The Missing Piece

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Chapter 6

I went over to the nurses' station and asked if it could be possible for him to be discharged earlier. The nurse from before told me it would be possible, but he would a couple more hours of sleep. She went into the room and in ten minutes, Luke was detached from all the monitors. I found the box for the ring and snuck the ring back in. By now the anesthesia was wearing off. As we exited the hospital, we thanked everyone and left.

"Luke we need to pack your bags quickly!" I said as we hauled a taxi.

"It's fine we got plenty of time."

"It's midnight."

"Holy shit! Wait what. I couldn't have been in there for too long." The taxi was running as we hustled to pack all of Luke's clothes through all of the rubble that Scott had created.

"Luke we need to hurry up!"

"I'm ready. What about your stuff?"

"Shit shit shit shit shit!"

"Let's go," he grabbed my arm and we fled to the cab.

"4283 Royal Hill," Luke said as we entered the taxi.

"It's already 3:15. How are we going to make it?"

"Deep breath in, deep breath out," Luke replied. We reached the house by 3:20 and got my stuff and were off to the airport. We went through the bag check-in, security, and reached the gate at 4:34.

“Luke.” He looked down at me.

"I'm sorry about your arm." I pointed to the cast. "I'm sorry about the trashed apartment and I'm sorry for screwing up your life."

"Are you kidding me?? Aria, you are the one who booked this flight for me to propose to my girlfriend. You saved my relationship even though it had nothing to do with you. Plus I got to rehearse my proposal two times."

"All passengers for flight 368 to London at gate A7, we are boarding," the guy in the front announced.

Luke and I were dead tired when we entered the plane and fell asleep instantly.

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