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Beautiful Dream

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Alaine removes her clothing and wraps everything into a ball to hide her underthings before sinking into the deep and wide infinity bathtub. It’s fit for a large man’s size so the fragrant water reaches up to her chin. Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and leans back against the porcelain rim.

Somehow, having her eyes closed makes her hyper-aware of where she is. Her wayward imagination conjures an image of Lucas sharing the tub with her and running his hands over her body.

A hunger for some undiscovered taste has sprouted inside her. Before he’d walked away she’d been about to ask Lucas to…to what? Make love to her? She doesn’t know.

With a groan, Alaine submerges herself in the water hoping that it will douse the maddening inferno consuming her from within.

She stays there, wishing that she could wash away the night’s terror as easily as the evidence of it can be erased from her skin.

When her lungs begin to burn she is transported back to the belly of the fire when she’d been fighting for breath. Forgetting her position, she gasps and gulps down a mouthful of soapy water. She emerges from the depths, coughing and gasping for air.

As she settles, it dawns on her that when she is with Lucas her fright is not as acute. She can almost forget the experience when he’s there. Now that she is alone the memory is raw.

Maybe she should have asked him to stay with her.

What would he have done? She wonders. Past experience cautions that he probably would have turned her down. Alaine pouts even if his denying her just confirms how sweet and thoughtful he is.

Just look how he’s been there for her tonight. He’d come for her at the scene of the fire, shouting her name with such anguish.

The first time she’d felt relief wasn’t when she woke up in the back of the ambulance and realized that she was alive. She’d still been terrified then. It wasn’t until he held her trembling body in his arms that she knew everything would be alright.

I don’t do relationships, Lucas has told her time and again.

Then what does he want from her? Why bring her here? Why make her long for things that she shouldn’t? Things that will never be?

He cleaned her face so gently, touched her so tenderly, and kissed her so sweetly.

Tears form in her eyes again.

No matter how disoriented Lucas makes her feel, she’s happy to be here with him.

After scrubbing herself from head to toe, she takes a final dunk beneath the water. She hates to leave the luxurious infinity tub but it’s starting to get cold.

The real reason for her hesitation is a reluctance to face Lucas again when her emotions are swinging so wildly.

However, it’s impossible to hide in here. Besides, hogging the bathroom is selfish. He probably wants to use it as well.

Standing with a cascade of water streaming from her hair and down her body, she reaches for the towel to squeeze the excess out of the sopping strands. Lucas hadn’t provided another, so she has no choice but to let loose the long tangled mess. She steps out onto the heated floor and wraps the terry cloth around her.

Alaine opens the door and comes up short when she sees Lucas sitting on the king-sized bed. He’s showered too, she can tell.

Of course, a billionaire would have a second bathroom.

His hair is still wet and limp. Even in the dim lighting, Alaine can see that his skin has that after shower glow. He’s also traded in his suit and tie for gray sweat pants and a plain royal blue t-shirt

The dark velvet and black sheets covering the bed draw her eyes away from him. Sheets he’s probably had many women in, she can’t help but think. Neither can she shake the thought. It latches on to her mind like a parasite.

“Is everything okay?” Lucas asks while she stands at the threshold of his bedroom.

Feeling a little self-conscious to be in his presence wearing nothing but a towel, she looks away from him. “Yes, fine,” she replies.

When her eyes fall on his bed again, Lucas wonders what is going through her mind; if her thoughts are the same as his – of the two of them tangled between the sheets.

“I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he tells her. “I didn’t want you to be alone when you got out of the bath.”

If he was being completely honest he would admit that he also wanted to see her this way. Disappointingly, the thick towel is large and covers too much of her.

“The t-shirt,” he says pointing at the bed. “And these,” he adds indicating to a pair of boxers. “It’s new. The t-shirt isn’t. I’ll let you dress.”

Without another word, he escapes the room quickly. If he doesn’t, chivalry will indeed be dead tonight and he will fulfill every desire he could see alive in her eyes.

