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Dreams Come True

Here it is. Unfortunately, the next one is not ready and I need to catch some sleep. It's not really an important chapter but just more fun Lucas and Alaine mushy stuff. I don't know. I like writing it.

When Lucas finally surfaces from sleep, he still feels languid. It’s way past the usual hour he wakes up and every muscle in his body is well used from the time he’d spent discovering every inch of Alaine.

He blinks his eyes against the bright sunlight streaming into the bedroom. They’re gritty from insufficient sleep. However, this morning, he has no issue with the source of his insomnia.

He looks down at her and smiles.

The sheet he’d covered Alaine with at some time before dawn managed to slither down to her waist, leaving much of her exposed. Except for where the silky material is bunched, partly covering her naked rump, the rest of her is open to his inspection.

He’d loved her thoroughly last night. Proof of that lies in the red and purple love bites dotting her skin. Lucas admires his handiwork.

She is lying on her side with her tangled mane of hair shielding her face from his view. The beams of sunlight set her supple skin a glow so she appears even more ethereal than she normally does.

The bad dream that pulled him out of sleep this morning is momentarily forgotten while he fills his thoughts with the vision lying beside him.

Though he can’t remember exactly what the dream was about this time, he does know that it wasn’t the norm. Usually, his nightmares -- like the one he had last night -- are more like memories. They are explicit and always singular in nature. Kurt and Claudia weren’t cast in this latest one. It was about Alaine and all that lingers about the jarring content his mind had summoned is that she was in some kind of danger.

It’s strange.

Lucas shakes his head and continues to study her to clear out the remnants of whatever mysterious madness plagued his sleep this time.

Until Alaine, he’d never spent a full night in his bed. Granted, much of it was not spent sleeping but he’ll take it as progress.

He glances at the clock on the bedside table. 9:36 in the morning. Another oddity. When was the last time he’d slept this late?

He wakes with the dawn. Always. It was part of a defense mechanism he used to escape Kurt’s early morning rants. Like many of the survival skills he’d had to adopt as a child, it’s stuck with him even in adulthood.

For more than a minute, he just looks at Alaine. He doesn’t want to wake her but takes the chance of easing her matted hair away from her face. She is absolutely beautiful and just like every other time, she steals his breath.

One of her bare legs is still thrown over his thigh and he can’t resist running his fingers over the smooth skin.

Will she mind if he kisses her awake?

Lucas shakes his head and lies back against his pillow instead. Looking at her sleeping naked next to him is like an aphrodisiac but she must be tired. He’d made love to her, bringing her to rapture repeatedly. She’s a virgin no more and the sense of pride that took up lodging in his chest when he breached her wall still dwells there.

How will she feel about it now that the sun is up?

Easing out of her light hold, he pulls the sheet back over her body and goes to seek a fresh set of clothes from his closet. After dressing, he walks to the bathroom. Not wanting to disturb Alaine, he leaves the door slightly ajar to avoid making a sound by pulling it close.

They will probably have important things to discuss, now that they’ve done that together. He’s not ready for reality to pop the bubble and destroy what they created last night. He wants to live in the perfectness of the memory for a while longer.

Lucas throws cold water over his face and studies himself in the mirror. That hatefulness he feels whenever he looks at himself is absent this morning. He feels good actually. Really good. In his own eyes, he can see the reflection of Alaine looking up at him with a mixture of trust and longing in her eyes.

To know that she placed her faith in him like that --so willingly -- is unlike anything he’s felt before. If for just that alone, he’ll keep her for the next six months.

Six months? Lucas questions himself. Why does it feel like he wants forever?

Mildly annoyed with himself and how easily he’s become dependent on Alaine’s presence, he mumbles, “don’t go proposing yet, Bright,” and rolls his eyes at himself.

He performs his bathroom ritual quickly before sneaking out of his bedroom.

Although he hasn’t seen her yet, he becomes aware of Jackie’s presence as soon as he reaches the base of the stairs. The spot where they’d left their clothes strewn over the floor is empty which means his housekeeper already knows about his sleepover. She knows that Alaine is here and she must be pleased, he imagines.

He’s not ready to face her as yet either. The articles of clothing in question are folded in a neat stack on the little end table in the corner, confirming his suspicion.

Just as he is about to dash back up the stairs he hears Jackie’s victorious voice behind him.

