The First of Many

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Chapter 50

“Overlord, this is Wolfpack Zero-One, radio check,” Aedan whispered into his radio.

“Overlord copies all. Mission is a go. Say again; mission is a go. You are cleared to eliminate target Alpha.”

“Roger Overlord. Wolfpack out. Blackburn, take point. Wraith, cover our six,” he ordered.

The team slowly stalked through the dark alleyway, Blackburn leading the way with Wraith bringing up their rear and turning around every few steps to ensure that no one snuck up on the team.

“NODs down,” Aedan ordered.

The area was bathed in a green hue as the team followed Aedan’s orders and donned their NODs. The team slowly moved through the deserted streets before they came upon the target house. Blackburn held up a raised fist, the signal to hold up. The team stopped, sank to one knee, and formed a perimeter.

“Kronos, the house looks empty,” Shadow said.

“It isn’t. Take the Delta guys and move to containment formation. No one gets in or out.”

“Check,” Shadow said as he, Blade, and Hunter peeled off from the main group to form a blockade in the bushes in front of the house. Kronos and the SEALs slowly entered moved to the houses front door and slowly entered the house. Each man moved to a corner of the room and scanned with his M4.

“Clear left,” Blackburn whispered.

“Clear right,” Wraith answered.

“Moving,” Aedan whispered.

The SEALs stacked up and walked slowly to the next room, only to find it empty. They searched room after room, to no avail. The target was supposed to be here. Intel said that he was staying in this house while he was in Moscow. Aedan banished these thoughts from his mind as they came to the final room.

“Get eyes in there,” he ordered.

Blackburn knelt by the door and threaded a fiber optic probe under the door. The camera on the end of the probe sent live video straight to the eyepiece in Aedan’s helmet. The target was sitting at a desk, only a dark shadow in the pre-dawn hours.

“Breach and clear,” he ordered. Wraith opened the door a crack, and Blackburn threw a stun grenade into the room. There was a thud and a flash, and then the SEALs burst into the room and sprayed the target with bullets.

The bullets tore through the lifeless dummy, and Aedan heard the sound of shattering glass. Suddenly, a misty gas began to fill the room. Aedan paused, uncomprehending, until a numbness started making its way rapidly from his extremities towards his vitals.

“EVERYBODY OUT!” Aedan yelled. The team attempted to make it to the entrance of the house, but couldn’t reach the stairs on their numbed legs – they blacked out before they hit the ground as the gas took effect.

Outside, the Delta Team was taking heavy fire from enemy forces.

“Wolfpack Zero-One, this is Wolfpack Zero-five. We are taking heavy fire from enemy forces. We need to get out of here. Do you read me?” Shadow said against the din of gunfire.


“Kronos, do you read me?” he repeated, louder.

“Shadow, contact on your left!” Hunter yelled.

Shadow quickly shot and killed the enemy attempting to flank him.

“Blade, fall back. We’ll cover you,” Shadow ordered.

Blade fell back, but fell after a few steps, hit by a tranquilizer dart.

“Sniper with tranqs,” Hunter reported as he turned to the building where he believed the shot came from, but he joined Blade on the ground, a dart piercing his gear.

“Overlord, the team is down, and we have been ambushed by multiple tangos. Request QRF. Say again, request QRF to grid Lima, Echo, 0071269,” Shadow yelled before he was hit by a tranq dart. Moments later, the gunfire ceased and a black van drove up to the house. Several masked men exited, found the six unconscious men, and loaded them into the back of the van in a matter of minutes, driving off without leaving a trace of their presence.

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