After he flees, Alaine takes her time drying her thick hair as best as she can. She unfolds the t-shirt, hugs it to her naked body and inhales deeply. It smells like him. Clean and fresh and crisp and so very male. She slips the soft material over her head. Large it may be, but it does nothing to hide the swell nor peak of her breasts.

The boxers as well are hopelessly too big. Giving up on them, Alaine removes the article of clothing and folds it before setting it on the end of the bed.

Garnering courage, she heads out of the room and takes her time descending the staircase.

Lucas hasn’t bothered with illuminating the entire penthouse apartment. Recessed lighting from the kitchen casts a dim glow across the living room. He stands there, with his back toward her, as she continues tentatively forward.

Pausing briefly on the last step she inhales deeply before announcing her presence.

Although partially clothed, Alaine feels naked when he turns around to look at her with eyes that stalk her every move.

In his hand is a short glass and he swirls the amber contents around before downing the last bit. It’s a bad idea on a hungry stomach, but Lucas needed to indulge in something tonight. It was either her or a drink.

Setting the glass on the window sill, he offers a hand to Alaine. She walks toward him on trembling legs. He is too aware that she is wearing nothing under his clothes. Her generous breasts sway as she moves and he wonders if her body’s response to the electricity pulsing in the room is the same as his.

“You are a hard woman to resist, Alaine,” he confesses softly.

How it is possible that she can make a man of his experience feel completely…well… inexperienced?

Studying her ethereal features, kissed by the living room’s faint glow, Lucas realizes that it is entirely possible that he is. No woman has ever made him feel unsure and unworthy.

Since the day they met, he’s waged a war against his desire for Alaine. He’s tried to resist her. Maybe not hard enough, a voice inside him warns. So selfish. Let her go.

Yet when she stops before him, Lucas places both hands on her waist. He steps closer as she leans into him and closes her eyes.

He just wants to feel her. That’s all. Nothing more. Searching her face for signs of resistance and seeing none, Lucas draws her closer into an embrace. Closing his eyes, he savours the feel and the freshness of her. She fits there, against him like she belongs. It feels right.

He lifts her into his arms to carry her back to the sofa. Where his hand is resing, just under her breast, Lucas can feel the way her heart beat follows the same erratic pattern as his.

Don’t be afraid, baby, he thinks but could use the advice himself.

They settle on the large part of the sectional. Keen to have her back in his arms, Lucas reaches for Alaine and she is only too content to let him.

The tension drains from her body as she makes herself comfortable by curling into his side. She relishes the sturdy feel of him in the same way he enjoys her softness.

“How are you feeling,” Lucas asks to fill the silence. “You’re still shaking,” he notes.

Because Alaine doesn’t know how to express that the tremor in her bones has nothing to do with the fear, she says nothing. It has everything to do with the man she is lying so intimately with and the way he grazes his fingers fluidly along her arm.

“I’m fine,” she whispers. “And really glad you came.”

“Me too, Ali,” he answers before brushing his lips over her damp hair. “So, Ummm... would you like something to eat. I’m giving you fair warning, I can’t cook and what my housekeeper left is enough for one person but I’m happy to share. We can watch a movie or talk while we wait for your sister. Whatever you want to do is fine. I’m usually here alone so I’m probably no good at entertaining…”

Lucas is silenced when her soft lips press against his. The kiss is a quick one but it swallows up the rest of his nervous, lengthy ramble.

As she pulls away, he senses her shyness. She doesn’t look at him either. Since she is the one who initiated their kiss this time, he has no second thoughts about what he does next.

Lucas tightens his arm around her waist to halt her retreat. He leans down to capture her mouth in the sweetest of kisses.

He hadn’t planned this. He’d fought it even, especially given the reason Alaine is in his apartment in the first place. Now that she’s opened the door he steps through.

They’ve never actually done this he realizes. Kissed each other but he really wants her to.

Kiss me back, Alaine. Please, he implores with each gentle stroke of his mouth over hers. Although these emotions she evokes in him are new they are also enjoyable so he begs silently, makes me feel more.

