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With a huff, Lucas throws himself into the backseat of the SUV. His mood is foul, soured by Angus’ and his own conduct at dinner. Tonight should have been a good night. He’d wanted it to be for Alaine, but instead, it feels like all he did was put her in a terrible situation.

Man, the guy is scary.

At least Angus left calmly which was incongruous with his attitude for the entire fifteen minutes he sat down at the table. For a second there Lucas had been afraid Alaine was actually going to get up and follow him out.

Thankfully, she hadn’t. The relief he felt when she stayed.

He turns his head in her direction where she is sitting beside him and looks at her apologetically.

“I only wanted to thank him,” Lucas grumbles and drops his head back onto the headrest.

“I told you it was a bad idea,” Alaine reminds him. “And you didn’t have to goad him,” she adds.

“Well, hindsight is twenty-twenty,” Lucas states. “And goad him?” he questions incredulously. “I didn’t goad him. He behaved like a neanderthal. Me Tarzan. You, Jane,” he adds and goes back to sulking.

Hoping to improve his mood, Alaine jokes, “Tarzan was not a neanderthal.” Then she asks, “was ′I want this one’ really any better?”

She slips off her murderous heels and tucks her legs behind her on the seat. The action causes her to lean into Lucas. She still wants to comfort him so she reaches out to run her small fingers over his creased forehead and back into his soft, thick hair.

He takes a deep breath and moans at the incredible sensation as she massages his scalp. He loves the intimacy of what she is doing even if he isn’t sure she is aware that she is doing it so freely.

No one will hear him complaining about it and he certainly won’t be the one who points it out to her. If he makes one mention of it, she will likely retreat back into her little shell.

Without words, he links her free hand with his.

“I wasn’t goading him, Alaine,” Lucas says and turns to look at her again. “I do want you,” he states. “Why did you tell him that I’m only your employer?”

“He looked like he was about to hit you,” Alaine explains. “He’s bigger and taller than you. I didn’t want you hurt.”

“He would have tried,” Lucas says his voice low and dangerous.

Sitting up suddenly, he hooks his arms around Alaine’s waist and pulls her to him, pinning her against his body.

Her little untruth stings particularly because he remembers that not too long ago, earlier today, in fact, he had her in his arms, branding her with his touch and his mouth. She’d burned with salacious need for him. How can he go from that to simply being an employer?

“Why did you lie Alaine?” he asks.

“I didn’t lie,” she answers. “You are my employer. Not in the traditional sense but still,” she continues. “You’ve already deposited over three thousand dollars into my account,” she reminds him.

“Is that all we are?” Lucas questions. “Is that all there is between us?”

No, Alaine wants to say because she wants them to be so much more. She wants his heart. She wants to take the next step. She wants him to make love to her...tonight.

Not knowing how he will react to any of those things she tells him, “I don’t know, Lucas. Is there more?” she asks. “Because according to you, that’s all you want.”

“I told you, I don’t want to fight anymore,” he reminds her. “And you seemed to want the same,” he says.

Heart hammering against her ribs, Alaine admits, “I do.”

“Then come back to my apartment with me, Ali,” Lucas requests. “Stay with me tonight.”

Lucas follows Alaine into the living room at his apartment with his heart thundering. She turns to him, that bottom lip tucked inside her mouth and drags her teeth over it.

It’s so enticing. Everything about her is, especially now, with the soft rays from the recessed lights in the kitchen, wrapping her in a golden glow.

How long has he wanted her? Three years, two weeks, last week, yesterday? Yet for some reason he just stands there, looking at her, knowing what he wants, but not knowing what to do or how to ask for it.

Should he just kiss her?

“Are you okay?” Alaine asks when he continues to stand there.

Lucas lifts his head heavenward with his hands on his hips and laughs softly.

“You’re asking me that?” he questions incredulously. “Suddenly I’m nervous,” he confesses. “I want to make love to you, Alaine,” he says when he looks at her again.

She inhales deeply while her head swims from his declaration. But that’s why she came here. Isn’t it?

“Are you asking my permission?” she teases, remembering the events that led to their first kiss.

Lucas falls into the role, his little side smirk in place as he steps toward her.

