. What did you find?”

“I don’t know yet,” he was opening the mail Rory had forgotten. “This looks like a deed,” his voice trailed off as he read the paper.


He shoved the letter and Rory’s file on Julie into Selina’s hands. “I know where she is. Come on.”

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