Fatal Alliances

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Chapter 2

While leaving the hotel, I neatly slipped the loose papers into the guideline book when suddenly I saw a strange folder.

“This….is this one of the folders Mr. Martin gave me?” I questioned myself softly as I continued walking.

Opening it, I saw some very peculiar notes. Drug trade transactions? Black market auction reports for the past 3 years? What the heck? There was another folder that hooked my eyesight. It was the draft of a partnership with some man by the name of Xavier Rocillie. Okay, so I’ve seen some screwy stuff, but this one took the cake, the whole cake. That first folder was on the other end of things. It spelt trouble. Trouble. Oh crap! I was the one that would get myself into trouble- from Jenna. I had forgotten that she had asked me to collect a package from her friend Abby, who lived across the park. Damn it, the last thing I wanted right now was getting on my sister’s bad side. I was there too many times before. Taking a deep tired breath, I decided to collect the package and return the folder on my way back.

As I walked through the park, I felt like was being watched. I’d never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Knowing that I had a folder that could possibly get me sent to prison and having this feeling like I was being stalked did not sooth my nerves. I thought about the folders for a moment, maybe they belonged to the man who I bumped into. No, but it can’t be his. I mean, he never struck me as the mobster kind of guy. I’m probably over-reacting, he’s probably a lawyer or something. They have folders like this, right?

Sure, maybe, hopefully. It would be sad seeing a nice guy like him behind bars. I wanted to turn back and return the folders, but the hotel was already a far distance away from me. Maybe I should just head home instead and collect the package for Jenna tomorrow morning, it’s faster to take a taxi from the nearby street and get home. Besides, I felt like the stares were weighing me down now. It was actually quite frightening. I’ll return the folders tomorrow as well. With that thought, I redirected my way towards home.

The cold night’s breeze laced through my hair softly, yet this chilly feeling never left me. For some odd reason, it felt like it was impossible for me to leave the park. Was I walking too slowly? I only do that when I feel unsettled. I still felt the stares creeping up on me as I walked across the park bridge over the deep pond. Trying my best to get home quickly also seemed like walking down a never-ending yellow brick road.

Abruptly, I felt a hand snake around my waist as I felt someone muff my mouth from behind. For some reason I didn’t drop the folders, maybe because of fright. I bit the person’s hand in order to get them to release me and luckily he did, but another man stood in front of me while six others surrounded.

This was not good.

They all wore these really eerie masks, something like the masks in ‘V for Vendetta’. It was one thing seeing it in the movie, but seeing it in front of you really was a different reality. A terrifying one. Who wears masks nowadays anyway? Surely they were all men, since none of the individuals had the physique of a woman.

“Give me the folders, girl.” One of the men said.

“No way buddy, this is my internship.” I replied, trying to sound oblivious to the two strange folders I saw.

No way in Hell am I going to die for something I had no idea about.

“You work for Vandermir, no?” Another asked, portraying a strong accent.

“What? No! I have no idea who Vandermir is!” I stated quite angrily, getting frustrated of this.

“So you don’t know who Rocillie is as well?”

Wait, Rocillie? Wasn’t he the man from one of the folders? No, I couldn’t let them know that I knew that. They might actually think I have something to do with this crazy tra la la.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now be a darling and let the lady pass.” I said as I tried to move away from them, but one of the men stopped me, crushing my arm tighter.

“Aah! You Bastard!” I screamed.

“There are ways in which I can make a lady talk.” The man replied with the most vicious chuckles I’ve ever heard.

My body froze with fear, oh God, this man…I’m seriously going to die tonight.

Oh Jenna, I need you right now.

“I- I’m talking right now, aren’t I? Do you need me to talk more than this?” I asked, trying to buy myself time….For what? No one was coming to save me here. I was in the middle of an isolated park.

“I can make you say what I want to hear.” He replied huskily.

“Can you now?” A strange voice echoed from behind.

“Adrian Vandermir.” The man replied through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, I felt the presence of a man beside me. He wasn’t wearing any mask, but a neatly dressed black suit with a crisp white shirt inside and a navy blue tie, his face was actually quite handsome, but his eyes so cold and icy- a dangerous shade of grey, they pierced through the man so sharply which actually scared him a bit. I was able to shrug that away.

“I came to make a bargain with you, actually. This girl here, in return for a partnership in my next project. I’ll even cut you in 50% profit and throw in the fact that you’ll be the only limited partner.” The young man beside me said quite confidently as if he had nothing to lose.

What the heck? Was he bargaining for me? I’m not going anywhere with this guy, not even if he looked as hot as the burning sun. If he wanted this folder I’ll give it to him, but no way in hell am I going anywhere with a stranger.

The masked man gave a hearty laughed and so did the other men around us.

“This girl must be quite special to you, Vandermir! It’d be a shame if anything happened to her! She’s your little girlfriend?”

“That’s not important.”

“Alright,” The masked man said as he turned around and began thinking of his decision.

Oh, this damned folder! How I wish I could just toss it into the pond right now.

I looked at the folder in my hand and the water beneath me. How tempting it was to take my frustration out on both of them. I could just run away after. I mentally laughed, even though it would be the worst plan ever. As if reading my mind, the guy held my wrist tightly and coldly whispered into my ear sending a sick delicious sensation down my spine.

“Don’t be an idiot.”

Wait, did he just call me an idiot? Wow, what a nice saviour.

The masked antagonist turned back around, “I’ve made my decision and I decline.” He stated as he pulled out a gun towards us.

Before he could shoot, another gunshot was heard.

It was fired towards the masked man.

He yelled as he got the shot in his leg. Panic flew through me as I gave a shriek and dropped the folders.

“Damn you.” I heard the guy next to me say as he pulled out a gun and fired at the other men surrounding, but clearly not killing them. To my surprise, I saw the man who bumped into me earlier along with two other individuals fighting off the men. I swore one even winked at me. I tried to collect all the folders on the ground, but one of the masked men yanked me by my hair up.

That’s going to hurt for weeks.

“You little wretch! Trying to trick us! You called Vandermir here! You ruined our plan!” He roared as he threw me against the short concrete railing of the bridge.

My hands bruised as they took in the impact against it. In that second, the man kicked me in the stomach. It was brutally painful, I never expected it to be so gut wrenchingly hurtful at all.

“Vandermir wants us to choose? Well he’ll be the one choosing now. It’s his precious little girlfriend or the folders.” He said as he held me up. I couldn’t stand, pain consumed me.

Before I knew it, I felt like everything was becoming slow paced. Without a second thought, he pushed me vigorously off the railing- off the bridge. Clutching onto the ledge below, fear penetrated throughout my entire body along with pain. I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim out- I couldn’t even move right now because of the pain- I’ll drown. God- I didn’t want to fall, I didn’t want to die, but I felt so numb, I ached everywhere. It was like a dream, a nightmare. I was so happy just a while ago. If I drowned and died, I won’t see Jenna or Nina ever again. I will regret not saying goodbye to them. This was it. I couldn’t hang on any longer.

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