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Chapter 11-Conclusion


The day of the festival finally came and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful with the sun shining bright enough to keep the chill at bay. Part of that, Lily knew, was once again waking up with Bella snuggled against her. They still hadn’t consummated their fledgling relationship but with every kiss, every touch that grew bolder, Lily became more anxious to proceed. Still, having the first thing she see in the morning be Bella’s sweet face was perfection all by itself.

She stayed where she was, waiting for sleepy green eyes to open and blink rapidly as she reluctantly woke up.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Lily said softly, brushing Bella’s hair out of her eyes.

“Hmph,” Bella grumbled, all the while snuggling closer.

Lily chuckled. Her Bel was not a morning person. “Time to get up love. We’ve got a lot to do today.”

“I don’t want to,” Bella pouted, dropping a kiss on Lily’s chest and then trailing increasingly slow kisses up her throat, thrilling at the low moan coming from Lily’s throat.

Lily buried her fingers in Bella’s thick hair, clenching tightly when Bella found her pulse point and seemed content to stay there, kissing and tasting until the flick of a warm tongue had Lily giggling.

Bella lifted her head in surprise. “Lil?”

“I’m sorry. It tickled,” Lily said blushing furiously.

Inexplicably, Bella dropped her head and began to laugh, harder than she had in a long time and Lily finally joined in, hugging Bella tightly.

Finally Bella pulled back, smiled down in Lily’s happy face and then dropped a lingering kiss that was far more about expressing love than passion at that moment.

“So are you going to get up or just be a lazy bones all day?” Bella quipped before rolling out of bed.

“What?” Lily protested, sitting up.

Bella merely stuck her tongue out and headed to the door. Even though Dina had gently yet seriously assured them they wouldn’t be disturbed and that nobody would head to their wing unless summoned or until they were up, Bella still checked to make sure the hallway was empty before heading to her own room.

They’d mentioned Bella moving her clothes into Lily’s room and since she’d taken her parent’s room there was plenty of space, but for now Bella liked having her own space and Lily agreed. As long as they had privacy, that was all that mattered and their beloved staff assured them they would have it.

Lily stretched pleasantly, her heart so full of happiness she wasn’t sure she could stand it. Suddenly her eyes landed on the photograph of her parents. Actually it was a photograph of her parents as well as Lily and Bella when they were younger.

Lily picked up the picture and smiled as she looked at the image of the then tall and rather gangly Bella. Even then, she had found the younger girl sweet. Her eyes landed on her mother and for the first time that she could remember, she actually saw the scar on her mother’s face, even with the rather fuzzy image. It wasn’t that bad, Lily thought as her finger traced over her beloved parents. To Lily it simply looked like a small discoloration that didn’t detract from her mother’s beauty at all in her eyes. She’d been to London enough to know however, that even a small blemish would have marked her as deformed in society’s eyes. Still all Lily remembered was how her father looked at her mother every time they were together, as if she had been the most beautiful woman in the world and if no other existed. That’s exactly how she felt about Bella.

“How can I ever thank you,” she said quietly to the picture. “I finally found what you two had together and she was right here all the time and you and your generosity brought her here. I thought…when I lost you I never thought I’d really be happy again but I am. And I hope that if you can see me, that you are happy for me and for Bel. I love her so very much and she loves me. I can’t even imagine a world without her in it and don’t want to.”

Feeling a bit foolish, she smiled and put the picture back on the table and then went to get dressed.

Bella and Lily dismounted their horses and led them into the town stables for the evening. The two women had debated wearing gowns as they normally would for such an event but both felt that dressing in casual riding clothes would help them feel more like part of the Haven family.

“You behave yourself mister,” Bella muttered fondly to her gelding as she stroked his neck.

“Look who’s talking,” Lily teased, petting her own horse and slipping him a carrot from her pocket.

“I’ll have you know I always behave,” she said huffily and then smiled. “Well, until recently, and only when we’re alone,” she added with a leer that on Bella was more adorable than anything.

“Hm, well we may have to discuss this rebellious side of you later,” Lily said, reaching out and taking Bella’s hand, letting her thumb stroke Bella’s knuckles.

“I could show you now,” Bella whispered playfully.

Lily felt her face heat and wondered when her sweet innocent Bella had turned into the seductress. Not that she was complaining.

“Later my love,” she whispered, wanting nothing more than to kiss those full smiling lips until neither one of them could think straight.

