The 'Change' that changed me (Eugenie's tale)

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Is love truly the only weapon capable of transforming and melting a hardened heart that seems incapable of loving? A tale told of how love transforms a heart so hardened and burdened with hate and pain from a dark past. The tale of 'EUGENIE', takes you through the winding path of self discovery and love's own hidden secrets.....

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Chapter 1; My Genesis...

It’s hard to pick up the bits and pieces of life when it knocks you down so hard. Often than not, I imagined myself going from the point of gang leader, climbing my way into the office of the ‘Supremo’ himself, the ‘WARLORDS’ society they call it. I ruled my world and had no care for humanity. I was ruthless and bore so much resentment towards my fellow man. I thought I was on top of my game. well, I was obviously. I felt I was the worlds very own greatest creation. None could ever get close to me or even dream of competing with me.

My grades were on point. A straight 'A' student I was called.I was one of the best students the college could boast of. I bet that made me get away with a lot of things I did. I could not be touched either ways; for I belonged to a gang that was so powerful. So much so, that we epitomized the word 'fear' itself by the mere mention of our name. Vivid images of how I forced a junior level boy to drink water from a muddy puddle filled with spirogyra comes into mind, as one of the 'most hailed' sentences I bestowed unto my enemies who dared question my authority. oh yes, call me wicked you may. but I did rule my world, and I loved every bit of it. Until something happened to change all that. Quiet unexpected. Not an occurrence you'd smile to willingly because you only played a game in the bid to win against your most hated foe. hmmm...., alas, the story continues!

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