Fatal Alliances

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Mystery. Romance. Deception. You know what they say, hate is a strong emotion- so is love. You can only hate someone you place in high esteem since you care about what they think. When Juliet Greene secures an internship position at the Empire Heights hotel, and things seem to be finally going her way, a brief encounter causes her life to turn upside down. Getting in the way of the hostile, unfeeling, yet wickedly magnetic billionaire Adrian Vandermir, Julie suddenly gets thrown into a situation that's too much for her to handle. Wanting to have little to do with this and the infuriating Vandermir, she none the less convinces herself that his decisions would be best for her family's own safety. But when things begin to get out of hand, she discovers that she has more to do with the dangerous situation Adrian is involved in than she or anyone else could ever imagine. In the hopes of ending the matter, both must endure each other's company as they take a trip together which reveals unbearable past secrets and irresistible desires. Desires that Julie fears would only deepen her wounds, but somehow heal Adrian's.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It felt like a dream. My dream was becoming a reality. I stared at the exquisite hotel before me with its grand, mesmerizing splendour which intimidated me to such belittlement. Quite truthfully, this inferiority seemed okay for the while. This internship was a big deal to me, huge for the matter. Sure there were other jobs out there, but growing up I’ve always admired the development of this hotel for some odd reason. It was as if there was a magnetic force which stapled me to its very essence. Since my early years, it’d been my dream to contribute to it. Maybe I liked it so much because it was the last place I stayed with my parents before they died. Maybe it was the last connection I had with them. Plus, this could be my one and only chance to prove to my sister that I’m not useless and I can earn something too. ‘This place,’ I told myself, ‘This will be my future.’

After Mr. and Mrs. Dawnly took my older sister Jenna and our baby sister Nina along with me in, our lives had changed drastically. However, I felt like I was a burden to them as I grew older. I wasn’t sure how Jenna felt, but I had a feeling she saw it the same way I did. Jen, since our parent’s death, always seemed stressed and wore her signature dark circles. There was actually a time when I thought she was turning into a zombie. As for the Dawnlys, they treated us well. They were like our grandparents. Mrs. Dawnly never failed in making me laugh with her young and sexy jokes about herself. Sometimes, it was a little disturbing watching her act like a twenty-two-year-old when she was actually seventy. And Mr. Dawnly, well thankfully, he was on the sane side. Ticked the checkbox for that lovable grandpa you could always talk to, except he wasn’t actually my grandpa, but I was nonetheless content.

Getting this job was really important to me. I had to prove Jenna I wasn’t a ‘resource sucker’ as she would always call me. She made me so furious sometimes, pretending to be mother duck, saying she’s older than me, so I have to listen while she quacks orders here there and everywhere. Please. If she wanted to boss someone around, then she should have her own kids. Well, first she’d have to start being nice and find a man. Ha, like that’ll ever happen. Actually, to be quite honest, she is nice. She’s nice to everyone but me, and that’s the sad truth. I’d never seen her be imperious to anyone else, not even Nina- but she was seven so that doesn’t count, does it? Anyway, the point of all this is to get rid of that horrid title she christened me with.

Yeah, no more ‘resource sucker’.

Entering the hotel I tried to be as calm as possible, as sophisticated as I could- so I professionally stuck my head up, shoulders straight, chest out—but not too much out to look trashy, kept my gaze firm and went to the receptionist to inform her that I was here to speak to the manager about the internship. Boy, that was a task by itself. Maybe I should reconsider this internship and teach with Jenna at the school. It was a bit annoying since they told me to visit back today to collect some of the hotel guideline books. Couldn’t they have given it to me when I had gotten the position yesterday? Then again, maybe I was just too lazy.

I felt my heart race as I impatiently wait while noticing how the hotel’s interior was equally as beautiful as its exterior. The artwork was so exquisite and the marbled and white porcelain features highlighted the modern atmosphere. It was almost like I was in a palace. I tried to picture myself as an heiress of this beautiful place. That would’ve been a dream. Although, I have a feeling it’s best I not. If Jenna can’t stand me now, how could she stand me as a rich spoiled brat? As I mentally drew myself into another wonderful daydream, I heard a sudden cough.

“You must be Miss Juliet Greene?” A man stood in front me with the most hardened facial expression I’d ever seen. “My name is Johnson Martin, manager of the Empire Heights hotel.”


I stood to my feet, greeting him with the most pleasant smile. “My name’s Juliet Greene.”

He arched an eyebrow.

‘Double crap’ I thought, realizing that I just made myself look like a complete idiot repeating my name twice when he already knew who I was. Don’t panic Jules, don’t panic. Act like Jenna would in a situation like this. Wait, Jenna would never be in such a dumb situation. Oh god.

“I’m so sorry, I’m just a bit flustered. I have a migraine, that’s all.” I lied, plastering the loveliest smile on my face.

“I understand.” He replied with not a single hint of understanding upon his face.

No, you don’t. You old quack.

“Anyway, you can read through these guidelines about our hotel’s standards, policies, etc. When you start you’ll be appointed a supervisor, she’ll take care of your induction training. We’ll call you soon to tell you when you’ll start.” He continued, giving me a stack of folders and guideline books before leaving.

Urgh, I thought I had gotten away from all this studying. Way to go Jules, you’ve managed to complicate your life even more. Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’ll all pay off they all say.

As I carelessly rummaged through the folders, I accidentally bumped into a man who was entering the hotel. The books and folders instantaneously dropped out of my hands and so did his.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.” I blurted out in embarrassment as I saw the man wear a tired look at the scattered papers on the floor.

“It’s alright miss, it was my fault. Gentlemen open doors for pretty girls, not knock them down.”

I almost felt a blush run up my cheeks. The young man in front of me was slim and tall, but there was this elegant yet cute boyish look to him. His soft blond hair framed his face and added a childlike feature along with his light blue eyes. It was almost like looking at the portrait of a highly defined French painting in the city of Paris. I’m not exactly sure how that would be since I’ve never actually been to Paris, but I assume it fits his description well. Quickly, I picked up all my books and folders as he did the same.

“Here,” he said, giving me a paper of mine which fell out, “Get home safely Miss, it’s already quite late.”

“Thank you.”

As I took the paper from him and headed outside, I couldn’t help but smile from his kindness.

Finally, somebody with a little class.

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