Fortunately for them, Leonard the owner of the sables appeared. “Good evening Miss Lily, Miss Bella,” he greeted warmly.

“Hello Leonard,” Lily replied. “I’m sorry to take you away from the fun, but do you have room for two more?”

“Of course” Leonard answered happily. You just leave these beauties with me. I’ll take good care of them.”

“We can unsaddle them ourselves,” Bella interjected, “we don’t want to bother you, we just needed to make sure you weren’t full.”

“Nonsense ladies. Go enjoy yourselves,” the young man insisted kindly.

“Thank you.”

The two women left the stables and let themselves take in the transformed village center.

“Oh my goodness,” Bella said in awe.

“It’s wonderful,” Lily agreed. The sun had only just started to go down so they were able to fully appreciate the beautiful decorations that seemed to cover most of the square. Booths of handmade food and merchandise lined the streets and both adults and children were taking part in various games being held in the village green.

“I think everyone in Haven is here,” Bella said, unconsciously linking her arm through Lily’s.

Suddenly Albert’s comments about Haven replayed in her mind and she found herself studying the people she’d grown up around with new eyes and she finally saw what he was talking about. There were people of all different shapes, sizes, colors all mingling together and having a wonderful time. There was no taunting, no snubbing, just acceptance.

“Look, there’s Miss Langley and Miss Smythe,” Lily said breaking into Bella’s observations. Bella looked and immediately saw the two older women Albert mentioned sitting at one of the tables set up around the Tremaine Winery tasting tent, having what appeared to be a lively conversation with the Parks. How was it she had never really noticed the diminutive size of the young dwarf couple before? All she saw was a charming couple who’d never been anything but kind to her, laughing with two older ladies who were holding hands right there in front of everyone and looking at each other with such love and there was no judgment from the Parks or anyone around them.

“They really are in love aren’t they?” Bella whispered.

“It seems so.”

“They’re like us,” Bella said in awe.

Lily swallowed, her eyes stinging a little at the innocent hope in Bella’s voice and she wanted to see that beautiful smile again.

“Bel, I can honestly say there is nobody like you,” Lily teased, smiling up at the taller woman and patting her hand.

“Ladies, it’s lovely to see you made it.”

Lily and Bella turned to see Albert and Edith walking toward them.

“Hello Albert. Edith,” Lily greeted.

“It’s a wonderful turnout,” Edith said happily.

“It is. Everyone really worked hard to bring this all to life,” Lily said proudly.

“You take far too little credit my dear,” Albert chided softly, but knowing the blonde would continue to protest, he changed the subject. “Though you could tell your Mrs. Brown to be kinder to those who volunteer to assist her with her baking. My knuckles will be swollen for months.”

“Oh no, we wouldn’t dare tell the old dear how to run her kitchen,” Bella laughed.

“Cowards,” Albert muttered.

“Your new wine is quite popular,” Albert said. “Have Frederick and William told you their proposal for bringing wine to the Grove?”

“No they haven’t,” Lily said surprised. “Things have been a bit hectic you know, but that’s a wonderful idea.”

“It is, they want to…”

“Oh please Albert, no business talk tonight,” Edith protested.

“You never let me have any fun,” Albert said with what came close to being a pout on his face.

“Yes, well we all know what happens when you decide to have fun,” Edith retorted, drawing snickers from the two younger ladies.

“Where are Freddie and Will?” Lily asked, searching the crowd.

“I do believe they are currently being soundly beaten by children at the bean bag toss,” Edith chuckled.

“Oh goodness. That means they’ll be moping for days,” Bella sighed.

“Well dear, the concert is going to begin soon and I insist that Albert purchase me a cup of tea before we find a good spot near the stage.”

“Concert?” Bella said, with an almost frightened tone that had Lily looking at her with concern.


Bella quickly smiled to put Lily at ease. She had almost forgotten her surprise and now she was starting to reconsider. Then Lily looked at her and everything that had happened in the last week washed over her, culminating in the reality that she loved Lily Tremaine completely, Lily loved her and that despite convention in every place outside of Haven, everyone in this small beloved village knew of their feelings and celebrated it with them. She was so full of wonder and happiness that she simply had to share in the only way she knew how.

“I’m fine,” she assured Lily. “However, would you mind staying with Edith and Albert for a while? I have…something I need to do.”