“Ahhh,” she says as she walks to meet him from the direction of the laundry room. “My birthday wishes for you are coming true, I see. Brunch for two?” she asks.

Lucas nods his response. He knows if he opens his mouth to give a reply, the smile he is doing his best to fight will break free on his face.

“You’re out of laundry detergent,” Jackie informs him. “And a few other essentials. I will run out to get that and when I return, I will prepare something if that suits you and your guest.”

He nods at her, appreciating her thoughtfulness. Alaine might not be ready to face his housekeeper as soon as she wakes up. Jackie being gone will give her at least a little while to prepare herself.

Leaving her where she is standing, still beaming at him, he heads for his office.

The fiasco they had at the restaurant comes back to haunt him. Angus’ weird behaviour needles at his mind. Pondering on it provides an adequate distraction from the temptation in his bed. Settling behind his desk, Lucas turns on his laptop and types ‘stalking’ into the search engine.

When Alaine wakes up, she’s not surprised to find herself alone. Maybe if she owned something like this, she’d wake up late every day since the only time sleep gets the better of her is when she’s in Lucas’ bed.

She looks down at her naked form and reaches for his long sleeve dress shirt he’d peeled off her body after finding her on the terrace last night. After pulling it on, her hands work slowly at securing the buttons he hadn’t popped off in his urgency to rid her of it as her mind takes her back to the hours he’d worked on her.

Everything he did to her had been an awakening.

The thought of his submission to her own wiles makes her blush and smile. He’d begged for more then less and then more again. Goddess, he’d called her. He’d whispered it in her ear as he followed her over the edge that final time. Maybe that’s what he means. She is really good at doing it.

Alaine giggles softly. She wants to stay here and relive every memory. However, she also wants to see Lucas to gauge the kind of mood he is in after breaking his own rules.

Her lips pucker into a disappointed pout. Why hadn’t he stayed in bed with her? Is he having regrets?

Clad only in his shirt to keep her half-decent, she decides to go look for him before he returns from wherever he disappeared to.

Hopefully, he hasn’t run out on her.

She pulls her sore muscles from the comfortable mattress. When she tries to stretch the sheets back into place around the edges of the bed, she freezes at the evidence of her lost virginity glaring at her. All other thoughts flee her mind while she stands there staring at the light pink stain.

Frantically, Alaine strips the bed and sneaks out of the room hidden behind the heavy pile of sheets. She hopes that the apartment is big enough that she doesn’t run into Lucas before she locates his laundry -- if he even has one.

That thought stops her in tracks. What will she do with it if he doesn’t? Figuring that it’s impossible for such a huge apartment not to have a laundry room, she continues on her quest.

Much to her relief, she finds it tucked away next to his home gym. The freshly laundered linens folded in the laundry basket smell just like him.

Again her deviant mind returns to last night.

She tiptoes to reach into a cupboard over the washer and dryer to search for laundry detergent. The exertion makes her lower limbs tremble. A further reminder of Lucas handling her so thoroughly.

How can she still want him after all of that? Alaine reprimands her body. Maybe she’d been dormant for too long. What she likes is that Lucas is the one waking her up like a budding rose in sunlight.

Her search comes up empty. Alaine stares at the pile of sheets, worrying her mind about it. After stuffing them in an empty laundry bag and determining that she would leave with them when she is going back home, she goes on a different mission. This one is to find a clean set of sheets to remake the bed before anyone notices.

When she gets back to the bedroom she meets Lucas staring quizzically at his bare mattress with his head cocked to one side, while munching on an apple.

“What are you doing?” he asks when she enters covered by a high pile of bed linen.

She places her bundle at the foot of the bed tries to avoid meeting his eyes and mumbles, “I’m making the bed.”

“I see that,” Lucas tells her. “But why are you?”

“Because I am changing the sheets,” she responds still trying to avoid the embarrassing issue.

“Again, why?” he presses. “I pay someone to do that. And what happened to the other set?” he asks.

She fidgets uncomfortably beneath his determined stare but he’s not giving up. Waiting patiently for her explanation, he folds his arms across his chest and raises both eyebrows at her.

“Please don’t make me say it,” Alaine begs.

Exasperated with her, Lucas asks, “please don’t make you say what? I can tell you, you’re not leaving this room or my apartment for that matter until you tell me what’s going on.”

