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Kiss It Better

I was supposed to have posted this chapter since last week and I'm really sorry that I didn't. However, I couldn't because when I was editing the previous one, I cut out a huge chunk and figured that I was skilled enough to include it in this one. It was harder than I thought and so I had to scrap that idea. Now the missing chunk is pretty important so I have to stuff it in somewhere and in order to do that, I had to end up changing this chapter and the next. I'm saying all this to explain why it's taken so long for me to post this. I will try to get the other one up before the weekend is over.

I'm never comfortable with my love scenes between Lucas and Alaine but you guys don't seem too put off by them so, here goes...

For Lucas, certain things, become a test in self-control once Alaine is involved. It was for this very reason that he'd dislocated his stepfather's wrist while they were in Italy. Before then, except to run away when the first opportunity presented itself, he'd never openly rebelled against Kurt. What it took to crack his cool exterior, releasing a fume of the rage he's kept dammed up so well for so long was the small fissure the man's subtle threat against Alaine had created. There is no one else that he knows of who can provoke him into committing acts of violence on their behalf.

When it comes to making love to her - the where, the when, and the how - he always has to remind himself of what’s appropriate and what’s not. Yes, they’ve pushed the limits of propriety a few times with the when and where but it has only ever been when Alaine initiates it. Like that night at the restaurant where she'd worked. He’d never have asked it of her but he'd been ready to follow through on her invitation to sheath himself inside her in the breakroom -- right there against the wall with the rest of the world happening around them. That picture in his mind of her willing and panting beneath his caresses, looking at him with a mixture of innocence and lust so powerful, he'd been certain that she was feeding off his own, is one of his favorite memories of the start of their relationship.

Turning her down had been more difficult than he'd let on but he had done it for her. He may have deflowered Alaine but she still possesses the sensibilities of an innocent and there is only so far he's willing to go in tarnishing her. If it weren't for his restraint, she'd have convinced him to do a lot more than the two of them have done -- some things they probably would have had to do penance for when it was over. Her boldness had honestly shocked him that time when she'd gotten him off in the backseat of the SUV in the middle of moving traffic -- and just by dry-humping too.

It’s usually not until he looks into her eyes, those incredible, innocently sexy eyes that he can bend his will into obedience. He has a weakness for Alaine's eyes. That hasn't changed since the first time he'd seen her. The little fairy had taken ownership of him that night with one look and she hadn't even known it. Her eyes have this way of looking past his physical body and penetrating deep beneath the layers where he'd hidden his heart to unearth the better man inside him. They have a way of summoning his voice of reason, reminding him to put her first, above all.

Even when she wants him in the worst way and he can read the encouragement in her eyes - like at this very moment - to plow ahead, some things he can’t bring himself to do. She’s the type of girl who, on especially a day like this, after so long deserves silk sheets with rose petals strewn over its smooth surface. Not a sweaty exercise mat -- even if it is a high end one.

Today that’s what he's going to give her. It’s all part of his plan for the next month. And he’s going to stick to his intentions dammit! No matter her bedroom eyes, beckoning him to shift her silk and lace underwear aside, draw his waistband down, and thrust until they both have nothing left.

Lucas groans and calling his hard-learned discipline to order eases back onto his haunches before pushing himself to his feet. He breathes deeply, ignores the confused look on Alaine's pretty, flushed face, and offers her a hand. Hesitantly she takes it, allowing him to pull her up to stand in front of him. All the while, suspicion narrows her eyes.

“What’s going on?” Alaine asks.

Lucas tugs her against him. “I’m sure you can feel how much I want you,” he tells her. “But I promised you a celebration and that's what we're going to have. I don't want our first time after this long to be on a sweaty gym mat.”

Raising a hand, he strokes her cheek with a loving caress and leans down to initiate a slow, drawn-out kiss -- an unspoken promise of what the rest of the night will hold for her; him worshipping every part of her body, just like he used to.

She clutches his arms and strains her body toward his, trying to fuse them together where it really matters. Lucas very nearly loses the will to suppress his desire as she climbs up on the tips of her toes so her feminine warmth teases the head of the weighty protrusion in his pants. They both moan when he presses into her again. The familiar tingling at the base of his spine is all the warning he needs to stop.

Pulling back, he says in a low, husky voice, "if you keep that up, this will be over way too soon, baby."

