The First of Many

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Chapter 63

An hour later, Hannah was out and about in streets she never thought she'd see again. She knew each and every street like the back of her hand – she'd spent her childhood on them. She and Aedan and the rest of the team had been moving silently through the small Russian city, doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing.

She hadn't expected to feel so strongly about being back in the place she'd known so well during the nearly ten years she'd spent being trained. All around her, she could hear people quietly talking in Russian, and she felt her mind starting to slip back into Russian thoughts. It'd been a while since she'd thought in Russian—she always made a conscious effort to think in English, or Italian.

"We're close," Aedan murmured beside her.

"We are," Hannah quietly agreed. She looked forward and felt his eyes turn to look at her.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Perfect," she mumbled.

"Kronos, your entrance point is clear. What's your 20?" Wraith asked from through the comms unit.

"Coming up on the South side. Approximately 30 seconds away from entrance point," Aedan whispered back into his comm piece. He looked at Hannah again—he never got tired of looking at her—and he saw the guarded look on her face. He saw the focus and the determination, but most of all, he saw how she had shut herself off. Quietly, they crept forward, and Aedan was at the door. "Kronos at entrance point."

"Entrance point clear on the other side, Kronos. Any second now," Wraith said.

"I'm going in," Aedan said into his comm, and he started forward. Lightning quick, Hannah reached out and grabbed his arm. Startled, Aedan paused and turned around. Hannah wanted to kiss him, to grab him and tell him to get the hell out of there because she knew, just knew that this was bad. Nothing good ever happened to her or her people. Especially not in Kiev.

"Be careful," she whispered.

"I always am," Aedan whispered back. And quick as a blink, he was gone. Hannah felt her throat swell.

Wraith had been able to easily disable the security system, hacking into the security cameras and destroying the alarm so that neither would show anyone else's presence. That had gone without any glitches, and so she just hoped that the rest of the night would go that easily.

"I'm at the check in point," Aedan said, his voice filling her ear through the comm device. Hannah mentally let out a breath of relief.

"Rosie, your entrance point is clear," Wraith said.

Fuck it, she thought, opening the door, her gun up and ready.
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