Lily knew it had to do with the surprise Bella had been planning. She was dying to demand to know what it was. In fact she was coming close to stomping her foot, but the almost childlike excitement on Bella’s face once again having her surrendering her impatience.

“Alright,” she said. And to her absolute shock, Bella leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek before dashing off.

“Where in the word is she going?” Edith asked curiously.

“It’s a surprise,” Lily huffed.

“And with that young lady, that is an almost frightening concept,” Albert added with a laugh which only grew louder at Lily’s offended glare.

“Relax my dear. I’m but playing. I have no desire to insult your love.”

Lily blinked. A flash of fear hit her, knowing there were people close enough to have heard but it vanished as nobody said anything and it hit her then. In this one little place on earth, there was no need to hide her feelings for Bella. She smiled at the older couple and then slid her arm through Albert’s.

“Good, then you can buy me a tea as well.”

They walked around for quite a while, taking time to speak to as many villagers as they could. Lily’s purse was considerably lighter after buying something from every booth she passed. Fortunately Albert offered to have her purchases taken to their carriage.

Finally they proceeded to the stage where the small Haven Orchestra was going to give a concert.

“Where is Bel?” Lily wondered out loud, a little worried that the younger woman was lost somewhere.

“I’m sure she’s fine dear,” Edith said. “She’ll find us here.”

Just then the twenty members of the orchestra appeared on the makeshift stage and began to warm up.

Lily sipped her tea but continued to keep her eye out for Bella, realizing she felt oddly incomplete without her by her side.

The crowd had grown as the sounds of the instruments drew people’s attention. Finally, Jeremy Pritchard, the conductor came forward.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” he shouted over the loud chatter of the crowd and almost instantly the crowd fell quiet.

“I hope you all are enjoying the first ever Haven Fall Festival and let’s all show our appreciation to Lily Tremaine and Bella Long who developed the idea and willingly paid for almost everything.”

He paused as the crowd cheered and Lily blushed. “Now,” he continued once the crowd had quieted, “I have a very special treat for all of you, especially you Miss Lily,” he smiled down at the baffled blonde.

“Miss Bella Long will be opening tonight’s concert with a special performance that I’m sure you will all enjoy. Miss Bella?”

Bella stepped on the stage to a burst of applause that almost frightened the already nervous woman. She’d never considered even wanting to sing in front of anyone other than Lily and their friends, but after everything that had happened, her heart was so full that she felt compelled to share that with everyone in the only way she knew how.

She stopped mid-stage, wondering if it was too late to change her mind and run away. Then her eyes fell on Lily and it was as if everything stopped. The butterflies in her belly calmed and all she felt was love and a touch of amusement at Lily’s shocked expression.

“Hello everyone,” she said, her voice trembling in nervousness and her eyes went back to Lily’s and this time they stayed there, relying on the love and pride shining back at her to steady her nerves.

“I know this may seem a little silly for me to do but I wanted to take this chance to express my love and appreciation for everyone in this village. I’ve always known this was a wonderful place to live but I’ve recently come to learn just how special you all are. So this aria I want to sing, it’s called Tanti Affeti in Tal Momento or So many emotions in this moment and it is for all of you but especially for you Lil,” she said looking at the woman who’d changed her life. “It speaks of all the happiness and contentment that I never expected to find yet now have in abundance, thanks to everyone here. It speaks of love and…”she faltered, having no idea what else to say. The tender look on Lily’s face nearly had her weeping so she simply gestured to Jeremy to begin before she fell to pieces.

Lily couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Bella, her Bella who nearly fainted at the suggestion she perform for anyone other than her, William or Frederick, was on stage baring her soul in front of the entire village for her. Tears stung her eyes as she watched her love fight off her inherent fears.

Lily recognized the opening strain of the aria Bella was to sing. It was from an opera by Rossini that Lily’s parents had taken them to see in London years before. It had been that performance that created Bella’s desire to sing and it had been seeing Bella’s enraptured face as she watched the opera that had caused the first flutter in Lily’s heart. But that was nothing compared to what she was feeling now as Bella looked straight into her eyes and began to sing.

Tanti affetti in tal momento
Mi si fanno al core intorno.
Che l'immenso mio contento
Io non posso a te spiegar.
Deh! il silenzio sia loquace...
Tutto dica un tronco accento...
Ah Signor! la bella pace
Tu sapesti a me donar.
Fra il padre. e fra l'amante
Oh qual beato istante!
Ah! chi sperar potea
Tanta felicità!