To demonstrate her commitment to what she’s started, Alaine leans up into Lucas. There is a different flavor to his lips tonight. Whatever he’s been drinking lingers there. He tastes like spice and something more intoxicating.

Though her touch is tentative, she allows her hands to roam while trying to return his kiss. She rests one hand against his neck. The warmth in her fingers makes him shiver. Lucas moans to the stimuli of her lips as they start to move under his and the tremulous touch of her small hand.

Pulling her ever closer against him, he sighs at the sense of solace he’s only ever experienced when she in his arms. It’s a tender session that steals his breath. Maybe a piece of his heart is lost too, to her as he goes pliant in her arms.

Growing bolder, Lucas slips his tongue between her lips and coaxes her to part them for him.

Their tongues meet, fleetingly at first – learning each other with timid exploration, but grows and evolves as desire and instinct form a conquering alliance.

The more she submits and gives in to him, the more of his passion Lucas lets loose.

Consumed by her own longings, Alaine pushes her inexperience and inhibitions aside in favour of surrender. Lucas asked her what it is she wants to do. This is it. Tonight, she wants to live. And she wants to experience that with him.

A low growl escapes from deep in his throat when he sweeps his tongue inside her mouth and she returns his ardour with surprising fury.

Although her hands are shaking, they explore his shoulders then inch down his chest and over his torso.

If only she would go further, Lucas thinks. Her innocence keeps her from doing so. For time being, Alaine is simply delighted to know that she can make him quiver and his breath catch in his throat.

She trails a path back up his body to his hair. Helplessly, Lucas whimpers as her fingers sink into the thick, soft strands. She uses her hold to bring him closer. Never has a woman controlled his desire the way Alaine does and he wants more it.

Her lips turn urgent. His chest rumbles in surrender to her demand.

Slowly – uncertain of how far she is willing to let him go – Lucas glides his hand down her body to mold her hip and pull her closer against him. That action snuggles his growing arousal against her stomach. He needs the friction. He wants to rub against her but stops himself. For now, he’ll just enjoy her unbridled display.

She takes two fistfuls of his shirt in her firm grip and inches closer, higher until she climbs up his body. Lucas is forced to sit back against the headrest.

Holy shit, he thinks when Alaine straddles his hips. His eyes pop open, wide with surprise. Hers are still closed so he delights in the sight of her kissing him. It’s so erotic.

Struggling against his spiraling need, Lucas’ fingers perched on her small waist, clench and unclench. It’s a losing struggle.

Desire takes over and he gives in. His hands trace the pronounced indentation of her waist, then span the flare of her hips. He molds the skin there and releases a soft moan to how womanly she is.

Hesitantly, he skims his fingers along the edge of the t-shirt and inches under it. Since Alaine offers no protest he moves higher and scowls at his discovery. She’s not wearing the boxers he gave her! The brazen little vixen is naked under there and hovering invitingly close to the growth in pants. A surge of blood to his groin makes Lucas dizzy.

After Skimming his way along the smooth flesh of her bare thighs, still cool from her bath, he diverts his attention to her naked and rounded butt. Using his hold, he squeezes the sufficiently plump flesh and closes the distance between their bodies.

The exquisite sensation of his hardness pressed against her soft mound draws a series of responses from Alaine.

She arches her back, presses her body deeper onto him and gasps into his mouth.

Lucas draws away to kiss his down her neck while muttering words in a language Alaine cannot understand. “You are a beautiful dream,” he murmurs in Italian against her skin. “I never want to wake up.”

Her hips pick up a slow, unsteady rhythm, expressing her need for more. Lucas moans and trembles but doesn’t seek to help her. Eventually, she’ll learn but for now he is content to enjoy this testament of her innocence.

He continues on his path to her chest and over the swell of her breasts through the material of t-shirt. Her firm, yet soft bosom cradles his face. When Lucas sucks one hard nipple into his mouth, Alaine cries out softly.

Lucas sucks harder. Her grip on his hair and her thighs around his hips tighten. Purposefully, he grinds his erection against her. God, he would love for her to ride him.

