The Missing Piece

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Chapter 13

“Aria!” Luke’s voice called out. “Aria, please wake up! ARIA!”

My eyes opened.

“Oh thank God. I thought I lost you.” Luke hugged me tightly.

“Luke.” I hugged him back. Tears slipped out of his eyes. “Where am I?”

“The hotel room. I thought you passed out, but you wouldn’t wake up and I got a little scared.”

“How are you?” I asked him.

“What do you mean?”
“You must be sad about Clara, yet you have focused on my well-being. I was so selfish to think that you didn’t need any consolation.”

“Don’t feel guilty. Clara and I were finished and part of me knew that and didn’t want to admit it. When you like someone that much you have to let them go and like the saying goes if they come back to you it was meant to be.” It was then that I realized he found the missing piece I had searched years for. I didn’t think I would find it, so I tried to pretend Tyler had fixed everything, but he hadn’t.

“I-I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything. Thanks for keeping me happy, for protecting me from Scott and Ethan, for being there for me even though you were hurt too.”

“It’s no problem, really. Now when should we book the tickets to get back?”

“Tomorrow afternoon or evening or something. It’s too early now.” Both of us lay in the two different beds, but continued to talk.

“Fine by me.”

“Aria, can I ask you something?”


“Are you okay now?”

“Yeah. I don’t need a guy to be happy. I have a good job and a house. FUCK HIM! I don’t need him to be happy. I don’t need any man to feel happy.”

“Oh, okay,” Luke said as if he was hurt.

“That’s not what I meant. I mean you made me feel happier than I could ever be. Could I ask you a question?”

“Go for it.”

“What would you say if I told you I got over Tyler?”

“As long as it isn’t Ethan or Scott all is good.” There was a long pause before I replied with what I had wanted to say.

“It’s you,” I confessed to the darkness. For a while there was no response and I thought he didn’t know how to respond, but I finally heard his snore and realized that it was a good thing he didn’t hear me.

As I turned in my bed, I heard Luke say, “I love you too, Aria.”

*A/N: Thanks for reading this!! It was something I've wanted to post for a while, but I had no idea where... I'm not planning on writing a sequel to this because I like how it ended, but if there's a request, I might... I don't really know... But hey thanks for reading it and I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it*
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