“Yes, I am,” he states and takes another step. “May I make love to you, Alaine?” he asks.

He stands before her now, so close, almost, but not quite touching, yet she feels enveloped in his heat seeping through the fabric of her dress.

A tremor develops in her bones it seems. Her heart hammers with it. Not from fear, but from this, –him – and the expectation of the evening.

I’m nervous too,” she confesses. “But I want you to.”

With another step, his body grazes hers.

“You want me to what, Alaine?” Lucas asks because he needs to hear her say those words.

She breathes through parted lips but doesn’t say anything.

“Tell me, baby,” Lucas encourages. “What do you want?” he continues as he takes her face in both his hands and dips head to hover near her lips.

Alaine pulls a deep shuddery breath that expands her chest and pushes her lush breasts against his chest. If he keeps this up, she is going to die of heart failure, for sure.

The laughter is gone from his eyes now. It’s been replaced with his intent. There’s a heat burning in his luminous gray eyes while he teases her with the proximity of his lips to hers. He’s essentially breathing in the breath that leaves her body. He’s dangling what she craves before her but not letting her have it.

And he won’t. Not until she asks for it.

“Tell me, Ali,” Lucas whispers over the sound of his blood rushing in his veins and the pounding of his heart in his ears.

The anticipation makes Alaine quiver.

“Make love to me, Lucas,” she finally requests of him, so softly he almost doesn’t hear it.

“Make love to me,” she tries to whisper again but is cut off when he lifts her chin to meld his lips against hers.

Slowly, he begins to savour her sweetness. Alaine’s breath expels in a low huff and he drinks it in. She tastes like mint and magic.

They’ve kissed before but somehow, these seem sweeter. These kisses are filled with a deeper purpose. They’re so slow – achingly slow – leaving them both wanting more.

Lucas’ chest rumbles when her palms press into his torso. He deepens the kiss but is happy with the languid pace of their tongues moving against each other.

It’s like a slow intoxication from a fine wine. It shouldn’t be gulped. The smooth taste must be appreciated. The warmth spreads unhurriedly through his system and sip after sip is not satisfying enough. Not until that headiness takes over and he gives in to it.

Even then he can’t get enough, so he dives deeper, drowning in the depths of her Alaine. He is about to pull her closer to remove the millimeter of space between their bodies, but her little fingers begin to explore. They roam up to his chest and fist the material of his shirt.

She needs to hold on to something for balance or she will sink to the floor from the weakness his delicious kisses create in her knees.

Her arms circle his neck just as her legs give out and she sags against him. He clutches her there with his arms around her waist.

It’s truly like magic. She is like magic. Afraid that he will be consumed by her, Lucas pulls back, needing a reprieve. He rests his forehead against Alaine’s and looks down at her.

Her eyes open slowly.

His heartbeat falters.

See? Magic.

“More,” Alaine whispers into the quiet. That’s all it takes to ignite the heat in his eyes into a fire.

Before she knows what’s happening, Lucas has her back pressed against a wall. He pins her there with his body and stretches her up on the tips of her toes to make up for the height difference between them.

Greedily, Alaine devours him as his lips turn more urgent, demanding more submission from her. His hands are everywhere. They tangle in her hair, palm her face, run over her breasts. They’re wrapped around her waist one minute, then trace the shape of her hips in the next before moving on to cub her backside. They squeeze and jerk her forward so she feels his hardness pushing against her womanly softness through her tight dress.

It feels good– so good, in fact, Alaine wants to climb into him. But good isn’t enough for her. The word more is the only one that exists in her vocabulary right now.

A frustrated moan fills the quiet apartment when Lucas tries to lift her leg against his hip and discovers that her damn dress is too tight. He wants to rip it.

Don’t scare her, he warns himself.

Very gently, defying the raw desperation he feels to have her naked and writhing beneath him, he brings her zipper down to her tailbone. Slow with his movements, he guides the sleeves off her shoulders, tracing her heated skin as he goes.

The dress glides down her body. His fingers follow it’s decent, palming her breasts, spanning her abdomen to remain clinging to her hips. Skin so soft and warm gathers goosebumps with his feather-like touches.