The thought of being inside her makes him groan. As much as he wants this, he isn’t sure about taking it further. They should stop. They really should. Yet, he kisses his way back to her mouth and tangles his fingers in the damp strands at the back of her head.

Her constant rubbing against him is a reminder that it’s been too long since he’s done this. Hence the reason they should slow down.

“Alaine,” Lucas breathes, his voice so husky with desire, it’s hoarse.

Not giving him a chance to speak, she claims his mouth again. Strangely, Alaine feels no fear. Sense has long abandoned her. All she has is this need clawing at her and she knows that only Lucas can fulfill it.

Already sensing his withdrawal, she does all that she can to encourage him to continue.

“We have to stop, baby,” Lucas drags his lips away from hers to say but delves right back into kissing her. She’s killing him. “Please, Ali?” he begs though he cannot recognize this weak pleading in his voice.

Only under exigent circumstances would he turn down a willing woman. He’s had more one night stands than he would dare to count and that is part of the problem.

Everything concerning Alaine is exigent. Her innocence. She deserves better than his shameful past. Better than him. But she whimpers in protest and continues to roll her hips against him -- a tacit demand for what she wants.

“Baby, please,” Lucas implores while he gasps under her torturous, untrained movements. His mind warns. But as usual, his body won’t obey. He continues to respond to her undulating hips and moves dangerously close to completion.

She deserves better than this, he tells himself, yet he keeps tasting her skin with his lips and teases her body with his hands.

Sense and desire battle with each other. It would be so easy to ease his pants down and slip his aching flesh into her. The thought has him tightening his hold on her hips, printing his fingers into the soft flesh.

But sense nips at the corner of his mind. She’s been through an ordeal. She’s not thinking straight. The only reason she is here is because she almost died. You don’t deserve the gift of her virginity.

“Please baby,” he begs further. “Stop me before this goes too far,” he requests but groans into her chest as he rubs his face against her ample breasts.

“No,” Alaine finally responds and rests her head against his. She kisses his hair then lifts his face to do the same to his forehead, his cheekbone, his nose and then his mouth.

Such tender and innocent actions kindle cravings in him that he’s long sacrificed to Pandora’s box. Since he was a teen. Now that the lid is off, Lucas isn’t sure that this need for somewhere to belong; to belong to someone; will ever be contained again.

“I want this. I want you,” she confesses against his lips.

“Alaine, you don’t know what you’re saying,” he cautions.

Reaching deep within him, Lucas finds the strength to pull away and look her.

“I want you,” he says, taking her face in his hand. “God, how I want you. But if not for what you went through tonight, this would not be happening.”

Humiliation washes over Alaine and she bows her head with it when he eases her off his thighs and sets her back on the sofa beside him.

“Hey,” Lucas says lifting her chin. “Don’t. Don’t do that, Alaine. I want you. I do, but not like this. Not after what you just went through. Your first time should be special,” he explains. “Really special and not simply because of circumstance. It should be remarkable. Memorable and not marred by what happened tonight. I think you deserve that. I want to give you that,” he says. “Don’t doubt that I want you. You are temptation personified. But I think both our judgments might be a little clouded and I don’t want to be something you regret in the morning.”

Looking at him with embarrassed tears pooling in her eyes, Alaine sobs, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“There is nothing to be sorry for,” Lucas tells her. “Nothing that happened tonight is your fault.”

“Yes it is,” she counters.

“No, Alaine, it’s not,” he tells her as she hiccups into his chest.

He honestly doesn’t know what else to do except hold her. This is the first time he’s had a weeping female in his arms.

“Alaine, I’m a man,” Lucas says. “And you are a beautiful and desirable woman. Look at you,” he adds, raising her chin so she can see the truth in his words. “Your eyes alone are enough to bring me to my knees and our reaction to each other is normal. It’s not a fault or a flaw and it’s certainly not something you should be ashamed of or apologize for. I just don’t think tonight is the best night.”

