The Missing Piece

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Chapter 3

I woke up to someone nudging me. “Five more minutes, Tyler,” I muttered.

“IT’S LUKE!” he shouted into my ear. I shot up.

“What the hell do you want? It’s,” I took a look at the red blurry lines on the clock, “SEVEN!! IN THE MORNING?”

“What happens if she says no to my proposal?” he asked as he sat on a corner of my bed.

“Oh not this again,” I muttered as I turned my head onto the pillow. “She’s going to say no!” I, turning to Luke, sat up again. “SHE LOVES YOU! If she says no, she’s an idiot to think that a guy who flew all the way to London and propose, is not worth it. If she still says no, it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe, you’ll find a better girl. One that really needs your love. One that’s going to respect that you don’t want to have sex. Not one that is going to rape you. Not one that doesn’t care about your emotions or feelings. NOT ONE THAT TREATS YOU LIKE AN INANIMATE FUCK BUDDY AND THEN JUGGLES ANOTHER GIRL AND TREATS HER LIKE GOLD! DAMN YOU SCOTT,” I shout. Tears race down my cheeks. Scott and Brittany. He would spit on my face if that was what she wanted.

“Oh. Are you okay Aria?”

“What do you think?!” The telephone begins to ring.

“Do you want to answer it or should I?” Luke asked.

“I’ll do it.” I wiped away my tears.

“Hey A!” It was Tyler.

“Hey. You sound good today,” I muttered.

“Actually, I met a girl. She was a caretaker for my grandfather a couple of years ago.” My heart fell. Did he just confess to cheating on me? Is he officially breaking up with me. There was a moment of silence. Luke stared at me with pitiful eyes.

“Well, I’m glad you’re having fun!” I slammed down the receiver. I slid against a wall until I was sitting on the ground. I put my head in my hands and cried.

“Aria? It’s okay.” I could hear that Luke sat next to me. He patted my the top of my head. The phone began to ring again. Before I could get up, Luke answered the phone. “Look dude, I have a girlfriend and I know it’s not good when they start crying, so whatever the hell you did, you need to fix it!” Luke shouted into the microphone. He gave the phone to me.

“Aria! Who the hell was that? Why is there a guy at your house?”

“I don’t have to answer any of your stupid questions. You just said you found a cute girl who was super sweet! Why don’t you just dump the lame American and go out with a true Brit, like your mom wanted? Huh? Just leave me alone.”

“It’s not like that at all,” Tyler insisted, “I told you she was helping my grandfather! My mother tried to set us up, but I told her I already had a beautiful girlfriend waiting for me to come home. I love you!” That had been the first time he had said those words to me.

“I love you too, Ty!”

“So who was that guy?”

“He’s just a friend’s boyfriend.” It wasn’t exactly a lie.

“Where’s your friend?”

“She’s in the bathroom.”

“Oh. Well, I should get going. The funeral’s happening in an hour!”

“Good luck!”

“I love you, A! Don’t you dare forget that!”

“Love you too, Ty.” The line went flat. I hung up the phone as well.

“So did you guys kiss and make up?” Luke asked, “Cause, I need your help packing!”

“Oh just shut up.” I gave him a shove.

“So shall we leave?” he asked.

“I guess.” I picked up a key and locked the door behind us. “How far away is your house?” Clara’s house was in a secluded area. For a couple of acres there were only trees. The next house had to be at least a mile away. He didn’t say anything. Instead, Luke went further into the forest. “Where are you taking me?”

“To my home.”

“Where exactly is it?” Before I knew it, we were standing in front of an apartment complex.

“Here,” he said as he opened the door.

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