The lower Lucas’ hand travels the more her breathing accelerates. He draws the waistline of her lace panties with finger and his eyes trail the movement. Finally, he hooks his hands into the recalcitrant material of the dress still clinging to her hips before pushing it off and watching it fall to the floor.

With one arm around her waist, he lifts her out of it, making her squeal against his chest.

He loves the sound and hopes he gets to hear it a few more times before the night is over. When he steps back away from her, Alaine feels bereft and overly exposed at the same time. All Lucas wants to do is admire her almost naked silhouette against the shadowed wall behind her.

After drinking his fill of her petite, curvy figure, he says, “turn around baby.”

His roughened voice in the silent apartment startles her.

She hesitates.

“I just want to look at you,” he explains.

Stiffly, Alaine does as he asks but when he moves to stand behind her and his heat surrounds her body, she purrs for him.

Lucas grabs both her wrists to plant her hands against the wall above her head. He steps between her legs and spreads them apart. He revels in the sound of her soft gasp.

Her body turns liquid as he begins a blazing trail with his fingers and lips across her shoulders. Then moves down her spine. A moan slips from her lips when he kneels behind her to nip little bites on her rear end through her underwear. He palms the fleshy globes of her ass and squeezes softly.

It’s torture for both of them – more so for Lucas when Alaine arches her back to push more of herself in his hands. He has to shut down his mind against his body’s demand for gratification, now, with her just like this, standing here in her heels.

Maybe another time, he will. For now, he kisses his way back up her body and whispers into her neck, “you are perfect Alaine,” before closing his lips over the skin covering her pulse.

He sucks. It feels so good, Alaine lets her head lull back onto his chest and leans to the side to give him better access as she moans her delight.

The anticipation is going to kill her. She misses his heat when he steps away. Deciding for herself that he’s taking too long, she turns around, closes the distance between them and pulls him down to lock their lips again.

Although he chuckles, Lucas is pleased with her eagerness.

With tremulous fingers, Alaine pushes his jacket off his shoulders and down his arms. The tremor becomes more discernible as she fumbles to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“Let me, baby,” Lucas offers. His own hands are shaking. This isn’t the first time he’s undressed for a woman but this with Alaine – all of it feels new.

A few of his buttons pop off with his urgency, while he steals hungry kisses in between. His undershirt comes off next. When he steps into her again, it is skin to skin and they both they gasp at the contact.

It’s like a divine branding.

He holds her close reveling in the sensation of soft flesh against hard muscle. Gliding his hands down her back and over her butt, Lucas lifts her leg over his hip, pressing his erection against her through her lace underwear.

She cries out to his moan.

His little pixie becomes brazen. She lifts herself to wrap her other leg around him. Pleased with her, Lucas flexes his hands under her butt, kneading and pressing closer to her core.

Alaine whimpers against his mouth. Knowing well the mastery in his fingers and wanting his touch more centered she shifts her body until his hands graze over her wetness.

The feel of her desire for him makes Lucas growl. He’s never known this kind of urgency.

Flashes of her covered in soot, her throat raw as she cried in his arms flood his mind. A sense of protectiveness and wanting overtake him. He pulls back to look at her. She is so beautiful, his chest hurts.

When she looks at him, her eyes bear witness to her desire. Her lips swollen and red speak of his possession.

“Alaine,” Lucas says both in warning and a plea.

She silences him with a demanding kiss.

So he navigates the stairs and the landing all the way to his bedroom with her lips driving him crazy and her body invitingly open for him.

Kicking the door shut behind him, Lucas walks to his bed and sets her down gently.

Leaning over her, he says, “look at me, Alaine.”

Her eyes open at his request. All he does is watch her. His worshipful gaze makes her heart beat impossibly faster.

“I want you,” Lucas confesses softly. “I want you until it hurts,” he admits. “I’ve tried to stop but it’s impossible. I am no good for you...”

“I want you,” Alaine interrupts as she takes his face with gentle hands to end his self-deprecation. “Now," she insists. "I want you to make love to me, Lucas.”

Tonight, he’ll make her his.

Lucas spreads her legs open and kneels between them. His eyes feast on her expanse of exposed flesh.

“I want to touch you, Ali,” he says.

“Touch me then,” she says boldly. “Everywhere.”