He keeps to himself the thought that if someone should be ashamed, it should be him, for taking advantage of her traumatic experience.

Lucas dries her tears with pads of his thumbs.

Making love to her tonight may not be an option but he can make her feel better. She won't be left without some measure of pleasure by his hand. He will her give something to take her mind off the night’s events. Something that will keep him in her memory for a long time.

“Here,” he says. “Let me show you how much I want you.”

Taking her hand, Lucas places it over the distended tent in front of his pants. Her fingers stiffen and he chuckles. “Only if you want to,” he tells her. “Touch me, Ali.”

Very softly, she curls her palm to the shape of his jutting member and Lucas forgets to breathe.

“Look at me,” he urges in a gruff voice.

Obediently, Alaine peeks up at him with a flush in her cheeks.

“Harder,” he encourages and moans low in his throat when she applies a slight amount of pressure.

The sound startles her. When she pulls away, he draws her hand back desperately and covers it with his.

“This is what happens when a man wants a woman,” Lucas explains in her ear. “This is what happens every time I think of you. Because I want you. To be inside you. Move your hand this way,” he instructs and demonstrates how he wants to be stroked.

“I know you feel it too, baby,” he moans. “I know that you’re wet and warm and you feel an empty ache. Don’t you?”

Lost for words, a result of his bold teachings, Alaine nods.

“That’s because you want me,” Lucas continues. “You want me inside you. Keep your hand on me, baby. Let me show you.”

Taking her free hand in his, Lucas glides their fingers up Alaine’s thigh. When he gets to the juncture, he spreads them apart firmly and she gasps. That sound turns to a moan as her fingers brush against her slick folds.

“See how wet you are for me,” Lucas groans. “So wet,” he repeats.

His thick, painful erection jumps eagerly in response to the slick warmth coating his fingers.

“Have you touched yourself, Alaine?” he asks while rubbing her with gentle circular motions. “Have you pleasured yourself and made yourself come?”

The feelings his words and touch create makes it impossible to answer. All she can do is whimper and sigh and moan to his masterful fingers.

“Tell me,” Lucas encourages.

“No,” she admits and she gasps as little bolts of electricity shoots from the pressure point under their combined fingers and through the rest of her body. “Oh God,” she cries out, stilling her hand against his front.

Lucas smiles. Her first kiss is his. Her first orgasm is his. The first time she makes love it will be with him. Mine, he thinks.

“Don’t stop baby,” he urges, as he uses his free hand to direct the movement of her hand over him. “I’m going to make you come, Alaine. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I just want to see you. Touch me, baby,” he says again when her stroking hand falters. “Please.”

Although he would die form the sheer pleasure to feel her hands around his bare flesh, Lucas reigns in the temptation to pull himself free.

“I’m so close, Alaine,” Lucas moans through panting breaths. “So are you. I can feel it,” he declares as her wet flesh begins to quiver. “Don’t fight it, baby. Come for me.”

On command, Alaine’s eyes widen. She gasps his name as her body stiffens and bows off the sofa. A hoarse cry of shock, carried on waves of ecstasy, resounds in the empty apartment.

“Look at me,” Lucas commands again. For too long he's imagined what those eyes would look like in the throes of climax. So he revels in her wonderment while her muscles spasm forcefully.

She fists his shirt tightly, panting and whimpering beneath the unceasing uncontrollable convulsions. He slips his finger to her entrance. Not far enough to penetrate, just to feel her clenching around him and she gasps an inarticulate version of his name. He wants to kiss her but loves every sound she makes as she comes apart under his schooling.

“Yes baby,” he answers, drawing out her orgasm for as long as he can.

Feeling his own release approaching, Lucas dips his hand into his waistband to fist his aching flesh. He strokes and groans until that pleasurable tingle stiffens his spine. “Look at me, Ali,” he begs. “This is what you do to me every time.”

He grows breathless, his chest heaving while he erupts with a loud groan into his other hand. Goddess Lucas thinks.

Lifting her chin, he claims her lips in a kiss as decadent as the act they just committed.

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