(So many feelings in this moment...
So many feelings stir in my heart.
And I have no words to describe the immense joy I feel.
Let silence speak for me...
Let silence utter all that I cannot.
My sovereign!
You have brought me peace to me at least...

My beloved at my side!
Oh blessed moment!
I dared not hope for such happiness!
What a blessed moment,
My beloved at my side!

My beloved at my side!
Oh blessed moment!
I dared not hope for such happiness!
What a blessed moment,
My beloved at my side!)

As the aria ended, the crowd erupted in cheers and Lily had tears streaming down her cheeks. Bella’s performance had been incredible but was the honest emotion that shone through that had touched her. She had truly never seen Bella look so alive and so truly joyful. It was beautiful to witness.

“Was I that bad?”

Lily jumped at the familiar voice in her ear and spun around. Bella was smiling but Lily saw the hint of self-doubt on her face. “Oh Bel, of course not,” she exclaimed. “That was magnificent,” she swore and then pulled the taller woman into her arms.


Lily pulled back. “Of course you were. I knew you had the voice of an angel but that aria is so difficult and you made it seem so easy.”

Bella smiled shyly. “It was easy because you were here. I did this for you.”

And the tears started again. “God Bella, the things you say to me,” she offered a watery laugh.

“Oh brava my dear,” Albert interrupted and kissed Bella on her cheek. “That was absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you Albert,” Bella said.

“Does this mean you will perform more regularly?” Edith asked, embracing the young woman.

“Oh heaven’s no,” Bella giggled. “I barely kept from fainting as it was.”

The music soon started again and Lily took Bella’s hand and pulled it through her arm, needing to be as close to the younger woman as possible while they enjoyed the rest of the concert together.

When the concert was over, several of the village residents approached Bella to praise her on her performance. Lily stood back and watched her with a swell of pride, thrilled that now everyone had experienced Bella’s incredible talent. What had shocked her, however, was the large number of people who congratulated them and announcing it was about time and that no two people belonged together more. It made Lily want to weep in relief knowing that at least in Haven, she and Bella could be in love and not have to hide it. She knew that when they went to London or anywhere else it would be different but that was okay. This was their home and that was all that mattered.

They made their way back through town, Bella taking the time she’d missed earlier to buy as many trinkets and baked goods as she could carry and then they stopped at their wine tent and spoke to the Vineyard Manager Peter and accepted a glass of wine.

“Your new chardonnay has been quite popular,” he said to his employers. “Of course very few people are going to turn down free bottles of wine,” he added with a laugh.

“True,” Lily laughed.

“Ah, just the ladies we were looking for,” William called entering the tent.

“Bella my love, you were glorious,” Frederick announced, before lifting her hand to his lips.

“Thank you Freddie,” she said, giggling as he waggled his eyebrows at her.

“William, Albert mentioned you and Freddie are considering opening a wine area at your department store,” Lily said sipping from her glass.

“We are,” William replied, helping himself to a glass of wine as well. “And we’re hoping we can persuade you to take part in our new venture.”

Lily shared a look with Bella who nodded her support. “It sounds quite exciting,” she agreed. “Give us a day or so to recover from everything and we can meet and discuss plans.”

“A day or so hm?” Frederick glanced at the women with a grin more suitable on a twelve year old boy.

“Frederick, behave yourself or I’ll box your ears,” Edith scolded, causing Frederick to shift in discomfort and the girls to snicker.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

The odd little not-quite family proceeded to enjoy the rest of the festival before they all decided they were too tired to continue.

After agreeing to meet in two days to discuss William and Frederick’s business proposal, they all parted ways, though Frederick and William insisted on riding with the girls at least as far as the edge of their land, saying they would bring their packages from Albert’s carriage when they returned.

Eventually Lily and Bella finally made it into the house, not surprised to find that it was empty, all the staff having gone home or still at the festival.

The fireplaces were lit so the house was still warm and they could see well enough to remove their coats without bothering with the lamps.

“So I think it all turned out quite well,” Bella said tiredly. “I suspect this is going to be a wonderful tradition for many years to come.”

“Everyone really did seem to like it,” Lily agreed. “You realize you were the highlight of the evening,” she added fondly.

Bella blushed predictably “Hardly.”

Lily considered arguing, wondering if Bella would ever learn to see herself the way everyone else did, but she decided she would save her convincing for later.

