The Missing Piece

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Chapter 7

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Kent. The local time here is 16:32 or 4:32. Have a safe time here in Kent and join us on your way back to the States."

"Luke! Wake up!"


"We're here." As soon as I said that Luke leapt out of his seat.

"Shall we go?" Luke asked as the aisle became less crowded.

"Of course we shall." I grabbed the carry on luggage and we walked down to baggage claim. As we waited for our luggage, Luke and I discussed the plan.

"So what's the plan?" Luke asked.

"Well because we're here in Kent, I was thinking maybe you could go to London and see Clara and I'll stay here with Tyler and see what's going on." My two pieces of luggage had come.

"So is this goodbye?"

"Probably not. If you want you can chill out here or come with me. "

"Would you mind if I tagged along with you? I'm a little nervous with the whole proposal." His bag had come.

"Sure." We grabbed our bags and headed out to the hotel shuttle. "I got a hotel room with two beds. I was originally going to bring Tyler in, but you can stay there." My heart pounded harder thinking of the last conversation with Tyler.

"I feel like I'm intruding."

"No! Don't. I think Tyler would like to meet you. Especially after you saved my life.”

"Welcome! Please come here to check in," a man instructed. I gave him all the information and my credit card and in return he gave us two room cards. We reached the room. The view of all the castles was wonderful.

"Luke," I'm going to go visit Tyler do you want to come?"

"It's not like I have anything better to do," he said with a shrug. We called a cabbie.

"So who was that guy who attacked you?" Luke curiously questioned.

"Abusive ex-boyfriend. He was using me as a fuck buddy and had another girl who he liked. They are engaged now I guess."

"Did he rape you?" Luke whispered.

"Not exactly, I gave consent, but it was because of his manipulation. He used me as a toy. Then, he left me on the streets. That's where I met Tyler. He was adorable and he cared for me. Sometimes he was a little over protective, but it was better than being ignored. He took the broken pieces that Scott had caused and fixed me," I explained. Sometimes it felt like he missed one of my pieces.

Luke continued to ask 20 questions about random things like my favorite food when we reached the house.

"Damn! This house's nice," Luke commented. The cabbie dropped us off. I rang the doorbell. To my surprise it was Tyler's mother that had answered.

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