She smiles deviously, trapping his erection between her legs. Lucas feels his knees weaken. They almost buckle but he locks them tight and takes a deep breath through his nose.

"I see your literature of choice has made you a bad girl, Alaine," he praises and smacks her behind. "I just need a few minutes, love. I'll be right back. Will you wait here for me?"

She nods but follows him to the door. Lucas grabs a pair of boxing gloves from one of the benches and tosses them to her.

"Keep yourself busy. Your technique needs some work," he says with a wide grin. Then he disappears into the hall.

The light from the setting sun hits the apartment at just the right angle around this time of day. It's already perfect, really, the burst of orange, adding to the ambiance that he's already asked Jackie to help him create.

Lucas pauses at the place where the hall meets the living room and watches her work.

"The bathroom and bedroom are ready to go," she tells him and winks. "I just need a few more minutes here and I'll be out of your hair."

"I still need to get her through the living room without seeing this," Lucas says. The thought of blindfolding Alaine makes him smile but Jackie beats him to it.

Here," she says, tossing him one of his silk ties. "Already ahead of you. You should have listened to me, impatient man. And told her to come at seven."

"You deserve a raise," Lucas states.

"And you won't hear me complaining," Jackie chuckles. "Go on with you."

Lucas turns around and heads back into the gym, hiding his makeshift blindfold behind his back.

To his disappointment, Alaine is once more dressed in the outfit she'd entered his apartment with. Granted, it's a stimulating little number but he prefers her the way he'd left her.

He pauses at the door observing her the same way she'd observed him a little earlier as she jabs her fists into the punching bag. The muscles in her arms and legs are more toned than before, he notices for the first time.

"Ehem," he clears his throat to get her attention and she drops her arms immediately.

"What is going on?" Alaine asks him again.

"I need you to put these on for me," he says presenting her the tie, dangling off his fingers.

"You want me to wear a tie?" she responds.

Lucas chuckles. "Not in the conventional way." He walks up to her, grips her by the shoulders and spins her around so her back presses against his front.

"Do you trust me?" he asks while studying their reflection in the long wall of mirrors.

Returning his stare, Alaine nods her head and responds, "with my life."

"Close your eyes," he requests.

She does so without hesitation but before fitting the blindfold over her eyes, Lucas trails a line of kisses down her neck and she angles her head just so to give him better access. Unable to help himself, his hands trace her figure, palming her breasts which elicits a strangled moan from her throat.

"Still so sensitive," he murmurs while tracking the dip in her waist and flare of her hips.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, Alaine," he murmurs in her ear. "So beautiful and sexy. I remember how delicious you taste but it's been too long since I've had my hands, my mouth, my tongue on your body."

"Then what are you waiting for?" she pants in a challenge.

Time. He's giving Jackie time, to finish and get the hell out of the damn apartment. That's what he's doing.

He chuckles at her audaciousness and impatience but relents and slips the silky material over her eyes. When he's done tying it, Lucas walks around Alaine to stand before her. They've read books with scenes exactly like this -- the woman or the man blindfolded -- but have never tried it themselves. Maybe it's his curiosity that drives him to find out if her kisses will be somehow different now with sensory deprivation, but he dips his head just as Alaine says, "Luc..."

He steals the rest of his name from her lips and the breath from her lungs. Alaine gasps into his mouth. She reaches her hands up to steady herself against his chest then walks her fingers up to his shoulders to wraps her arms around the back of his neck.

Her kisses are the same. Just as sweet. Just as powerful. Just like her. For some reason, he becomes more acutely aware that she's the only woman he's ever kissed and vice versa and with the thought, his grip on her body becomes a tad more possessive.

"This is fun," she giggles against his lips. "What else are we doing tonight? I'm ready for whatever you have in mind."

Taking that as his cue, Lucas takes her hand in his to guide her out of the gym, down the hall, around the bend to the stairs. He considers carrying her the rest of the way but quickly changes his mind. His body might have mended itself but he doesn't trust himself to not drop her or fling them both down the stairs to an untimely death.

"Slow and steady," he tells Alaine as he places her hand on the railing.

"Dinner smells amazing," she tells him.

"Hmm," he agrees. "But we're not skipping to the main course."

Together they work their way slowly up to the landing. "We're almost there," Lucas encourages.

