Almost Forever

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Selene was supposed to marry the love of her life. It should have been a perfect day, it should have been the start of her happy ever after with Nathanael but fate seemed to have different plans...... Selene Hidalgo has everything that a woman could possibly ask for. She's the darling of Manila's elite circle, and with her pretty face as well as her good heart she has captivated the heart of Nathanael Lopez. Deemed as the "it" couple by Manila's society pages, camera flashes followed them as they are set to wed each other. Everything was perfect. From the stylish couture outfits up to the beautifully made flower ornaments in the aisles. It should have been the best day of their lives, but their plans of spending eternity together were shattered when a tragedy took Selene. Heartbroken, Nathan searched for her everywhere despite being told that his love is truly gone. However, in his search for Selene, he found something else.

Romance / Drama
Allison Rae
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Pachelbel’s Canon in D major is playing softly on the background. All are wearing beautiful designer clothes, with their heels clicking as they move around the majestic halls of Manila Cathedral to chat with friends and family whom they haven't seen for a long time.

The pews in the church corridors are adorned with baby’s breath and the aisles are covered with red velvet carpets for today, the world will witness a union between the heirs of Manila's most elite families.

Some say that it was a sly move coming from Hidalgo and Lopez clans since a union between their heirs means a merger that is worth billions will push through and it will create a tougher competition in the hotel business in Southeast Asia.

However, it was not business that made the match possible. Selene and Nathanael are truly in love and nothing shall keep them apart, not even the controversies and rivalry surrounding their kins.

At least that's what they thought.

Nathanael kept on pacing back and forth for he cannot help but feel nervous as he waits for his beautiful bride to walk down the aisles.

"This is it." He thought as he looked at his wristwatch. In twenty minutes he will say his vows to Selene and they will spend the rest of their lives together.

But things didn't go as they planned when the groom's best man came running, causing all of the guests to turn their gazes at him.

"Selene is gone."

Panic ensued from the once perfect venue as reporters swarmed every corner of Manila Cathedral with the blinding flashes coming from their cameras.

STAR-CROSSED LOVERS: Selene Hidalgo and Nathanael Lopez

MANILA, Philippines--Selene Hidalgo, the darling of Manila's elite circle took a tragic turn minutes before her wedding with Nathanael Lopez. The Hidalgo heiress' bridal car was burnt along with her personal belongings. Police investigations show that there are no signs of remains inside the car.

Nathan slammed his laptop shut after reading a news article about Selene that was published two years ago. He spent the last two years searching for his lost love because he refused to accept that she is truly gone.
But fate takes an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with an old flame.
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