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Crude Teacher/Eager pupil

I don't know about you guys, but I love these little scenes between Lucas and Alaine. I like that despite the situation, they are able to enjoy each other. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Don't forget, if you've gotten this far and haven't done so yet, please like this book, recommend to a friend, leave a review or something to show your appreciation.

While Alaine uses the bathroom in his old bedroom, Lucas sits on his bed and contemplates the weapons in his arsenal -- anything he can use to convince her to stay the night with him.

The most powerful one he wields is guilt. He could guilt her into staying. Just whip out the abuse victim card.

He could tell her how many times he’d lain right here in this bed afraid to close his for fear of the nightmares that would surely come once he did. He could impress upon her how being here affects him even now and that he needs her in order to deal with it.

That's bound to make her cave. Her need to comfort her will likely outweigh her principles.

As alluring as the idea is, he could never take advantage of her kind nature.

Lucas huffs at himself and shakes his head. The two of them spending the night apart is not what he’d had in mind. He came prepared for god’s sake.

Fishing into his bag, he pulls out the box of condoms and tosses it into the drawer of the bedside table. Apparently, he won’t be needing them any more thanks to his meddling little sister.

Why people like Jackie and Shernie and Shanice and even his father and brothers think he needs their unwelcome involvement in his relationship is far beyond him.

He’ll try one more time to convince her.

The door opens behind him making him spring into action. All thoughts flee Lucas' mind when he sees Alaine standing there. She looks so shy and innocent and uncertain with her bottom lip gripped between her teeth but her attire and figure is anything but.

“Delah picked them out,” she tells him.

Lucas bites back a groan. His eyes rake over her frame in the small, white lace and silk pajamas. They rove hungrily stopping at the peaks of her breasts pebbled beneath the soft material before traveling down her mostly bare legs.

Yes, he remembers when the two of them flittered off into the lingerie department and left Isabella in his and Seth’s care. From a distance, he'd still kept an eye on Alaine to ensure that she was okay but she and Delah had looked like co-conspirators.

Okay, that’s not entirely true.

Alaine had blushed scarlet and her sister had giggled like a schoolgirl.

Now he understands why.

Lucas swallows then clears his throat.

If she wasn’t so determined to deny him, if they were back in his apartment where she felt liberated enough to give in to her desires, he’d have closed the distance between them already.

He wouldn’t kiss her lips right away. No, he’d pin her against the door frame and go straight for the twin peaks of her breasts pleading for his attention. He’d take one in his hand and the other in his mouth and he wouldn’t stop until she was begging for more -- for all.

Right now, there’s nothing he can do except stand there gawking and imagining.

“I should change right?” she asks.

Still fidgeting, she looks down at herself then back at him like she’s awaiting his response.

If she only knew that in his mind she’s already naked and he’s already buried to the hilt inside her.

“That might be best,” he suggests.

The thickness in his voice grabs Alaine’s attention. Automatically, her eyes dart down his body where his wants and needs have begun to manifest.

“I don’t have anything else,” she informs him.

“Ali,” Lucas says in that tone. The one he uses whenever he’s going to give her a lecture. “My brothers are here,” he reminds her. “I would really hate to have to hit one or both of them.”

Without expressly stating it, or commanding her, she knows exactly what he means. He doesn’t want her walking to Shernie’s dressed in what could almost pass as undergarments. She doesn’t want to either.

“What do I do?” she questions.

“You could stay here,” Lucas suggests with a smirk.

Her eyebrows cinch together making him relent.

“Fine,” he mumbles. “I will ask Shernie for a robe. One of the really huge fluffy ones,” he specifies. “But you have to promise to wear it if you decide to leave her room.”

She nods eagerly and grins at him.

Shaking his head, Lucas rolls his eyes but laughs at her childlike exuberance. A twenty-one-year-old probably shouldn’t be this excited about having a sleepover with a teenager. Instead of feeling annoyed, he feels sorry. Alaine’s childhood really wasn’t that much better than his own.

The thought spurs him on. Without another word, he turns on his heels to exit the room.

Only a few seconds later he reappears. True to his word, he dangles a thick pink terry cloth robe on his index finger and walks to meet Alaine.