She inches behind him, one hand in front of her gripping his shirt while the other he keeps firm in hand.

Alaine can feel her mounting excitement with each heavy beat of her heart. From the hallway, she can sense the shift in the atmosphere and the smell in the air. All she wants to do is rip off the blindfold but she won't. Not when it's so apparent that Lucas has gone through some lengths to make the night a special one.

"It smells like flowers up here," she says.

Smiling, Lucas leads her into his bedroom and then the bath. At first, he'd planned to remove the blindfold as soon as they got to the second floor but scraps that idea too. He guides Alaine to the bathtub, pushing her up against it to ensure that she has some purchase.

"I've decided to leave those on, for now," he says.

"Okay," she agrees. Then he begins the maddeningly slow task of undressing her. He takes his time exposing her in her underwear first. He's always liked a woman in underwear but with Alaine...God, she's hot!

He all but salivates at the sight of her creamy breasts cresting over the top of her bra and runs his index finger along the edge of the fabric. Her breath hitches at his touch and she swallows her eagerness the same way he has to smother his.

"Did I do this?" Lucas asks.

For a second, Alaine misunderstands what he's asking, thinking that he's referring to the goosebumps now covering her skin. So, she nods.

Lucas frowns. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize...I wasn't trying to hurt you."

"Oh, you didn't," she corrects. "That was from this morning, with Tawny," she explains.

The frown cast over Lucas's features deepens as he traces the vague mark on Alaine's shoulder. "She's not supposed to hurt you," he grumbles.

Alaine could argue that Tawny hadn't. That she'd been the one who was distracted. Now, is not the time, however. Instead, she says, "kiss it better," and Lucas, he doesn't hesitate.

He places a chaste kiss there, his lips soft and warm against her skin.

Remembering the way she'd taken care of him after his run-in with Angus in the park, he asks, "are there more, baby?"

She nods, directing him to each bruise and while his lips continue to caress her flesh, his hands make themselves busy removing her bra and teasing her nipples into sensitive stiff peaks until Alaine thinks she would not be able to remain standing for much longer.

Eventually, discovering her minor injuries leads Lucas to his knees in front of her.

"Here," she says, pointing to her hip and he is only too happy to oblige. First, he kisses her over the soft material of her underwear. Then he eases the lace waistband down to press his lips softly there. It doesn't take long before his teeth are nipping gently and his tongue follows to soothe the slight sting.

Alaine's hips writhe as she whimpers begging silently for more. He slips her underwear down her legs leaving her completely bare before him. Taking a second, Lucas admires her in all her naked glory -- her taut, slightly more defined abdomen, toned legs, beautiful breasts, and the rest of her lovely figure.

How he manages to stave off his arousal and not spread her right then and there is a question for the ages. Rather, he presses soft kisses all along her skin from one hip to the other. Quite suddenly, he changes direction, parting her legs to a small degree and moving down to sample the honeyed wetness awaiting him there. There's a pleasure he derives from tasting the moisture he'd coaxed from her body.

Although she was expecting it, the lightning bolt hitting Alaine's core is completely unexpected. Lucas has done this to her before bringing her to completion repeatedly with his lips and tongue. Maybe it's her eagerness making the experience that much more intense but he does it again and again, slipping his tongue at and into her entrance before sucking that tight bundle of nerves into his mouth.

All of a sudden, she's up in the air and falling, her muscles coiling and spasming while she cries out loudly in the throes of her passion.

Lucas witnesses the beauty of it -- the wonder that always takes over her features when she comes -- with a sense of satisfaction. He kisses his way back up to her lips, fusing their bodies together while he maneuvers his pants off his hips and down his legs.

“I love you, Alaine,” he admits softly. “From the moment I laid eyes on you, I've loved you,” he finally confesses. Each word he speaks is laden with beneath the weight of his emotions. “I promise to spend the rest of my days showing you.”

Only then does he remove the blindfold.

Alaine blinks her eyes into focus to find the bathroom dimly lit and aglow with the light of several candles of varying sizes -- some of them the largest candles she's ever seen. The words he'd just spoken had set her heart fluttering but now it takes wings and soars.

"Lucas," she speaks with tears gathering in her eyes. "I can't believe you did this."

