The Missing Piece

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Chapter 10

“Hey there babe,” one guy in a purple collared shirt with the first couple buttons undone. “Let’s take you away from this guy.” Luke’s grasp tightened around my waist.

“I’m Ethan,” said a guy with a four o’clock shadow and a leather jacket on. He had a charcoal beanie on. “Let us get a round.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bar.

“Hey there handsome. It’s Lori,” a girl stuck out her hand for Luke. She had long straight blonde hair. Whatever she said next, I couldn’t hear because I was too far away from Luke.

“I can’t believe your boyfriend let you go like that,” Ethan said as I took a sit on the barstool.

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Oh is that so?” Ethan’s eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, he’s just a friend. My boyfriend cheated on me and I-I,” my voice cracked.

“What the bloody hell is his problem?” His anger was quite noticeable.

“He got married and didn’t even tell me.”

“There there.” He gave me a hug. “My good man,” he said to the bartender, “two shots please.” In response the bartender put down two shots cups with a clear color liquid. As it went down, the liquid burned my throat. It hurt, yet felt so good.

“Thanks,” I said to Ethan.

“No worries. You can pay me back later.” I was a little confused as to what that meant, but I didn’t question him. “Another round, my fair barman.” I grabbed for it and my head started to spin a little

“So what brings you here?” I asked him.

“My mum says I need to get out and meet more girls. I’m glad I came, or I wouldn’t have met the most beautiful American girl.”

“Aww,” I replied as I felt my cheeks blush.

“Let’s get out of here. The second floor is much more fun.”

“I should really get going.”

“I’m afraid I cannot let you do that my lady. You owe me,” he took my arm and pulled me up the stairs. I tried to look for Luke, but he must’ve been lost in the crowd. Ethan got a pair of keys and pulled me up the steps.

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