The Missing Piece

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Chapter 8

"Hello Victoria! I am Aria. Tyler's girlfriend."

"He has never mentioned anything about you, but I suppose you want to see him."

"Yes please."

"Up the stairs second door to the left," the mother replied with a smirk upon her lips.

"Tyler?" I asked as I knocked on the door with Luke behind me. There was no reply. "Tyler?" I called again, still no reply. I tried the door and it was unlocked so I opened it to see some bimbo riding him.

"Tyler?" My voice faltered.

He looked up at me quickly covering himself up. "Aria, it's not what it looks like."

I pivoted and walked out of the room with tears full in my eyes straight into Luke. "We can go."

"ARIA! Wait!" Tyler called after me.

“Let’s leave. Now!” I said sternly avoiding eye contact. Luke wouldn’t move.

“What’s going on?” Luke asked. I looked up at him for the first time with tears in my eyes.

“Please?” I asked as the tears drop down my cheeks. I had never seen someone run as fast as Luke did.

“ARIA!” Tyler shouted. I turned around to see him confused and devastated. All of a sudden my feet wouldn’t move any more.

“Aria?” Luke asked as he tried to pull me with him.

Don’t stay with Tyler, he will hurt you again.

“I’m sorry. It’s not what it looked like.”

Luke pulled me into his arms as he asked “What the hell did you do to her?”

“Aria, who the hell is he!?”

“I’m Luke. I saved your girlfriend from being raped and killed while you were over here doing who knows what.”

“Luke, let’s leave,” I said as I tried to pull him away, but he wouldn’t budge.

“What the hell did you to her?!” Luke bitterly questioned Tyler.

“Look here prick, don’t act like the hero and try to steal my girlfriend here. You don’t know anything about me or her so stop acting like you do!”

Luke got really close to Tyler and started to jab him in the chest. “Look here buddy, Aria bought two plane tickets: one for me to see my girlfriend and one for her to see you. She knew how miserable you were and wanted to cheer you up. You have no idea the shit she had to go through to be here right now. She was nearly RAPED!”

“Is that true?”

I clenched Luke’s unharmed arm as tears leaked down my cheeks. I slowly nodded.

“What happened? Who was it? I’ll beat him up,” Tyler threatened.

“Tyler?” a voice called out. Clara was wearing one of Tyler’s dress shirts as she walked out of the bedroom. After she rubbed her eyes, she looked straight at Luke. “Luke?”

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