Killing Julie

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Chapter 79

Cade tossed the folder toward Selina as he fired up the engine. “There’s a society column in there,” Cade said as Selina flipped through the rest of the folder’s contents. “According to that, Alex has some property in Lafayette called Vanderwick. There’s a picture of it, too. The other is a title, that’s what was in the envelope. He owns the land next to what was the Sarazens. Bought it through a third party when they sold it last year. That’s where Julie’s body was found. When Rory wrote her article, no one could find anything on the current owner. According to the records, the land was owned by some company called G.L.R. Resources. Rory couldn’t find an answer as to who or what that was, so she didn’t mention it in her article. Look at the postmark, she must have gotten this the other day but never had a chance to open it.”

“And you think he’s up there?”

“Rory’s message said she was going to a place called Vanderwick. The combined properties are a few hundred acres. It would be easy to hide up there if no one thought to look. The way her mother is talking, everyone’s out there looking for Richard. But Rory isn’t stupid. She would never have gone without a fight. Kidnapped during the morning rush hour and no one notices? Come on. Alex is counting on everyone believing him.”

“What about the bracelet?”

“He gave it to her the last time the two went out. They went to a club, but argued and she returned it.”

“Julie did?”

“No, Rory.”

“But Julie had it on in the picture you gave me, the one from the night she disappeared.”

Cade had nothing to say, thinking back to the flight when he had stared at the photo and never registered the bracelet. If he had recognized it then, he would have been able to warn her. If he had put the pieces together then instead of now, Rory would be safe with him instead of at Alex’s mercy.

I never told her I loved her.

“Do you think she’s…?” Selina couldn’t finish the sentence.


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