He stands close, crowding her so their bodies touch. She tries to take the robe from his hand but he pulls it back out of reach.

“Do I at least get a kiss goodnight?” he requests while looking down at her.

Grinning at him, she answers with action. As soon as the words leave his mouth, Alaine wraps her arms around his neck, goes up the tips of her toes to eliminate as much of the almost twelve-inch difference between them and presses her warm lips to his.

Not missing a beat, Lucas wraps his free arm around her to crush her body to his while she steers their passionate exchange. Her lips and tongue demand that he opens for her so he does. She drives in wantonly, making him groan and his desire flare spontaneously into an inferno.

Consumed by the heat in her passion, he swears softly against her lips. He presses his hard erection against her so she knows exactly what she’s doing to hm.

Pleasure ricochets into every nerve in his body. The sensation is overwhelming.

“Ali,” he gasps when she pushes herself against him.

“It’s just one night,” she tells him.

After that, she trails a path of kisses along his jaw and down his throat.

“May I please have the robe?” she requests.

“We’re never overnighting here again,” he grumbles.

Silently, he motions for her to turn around so he can slip the robe over her body. When she faces him again, he makes an exaggerated effort to cinch the belt tightly around her waist.

“I would prefer if you sleep in it,” he informs her.

“Goodnight, Lucas,” Alaine sings in response. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

His muttered, incoherent, rough reply makes her laugh.

Still bemused and incredulous that after kissing him like that, she leaves him hanging, Lucas follows her to the door. Before she can slip outside, he catches her by the arm.

“Sleep well, goddess,” he tells her. “Remember, I’m here if you need me.”

“I know,” she responds.

Now that he’s alone, Lucas doesn’t know what to do with himself. He paces for a bit until he remembers that rather than wallowing in...what? His misery? There are things he could be doing. Important things like trying to decipher the inner workings of a stalker.

He dives into his dresser where he stored the tracking device Seth gave him earlier. He stares at it hard like it holds the answer to finding Angus until his vision blurs. As much as he wishes it, the probability of pulling any useful information from this device is most likely slim to none. In spite of that, he will still try if only to keep himself distracted.

But that kiss.

The memory of that damn, powerful kiss she’d just given him makes it impossible to concentrate on anything else. How could she do that? She had to have known what it would do to him.

Alaine taking control like that has only happened one other time. It had led to something explosive. He can still feel what it’s like to come inside her.

“Shit,” Lucas swears to the empty room.

Giving up, he walks into his bathroom to take a long, cold shower. Tomorrow, when they get back to the apartment, he’s going to make her pay for it. He’s wanted to flex her boundaries since the first night he saw her. They’ve only made love in two positions because he knows she’s an innocent but that is about to change. She’s ready for more. He knows it. Quite frankly so is he.

After dressing, Lucas switches off the light and climbs into bed. He places both hands beneath his head staring unseeing at the dark ceiling above him. In these quiet moments, time always seems to work against him. It slows down and unsurprisingly his mind begins to drift.

Tonight, he allows himself to control the narrative. He refuses to give himself over to thoughts of Angus and Kurt -- not even Claudia.

What he’ll do is make plans for the future. The most immediate is scheduling a meeting with his chief of personnel and his executive assistant. Something has to be done about Natasha.

He reaches for his phone lying on the nightstand beside his laptop to send them both an email. Not one second after they both go through his phone rings.

“Louise,” Lucas says to his chief of personnel.

“I’m glad you’ve come to your senses,” she tells him. “But I’m going to need a list of all her infractions. I’ll work on it tonight and deal with it first thing in the morning,” she informs him.

“We’re not firing her,” Lucas insists. “She’s efficient. It would be a shame to lose her.”

“As you wish, sir,” she replies.

“Thank you,” Lucas says. “I realize it’s late. I didn’t expect you to call. I just want it dealt with this and I need a replacement for her post-haste.”

“Of course, sir,” she says again.

Once he hangs up the phone, he allows his mind to be overrun by images of Alaine. Apart from the loneliness inciting a serious case of restlessness and sleep deprivation, he is in good spirits just thinking about her.

Still needing something to occupy the time he knows he’s bound to spend awake before he succumbs to sleep, he pulls up the playlist he made for their trip to New Jersey.