“Would you like some tea? Or something stronger?” she asked instead.

“I don’t think so,” Bella said. I think I may just turn in and read until I fall asleep. Which shouldn’t be long,” she added with a laugh followed by a most unladylike yawn.

“Charming,” Lily chuckled.

“You love it,” Bella retorted.

“Well,” Lily said as casually as she was able, “I think I am ready to turn in as well.”

Suddenly Bella wasn’t quite as tired. “Oh, well than I suppose I’ll see you in the morning?” she said innocently.

“What?” Lily said surprised and a little hurt. “Don’t you want to…” she stopped when she saw Bella’s lips twitch.

“I hate you,” she pouted, drawing a happy laugh from Bella.

“Liar,” Bella said just before kissing the pout from Lily’s lips.

Not caring that they were standing in the middle of the foyer, Lily slid her hands around Bella’s shoulders, taking advantage of their solitude.

“I adore you,” she whispered sincerely, still overcome by the gift Bella had given her.

“And I you,” Bella replied. For Bella, it was if the world had slowed just for them, just to make this night last as long as possible. For a long moment she let herself get lost in the gleaming blue of Lily’s eyes, trying to read every thought running through that complicated mind. Finally her eyes slid down to those lips that tasted better than anything she’d ever known.


She was so lost in the moment and the swirl of emotions filling her, Bella barely heard Lily’s whispered plea. Almost without realizing, her head slowly moved toward Lily’s but pausing just before their lips met. Something compelled her to hesitate just out of Lily’s reach, to draw out the moment, to take a moment and breathe her in as if by that simple act, they were truly becoming a part of each other.

Lily was closer to fainting than she’d ever been in her life. There was an intensity about Bella in this moment that she’d never before experienced and she finally understood what sensuality truly was. When Bella’s lips stopped just before kissing her, Lily had to close her eyes. She was nearly dizzy with anticipation and the feeling was overpowering.

“Bella, kiss me,” she finally ordered when the wait became too much.

And Bella complied, bringing their lips together in a teasingly brief peck once, twice and then at Lily’s frustrated growl, Bella finally covered Lily’s lips and kissed her deeply. Though it was all still so new, kissing Lily had become as easy as breathing and more intoxicating than the strongest brandy. She lost herself in the feel of the soft body pressed against hers and she whimpered as she became overwhelmed by the need coursing through her. She was all instinct as she flicked her tongue against Lily’s lips, knees nearly collapsing when Lily moaned and parted her lips, letting her inside.

Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as her tongue dancing with Lily’s. She wasn’t sure why but she didn’t care as the kiss grew more fervent and when she felt warm hands slide across her shoulder and down to rest against her breasts, Bella jumped with surprise and a sharp surge of what could only be wanton desire.


Bella’s eyes widened as Lily jumped back and covered her mouth.

“What?” she asked alarmed even as her blood still raced. “What’s wrong?”

“You bit me,” Lily mumbled through her hand.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” Bella said, terrified that she’d ruined everything. Then Lily began to laugh.

“Oh Bel, don’t look so frightened,” she said when she stopped laughing. “I’m alright and it was my fault after all.”

Bella blushed as she remembered what had startled her and the skin beneath her blouse still burned hotly at the memory of Lily’s touch.

“You aren’t…did I scare you?” Lily asked tentatively, all humor gone from her voice.

Bella immediately reached for Lily’s hands. “No of course not,” she assured her and then decided to be honest. “I was just surprised by how wonderful it felt and how much I want you to do it again,” she admitted shyly. “I can’t believe I bit you.”

Lily giggled again. “It’s fine Bel but maybe we should go upstairs and make sure there’s no serious injury.”

Bella’s eyes lit up. “Oh yes indeed, but just so you know, I’m very thorough.”

“I’m counting on that,” Lily said seductively and then began to laugh once more when Bella grabbed her hand and all but ran up the stairs pulling Lily behind her.

They had barely entered Lily’s bedroom when Bella found herself shoved unceremoniously back against the closed door and Lily’s mouth covering hers. The last hint of hesitancy with their new intimacy vanished as Lily slid her tongue between Bella’s lips. Bella came close to collapsing at Lily’s ardor and this time when long fingers wandered down to her breasts, Bella welcomed it with a low throaty moan which became a near whine when Lily pulled her lips away.