“Fine,” Alaine relents. “The evidence of what we did last night was on the sheets and I didn’t want you or your housekeeper to see it,” she confesses.

A rosy shade of red stains her skin under his teasing smile.

“Is that so?” Lucas asks thoughtfully. Prowling towards her, he adds, “and what did you do with my expensive sheets?”

“They’re in a laundry bag in the laundry room,” she replies still sulking. “You’re out of laundry detergent by the way,” she informs him. “I was going to take them home to wash them,” she explains.

Lucas laughs at her pout, and tugs her against him, to kiss it away but she ducks her head to hide her face in his chest.

“Look at me,” he orders.

Leaning back to pry her out of hiding, he lifts her chin with his finger and says, “I have no problem with her knowing that I am your first. I’m pretty proud about that actually.”

This time Alaine’s face loses all colour. “Your housekeeper is here?” she squeaks.

“She went out to get laundry detergent,” Lucas informs her and laughs at the way she cringes.

To take her mind off her silly worries, he pulls her in for that kiss she just denied him.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth,” she protests but only after being released.

“You still taste like you,” Lucas declares. Then he breathes a contented sigh. “Alaine Knight,” he says. “I knew once I had you I would never get enough.”

Knowing that if he doesn’t release her, he’s going to end up making love to her again, he jerks his head in the direction of the bed and says, “go ahead.”

Lucas steps away from her to lean against the wall and adds, “I’ll just wait right here.”

Alaine looks at him suspiciously but turns around to follow his directive. Once she bends over to curl the ends of the fitted sheet in place over the mattress, Lucas chuckles at the view she gives him.

She is naked under his shirt.

Alaine gasps.

“You’re terrible,” she turns around to accuse and toss a pillow at him.

Lucas catches it and laughs harder. “Don’t let me distract you,” he says. When she scowls, he says, “I’ve seen all of you, Alaine and I really like what I’ve seen. You can’t blame me if I want more.”

The air suddenly becomes supercharged as he looks at her with the hooded look of a predator.

“You are so tempting,” Lucas says as he pushes himself off the wall and walks to meet her.

Before he reaches out to touch her, he asks, “how are you feeling this morning?”

Trapped by the look in his eyes, Alaine forgets her inhibitions and answers, “my body is sore. Everywhere.”

That admission makes Lucas wince and take an automatic step back.

“But I’m good,” she assures him quickly. “And I don’t regret if that’s what you meant,” she adds and tucks her hair behind her ears in that little nervous way.

“I’m sorry, Ali,” Lucas tells her. “Last night was your first time and I completely lost control with you. Come here,” he says.

Taking her hand in his, he sits at the edge of the bed and tugs her onto his lap.

“Have I scared you?” he asks.

“No,” Alaine answers. “I enjoyed it,” she admits. “All of it.”

He chuckles and places a soft kiss against her hair.

She wants to smooth the worry lines out of his forehead but refrains. It’s ridiculous but taking such liberties seems a lot more intimate now that they’ve crossed that line and he hasn’t said that their relationship is anything more than physical.

“I’m not sure what I thought it would be,” she admits. “But it was really good. Or maybe it was just who I did with it.”

This time it’s Lucas who blushes. “You’d better remember that,” he says and begins to place sultry kisses along her neck. “I believe your words were life-altering,” he reminds her.

She chuckles. “It was,” she agrees. “And I did say I wanted you to lose control.”

Lucas chortles with quiet mirth. “So you’re not regretting?” he asks.

“Are you?” Alaine counters.

“Last night was the best night of my life, Alaine,” Lucas admits. “I just don’t want you to hate me know...your lost virginity.”

“I’ve never wanted to do that with anybody else but you,” she assures him.

“Then I am honoured, Alaine,” he says and takes her hand to kiss her knuckles. “It’s is the best gift I have ever received.”

Because emotions in the room are suddenly running too high, Lucas breaks their connection and turns away from the softness in Alaine’s eyes. He clears his throat, lifts her off his thighs and stands.

“What do you say we do something with our day?” he suggests.

“Something like what?” Alaine questions.

“We can start with an official tour of the apartment,” he tells her. “I didn’t give you one last time and then we’ll see where the day takes us. It has to be out of the apartment,” he warns. “You just said you’re tied and if I stay here I will want you in my bed again or in the shower or against any surface I can get you.”