His hands and mouth begin a slow journey to discover her body and learn what she likes – along her neck, to the hollow of her throat, over her ripe bosom. He sucks the soft flesh of first one breast, then the other into his mouth. He leaves his mark on both crests before reaching behind her to unclasp her bra.

“Perfect,” he whispers after slipping it off her body. He palms her freed breasts, massaging the dusky, rose coloured tips with his thumbs.

Alaine’s eyes widen. Gasping his name, she clutches his hair as his tongue dances over her nipples. Maybe she dies a little when his hot mouth closes over her and he sucks, flicking at her with his tongue.

Mine. The thought plays across Lucas’ mind, mingling with her soft gasps and sighs. Each little noise she gives up is evidence that he is giving her pleasure. He runs a finger down her chest, her stomach, over skin that seems impossibly soft and smooth.

They travel beyond the waistband of underwear. Warmth and wetness greet his questing fingers. Alaine cries out when he finds the sensitive bud and strokes her deftly.

She lifts her hips into his touch as a familiar coiling and uncoiling begin forming at the pressure point beneath his fingers and she clings to his upper arms as her back bows off the bed.

“You’re beautiful when you come,” Lucas says as her body tenses and shudders for him.

Her cries of ecstasy fill his bedroom and he knows that one night with her will never be enough. Seeing her come apart for him must become a religion. And now...he wants her taste.

Lucas kisses his way down her body. He dips his tongue into her navel on his way south. Sweet torture is what it is to have her so open to him. He feels when she leans up on her elbows to study what he is doing. His eyes find her watching him with fascination.

He moves lower and praises the skin above her waistband with soft kisses. He holds her gaze and moves to the juncture of her thighs. He places a soft kiss there then works her into a mewling, writhing frenzy again. It’s enjoyable to hear and watch her receive pleasure from him. He loves how she throws her head back with her hair the only thing covering her body. But it's impossible to wait anymore.

“This is the part where you come on my tongue,” Lucas informs her. “Lift,” he commands.

She obeys and he pulls the scrap of lace off her body, exposing her treasure to him.

He drapes one leg over his shoulder and watches the pink flush stain her skin.

His body demands release as he feels himself tightening at her flesh opened for him. It will take all his strength to last tonight. Even now, he can feel himself dripping but he still needs to taste her first.

Alaine’s breathing stops altogether when his mouth closes over her. Then she gasps loudly when he circles on her pulsing bud. Her fingers tighten in his hair, almost painfully and she’s not sure whether it’s to keep him there where his tongue and lips wreak havoc on her body or if it’s to remove him and beg for mercy.

She becomes vocal beneath his sensual ministrations, gasping, sighing and moaning her delight with each bold stroke of his tongue and sweep of his lips.

A jolt in her body has her crying out when Lucas finally surrenders to her sweet spot. He needs her undone for him, now.

She is close, he feels it. Come on, baby, he begs silently. As if on cue, his name leaves her lips in an exultant, lustful cry as her body stiffens and splinters violently.

He pins her hips down when they lift off the bed because it’s so much more potent if she stays still. As soon as she starts to come down, he drives her until she crumbles again with tears in her eyes this time. She yanks his hair hard in one hand and the other pulls at the sheets on the bed.

Lucas rises over her, settling himself between her thighs.

Three weeks of longing and fighting culminates in this single most perfect moment –Lucas poised above her.

“Open your eyes, Ali,” he pleads.

When she does, the beautiful gems are brimming with water. For a second the tears frighten him and he begins to lift his weight off her body.

Her thighs clamp automatically keeping him there and her fingers clutch his side in a delicate grip.

“Stay,” she requests softly.

His eyes search her face. Frowning, he whispers, “do you want this Alaine? It’s not too late for me to stop.”

He may die however but doesn’t voice that, for fear of influencing her decision.

Though the tears spill to disappear into her hair, she answers, “more than anything,” and slips her hands unto his chest. Her fingers caress his taut muscles. Each one of her soft touches makes him quake.

Shakily, she undoes his belt buckle.

He draws his pants and boxers down to position himself at her entrance.

“I can’t wait anymore. Keep your eyes on me, Ali,” he requests. “I need to see you.”