Lily heard the little sound of protest and laughed softly even as her lips trailed across Bella’s jaw. When the brunette’s head fell back against the wall, she immediately moved her lips to the long pale throat, her instincts leading her to flick her tongue out to taste the smooth skin before she began sucking gently at the place she could feel Bella’s heartbeat the most.

“I think it’s safe to say there’s no lingering damage,” Bella panted, fingers clutched tightly in Lily’s now thoroughly disheveled hair.

It took a full second for Lily’s brain to separate from the pleasure it had been enjoying to process Bella’s words. She reluctantly pulled away and smiled up at Bella, thrilling at the glazed look on the beloved face.

“It wouldn’t matter if there was,” she said honestly, her own breathing ragged. “Nothing will ever prevent me from kissing you except you asking me not to.”

Bella cupped Lily’s face. “That will never happen,” she swore, desire still burning through her. “I need you Lily.”

Lily’s breath hitched in her chest at the intensity in Bella’s gaze. She took Bella’s hand and led her toward the bed they’d shared the previous two nights, knowing that this night would change things forever.

“You have me Bel,” she said quietly as she began to unbutton her blouse. “Even though I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Bella offered a shaky laugh, her eyes glued to Lily’s fingers even as she began to remove her own blouse. “I don’t either, but we’re both intelligent women. I’m sure we can figure it out.”

Lily had no idea that people could laugh as they were preparing to…be intimate.

“God I love you,” she laughed.

“I love you too,” Bella replied. “Now please hurry before I collapse in a big heap of nervousness.”

Lily was about to reply when Bella dropped her shirt to the floor and stood before her in her corset. Lily’s mind stopped working and her mouth went dry as she found herself once again faced with the magnificent site of Bella’s impressive décolletage.

“Good God,” she sighed yearningly, eyes firmly drawn to where they shouldn’t be.

“See something you like?” Bella teased, feeling incredibly bold at the look in Lily’s eyes.

“How have I seen you every day for over ten years and never noticed how…” words escaped Lily and she felt incredibly guilty for ogling the innocent woman so brazenly.

“How what?” Bella teased, stepping close to Lily.

Lily swallowed and then regained here faculties. Her lips lifted in a grin that Bella found excitingly predatory.

“How dangerously close you have always been to public indecency.”

Bella gaped wondering if she’d been insulted and then Lily’s smile shifted to the teasing one she was familiar with and she laughed.

“My goodness Lily, you do turn a girl’s head with your flattery.”

Unable to help herself, Lily reached out and placed her hand over the warm skin she’d been staring at. “And you take my breath away,” she said seriously.

Bella exhaled with a soft longing sigh at the beautiful words and slowly lifted Lily’s hand, placing a gentle kiss in her palm. Her eyes firmly attached to Lily’s and driven purely by instinct and desire, she trailed her lips slowly up Lilly’s wrist, thrilling at the shiver coming from the woman before her.

“Bella please,” Lily whispered, her body already burning from just the innocent kisses.

Bella slid her arms around the smaller blonde and kissed her with all the love she felt for this woman. Finally they had made their way out of their clothing and under the thick covers of Lily’s bed where Bella quickly found herself looking down at the most beautiful site she’d ever seen.

“I wish there were words to tell you just how much I love you,” Bella said looking down at Lily, her blonde hair splayed wildly on her pillow.

Lily reached up to stroke Bella’s face. “Your eyes say it all sweetheart,” she said. “I love you with all my heart Bella and if the world ended at this moment, I would be happy.”

“I wouldn’t,” Bella said seriously. “I haven’t had near enough time with you.” Then she smiled wickedly. “And we still haven’t…”

Lily blushed and placed a finger on Bella’s lips. “I think you’ve spent far too much time with Frederick.”

Bella took Lily’s finger in between her lips, tongue flicking hotly against the tip.

“Damnation Bella,” Lily gasped and then Bella lowered her head and kissed her deeply. For one moment Lily thought she might suffocate from Bella’s passion and she didn’t give one single damn. She slid her hands up Bella’s back, her mind spinning at the conflicting sensations of silky smooth skin over firm muscles that seemed to react to her touch.

“Oh Lily, please keep touching me,” Bella whispered breathlessly as she nipped Lily’s ear and then moved down her throat.

“Forever,” Lily panted, hissing in pleasure as Bella began to suck hotly at her neck. Then there was no more talking as they let their hands, their lips and their hearts speak for them, both knowing that their lives were forever changed and that they would never again feel incomplete.


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