Flushed from the roots of her hair to her toes, Alaine asks, “where will we go?”

“Wherever you want,” he answers with a shrug.

“I don’t have any clothes, Lucas,” reminds him.

“Then let’s go shopping,” he suggests.

“Don’t you have work?” she asks.

“I think all that sex has addled your brain,” Lucas jokes. “Its Saturday sweet girl.”

He bends to place a sweet kiss over the mark he left on her neck.

“Come on,” he says while holding out his hand to her. “Bath or shower?”

Per the findings of his research about dealing with soreness for virgins, Lucas runs the bath a little hot for Alaine. He adds his aromatic body wash to the water and considers asking her what fragrance she prefers. If she agrees, he plans on having her here a whole lot more. As Jackie suggested, he needs to have the things that she likes on hand.

He turns to where she is leaning against the doorframe with her bottom lip squelched between her teeth.

Holding out his hand to her, Lucas asks, “are you still nervous with me?”

He pulls her to his chest and begins unbuttoning the shirt she’s wearing.

“Meanwhile, you’re brimming with confidence,” Alaine notes.

“I have quite a few reasons to be,” he says as he pushes the shirt open to run his hands down between the valley of her breasts.

“And what are those?” she questions on a shuddery breath when he moves to palm both mounds.

“The number of times I’ve made you come,” Lucas informs her.

“You crude man,” she gasps and hits him playfully.

“We'll work at building yours," he concludes. “I want you to undress me then touch me, Alaine.”

Once she has him standing naked before her, Alaine places her hands tentatively on Lucas’ shoulders. Although they'd been naked together last night, something about this seems even more intense. It’s so intense, she can’t bring herself to meet his eyes.

Noticing that she is still doing her best to hide from him, Lucas lifts her chin and issues the gentle command, “look at me when you do.”

Her lips disappear into her mouth again making Lucas moan. The awareness that leaps into her fiery gems lures him in like magic. He weaves his fingers with hers to direct the movement of her hands as they roam his body.

“You have fire in your hands, Alaine,” Lucas says.

His husky confession emboldens her and she dips and hand between their bodies to grasp his tumescence. Lucas stops her just shy of her goal and she looks up at him with confusion.

“Not yet, baby,” he says. “If you touch me now, I’m done. Kiss me,” he implores and he moans into her mouth when their lips merge.

It’s in that moment that Lucas realizes that he has no intention of letting Alaine go. Six months with her can never be enough. Before he tells her so, he just has to let her see that he can be everything she needs.

Bringing his arms around her small waist, he pulls her flush against him and she gives in to the way he takes control of the kiss. He strings a line of pecks down her neck and mutters, “you’re so damn beautiful,” as he palms her breasts.

Unexpectedly, he sweeps his hands under her knees and lifts her into the water. Joining her in the tub, Lucas sits behind her and pulls her back against him.

“It’s so hard not to do what I want to do to you right now,” he tells her.

“Why don’t you,” she asks.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he answers. “The warm water is supposed to help. I’ve never been with a virgin before. I researched it.”

Alaine laughs but leans back into his embrace.

“That was very thoughtful of you,” she says.

Using the lather surrounding them, Lucas begins to wash her body and Alaine gives herself over to his ministrations. She becomes lost in them. Reaching behind her, she drapes her arms over the back of his neck and opens her legs to give him access to her center.

“Mmm,” Lucas moans against her neck. “That’s it, baby.”

He obeys her silent command. While he keeps one hand on her breast the other dips between her thighs and his mouth latches on to the pulse strumming at her neck.

Alaine writhes uncontrollably and weeps as the pleasure mounts too quickly. She brings her hand down to try to still the swipe of his fingers over her.

“Please,” she whimpers even if she isn’t sure for what exactly she is begging.

“Shhh, baby,” Lucas soothes. “Let it happen,” he encourages.

Alaine begins to pant as she anticipates the erotic peak that she knows is coming. She hurtles towards it and collides into the ultimate form of pleasure washing over her like a tsunami.

Garbling his name, she gives herself over the ecstatic waves.

“So sweet,” Lucas says in her ear. "Now I have one more reason to be confident.”

Limp as a rag doll, Alaine asks, “is that what your research told you to do?”

Behind her, Lucas shakes with laughter. “Nope,” he answers.

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