Killing Julie

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Chapter 77

Alex carried Rory back to the cabin. He wasn’t going to befoul his parents’ home with her blood. Bad enough she would lie where his Julie had. This would be divine, though, no doubt about it, he decided as he fastened the bracelet on her right wrist.

Just like Julie, he thought, surveying the bound woman before him. Naked but for her panties and bra. Just like the covers of those pulp fiction novels. The female, bound and helpless, waiting for her hero to come and save her – and then thanking him with her body. Too bad this wasn’t going to have quite the same ending as those novels. Laughing, he scooped up her jeans but, because it amused him, decided to leave the sweatshirt. He folded it neatly, leaving it on a chair by the bed. Leaving it within her sight, taunting her. Let her think she’d actually wear clothing again. Before he left, he pulled a sheet over her. Let her think he still felt something for her. Some false hope for you, stupid bitch. God love clothesline and duct tape. So easy to acquire. Available at any grocery store. Knowing she wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to head back to the house to retrieve his phone and make some calls. There was, too, the matter of her personal effects. No point in keeping those around.

Clever little miss had pocketed his car keys. Too bad she hadn’t made it to the garage. She would have found his charged cell phone if she had, hidden in the glove compartment. Clever, but not clever enough. If she had been, she never would have taken his word on the backdoor being jimmied and would have checked it herself.

When he heard Selina’s message, he laughed out loud. Genius. He was an absolute freaking genius. There was no other way to describe him. Reporting the fight with Richard had helped him even more than thought possible. If Selina thought Rory was with Richard, then Isadora would as well. He dialed Rory’s mother.

“Isadora, it’s Alex. I am so sorry to call you, but I’m looking for Rory. We were at my house last night and she… right, on top of Mount Washington… she said she wanted to go home today. I offered her a ride this morning, but she said she’d take the Incline and walk to work since it wasn’t that far… what do you mean she’s gone? Of course I’m worried now… this is what happened to Julie, for God’s sake!”

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