"Don't cry, baby," he encourages as he holds her close. "You deserve so much more than this, Alaine," he tells her softly. "I can't express eloquently enough how happy you've made me or how much you've changed my life. But I promise I will give you everything. I'll take you anywhere -- everywhere -- you want to go. I'll love you forever. But tonight...tonight is just for us and we're taking our time."

"You're perfect," she whispers to him. "I love you."

This time, Lucas doesn’t argue how far from that he is. A content smile pulls his lips as with a push of a button soft music fills the bathroom. He steps into the tub then holds out his hand to Alaine to guide her into the fragrant warm water with him.

Now would probably be a good time to ask her again to move in. He still very much wants her to. But one thing at a time. He's got a plan and that is not on the agenda for tonight.

He sits and tugs her with him to cradle her against his chest. Using one free hand, he pulls a long wooden tray from the ledge and sets it in front of them across the tub.

"Oh my god," Alaine laughs. "Dessert should be after dinner."

"Get the bottles and the glasses," Lucas instructs and she obeys getting two champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne and cider from the ice bucket tucked in the corner.

"This is the appetizer, sweetheart," he croons.

"And what comes next?" she asks.

"I've got dinner and dancing and making love to you on the cards," he supplies.

"In that order?" Alaine asks.

Lucas laughs. "Not necessarily," he answers.

"Definitely not in that order," Alaine informs him.

All of Jackie's hard work goes to waste. Somewhere in the back of Lucas's mind are the words to tell Alaine to be patient. They only manage to have a few sips of their drink and eat one or two pieces of fine chocolate before everything he'd worked out is shot to hell.

The moment she reaches back between their bodies to clasp her hand around his erection, squeezing and stroking with practiced ease, now, all plans of a slow seduction go out the window.

She releases him only long enough to turn around in the water and look at him before taking his hard member in her hand again.

Lucas mutters a slow expletive -- one laced with both surprise and pleasure. His hips buck in her hand beneath her onslaught and his head falls back on his shoulder while he groans and whimpers to the rhythm of her ministrations.

"I won't last," he gasps but he wants her there with him, so orders her, "ride me, baby."

Needing no other prompting, Alaine straddles his thighs. She keeps his erection in her firm grip and directs him to her entrance. Slowly -- at an excruciatingly slow pace - she takes all of him inside her.

When he gets to the hilt, Lucas's breath falters. No, he would swear his heart stops beating for a full second before slamming against its confines with such force his head swims.

"Christ," he mutters. But he plants his hands on her hips, gripping tightly to guide his movement into the warmth of her body. "You're still so tight," he moans.

All the while, Alaine looks down at his face, searching for signs of distress. His eyes meet hers and he gives her a smile before grabbing her chin then using his hold to tug her down so their faces are less than an inch apart.

"I'm good," he promises, his voice a growl. "So good. Just enjoy this with me."

And she does, arching her back to take him deeper into her body. Her lips undulate, lifting and rolling only to sink down again, driving Lucas to the edge before slowing down only to start all over again. Leaning up, he closes his lips over the tip of her breast while freeing one hand from its position on her hip to tease the other. It's like finding a fuse connected straight to the core of Alaine.

Her walls convulse tightening around him. The cords in his neck strain as he tries to hold back. His eyes close on their own, squeezing tightly and he whimpers softly when his stomach muscles go taut.

"Are you gonna come?" Alaine asks.

That question makes his eyes snap open to look at her. She's never before used that kind of language. The surprise registers on Lucas' face but she smiles a wicked smile of a sexual deviant. A goddess and all Lucas's restraint disassembles.

"Yeah, baby. Yeah, I'm gonna..." he starts to say. He's not sure if he ever got to finish that breathy response. For a second, time suspends. Then everything goes black. But Lucas is certain that he remembers hearing himself howling, groaning and grunting, panting, whimpering his release when his flesh swells and stiffens further inside her. She likely drains half his life force out of him but if he died at that moment, he wouldn't have cared.

The world around him comes back slowly -- a floral scent, the sound of music, the fragrant water lapping against his skin, Alaine's soft crooning, asking if he's okay and the feel of her still snug around him. He's not sure when exactly he released his hold on her hip and breast but his hands lie limp in the water, his fingers shaking.

"I'm fine," he finally mumbles, resting his head against her shoulder.

Gently, she strokes his hair at the back of his head with one hand while keeping him locked in a tight embrace in the other.

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