Mine, Lucas thinks as he slowly breaches he. He has to grit his teeth and stills as her body seems to shift to take him in. For a second he holds himself there, just the tip of his erection, so they can both get accustomed to the tight fit of his girth inside her.

Exquisite warmth and silk encase him when he moves another centimeter and Alaine gasps at the delicious invasion. Lucas buries his face in her neck and breathes an expletive into her skin as he grazes her gate – the symbol of her innocence.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

Her eyes widen and his breath shudders when her barrier gives to his next firm thrust.

“It’s okay,” Lucas breathes against her lips and kisses her deeply to distract her from the pain. The tension drains from her body but has to will his own not to react to the way her insides move, trying to accommodate his invasion.

He wants to plunge into her repeatedly until he finds the release he’s been longing for. It’s not easy to wait. Beads of sweat form on his brow from the strain of resistance despite the cooling comfort of the running A/C unit.

“I’m going to move again,” he tells Alaine before burying himself to the hilt with a cry of triumph.

From that alone, her pleasure mounts and she comes apart around him again in gentle, delicious, rippling waves. A low cry fills the room and Lucas fists the sheets to keep himself grounded.

“Ali,” he groans against the skin of her neck. “You’re killing me, baby. Don’t,” he pleads as she moves her untried hips to adjust to the sensation of him inside her. “Are you okay?” he still has the sense to ask.

She nods her head in reply.

“Okay,” he answers. Then he says, “again.”

That’s the only warning she gets before he pulls back almost all the way out and surges forward, this time without hesitation.

Though his chest heaves with the effort to remain restrained, he takes his time, discerning through her gasps and sighs and facial expressions just what she likes. It would be even better if she would say it. In time, he’ll teach her.

Lucas settles his weight over her, merging their sweat glistened bodies as he continues to pleasure her with deep, sure strokes.

“Ali,” he breathes into her ear. “You feel so good. Move with me baby,” he pleads.

Placing his hand against the flare of her hips, he guides her movements until she finds his rhythm.

He increases his pace and she follows.

Squealing into his neck, she sinks her teeth into his shoulder. Lucas grunts with the pain but doesn’t stop, not even when her nails scourge his arms and graze down his side then dig into over his back.

Feeling her body hum around, he thrusts with purpose.

“One more baby,” he says kissing her neck. She arches to give him access.

Her body begins to climb. She wants this. She wants him to feel what she feels as well, so she rolls her hips just a little more. Her reward is a shudder in his body and her name breathed upon her neck with a throaty request from her lover for her to do it again. So she does it again and again, until he groans her name, begging her, “Wait, Ali, please.”

Lucas links their fingers, on one hand, supporting his weight on the other and hers tangle with the hair at his nape. Even that feels sensational.

She cries out loudly, as she stiffens, gasps his name and gives in to the unruly spasms rocking her body beneath him.

She feels good. Too good.

Pull out, Lucas, a voice warns him. But another, the one hungry to see her pleasured with his body and hungrier to find his release within her body, counters, just a little longer.

The voice of reason steps in to end the argument. He’s bare inside her, moving against her untouched walls.

Pride swells in his chest. He’s the only one who’s been here. Regretfully, wishing he could go all the way inside her, he rears back with a guttural cry against her neck, to himself on her skin. A low grunt punctuates each spurt of his release.

He goes limp but nuzzles her neck, her cheek. With their fingers still linked, he kisses her languorously to lower them from the high, until their breathing slows.

He looks down at her, mesmerized as the taste of her tears coat his lips.

“Are you okay?” Lucas asks.

“Perfect,” Alaine answers.

“You’ll have to tell me what those tears are about,” he says. Regretfully, he uses what little strength she didn’t wring out of his body to push his weight off of her.

Alaine misses his warmth immediately. She doesn’t expect him to tuck her against his body, nor does she expect him to place soft kisses in her hair.

As far as she knows, this is a fling. Yet those things that she doesn't expect are exactly what Lucas does with her. He pulls her into his arms and runs his fingers over her sweat soaked skin. He kisses her forehead and temple. His lips coast down the bridge of her nose before sliding across her cheekbones.

"So beautiful," Lucas murmurs. "So perfect."

As always, there in his arms, Alaine feels safe and cherished.

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