Reaching for his laptop, he turns it and pulls up his demanding schedule. On there, is a trip to Italy come Friday morning. Alaine has yet to agree to go. If she doesn’t then he'll have to cancel. It’s that simple. He won’t abandon her to fend for herself again.

Leaving his aging grandparents to deal with their grief alone doesn’t sit well with him but better can’t be done for now. Maybe later, after they’ve spent more time together, Alaine will be comfortable enough to accompany him.

He goes down the calendar noting the other events they are supposed to attend together over the next few months.

The next few months?

Lucas feels his heart rebel against the idea. Is that all Alaine still wants? A few days pretending to be his buffer? There’s only one way to find out. Soon, they’re going to have to sit down to a very serious conversation. This...whatever they are not enough for him anymore.

Knowing that makes him both nervous and excited. He’s excited about what they can become and yet he’s terrified that Alaine will keep this gap between them.

While he works, he hums along quietly to the music pouring through his headphones. They really are perfect songs. Perfect songs for his perfect girl. They’re also a terrible choice for his current situation. Each one amplifies his yearning for her. Yet he can’t bring himself not to listen while his mind goes adrift taking him across a sea of memories.

He is a lucky man.

It’s either luck or fate that crossed their paths three years ago and a sheer miracle that led her to his office last month. Luck, fate or miracle, he is conscious of how undeserving he is of Alaine. He won’t fool himself into ever believing that he is.

A woman like her doesn’t come along every day. Considering the many in his past, he knows it well.

Growing frustrated with the turn of his thoughts, he sets the laptop aside and reclines against the pillows. He might not deserve Alaine but that doesn’t mean he cannot be the type of man she deserves. He will spend every second of his life working to ensure that he is.

Pleasing her, putting a smile on her face or making laugh, makes him uncharacteristically happy. Maybe their pasts are both dismal, but her present and her future -- as long as he is alive -- will be filled with light and love. He’ll see to it.

Again, Lucas notes the drastic change in his thoughts from the norm. How easy it is to stray from the recollection of Kurt’s abuse and Claudia casting an uncaring eye to it is unbelievable. Before, they were impossible to ignore in lonely monents like this. Years of mistreatment can’t be easily forgotten, nor can their effect be casually shrugged off. But tonight, life just feels better.

Credit to that goes to one little woman. His fairy. His goddess. She’s infiltrated the darkest parts of him and brought bright light with her.

Bright Knight, he ponders.

How has it never occurred to him before the way even their names fit together? It’s like the cosmic events that formed the universe preordained that they belong to each other. Indeed, they feel fated.

Lucas shakes his head at the ridiculous idea. However, his lips curve into a smile as he sighs his happy loneliness.

Jeez, she’s really turned him into a sap.

He really should have guilted her into staying with him. If she was afraid he was just going to jump her, he’s already proven that he’s capable of self-control.

Her and her ‘principles’.

Lucas chuckles.

He glances at the clock beside him while trying to come up with a good reason to knock on his baby sister’s door at 1:33 in the morning. Other than, I miss you, Alaine, he comes up with nothing.

Should he do that, at first light, Shernie will sing like a bird and his family will never let him live it down.

If he’s lucky, Alaine is suffering just as much as he is. Hopefully, that suffering will encourage her to come back at some point.

For the time being, until they’re back in his apartment, he’ll have to settle for these marvelous memories and the hope of what they will be.

A sudden knock on his door has him scowling in the darkness.

Could it be an answer to his prayer?

It takes him a second to gather up his elation so he doesn’t appear too eager. The sound comes again just as uncertain and timid as the first time and he wonders why Alaine would even bother. She has to know he wants her here with him. Briefly, he entertains the notion that it could be somebody else.

But why?

Who else would it be at this hour, if not Alaine? It has to be her.

His heartbeat kicks up two notches with his excitement and a wide grin tightens his cheeks as his feet hit the floor. He walks across to the room and at the last second decides to do away with his t-shirt. Carelessly, he flings it aside and opens the door brandishing his most sultry look.

Leaning into the door frame he asks, “missed me?”

The disappointment he experiences upon encountering reddish-brown curls and light brown eyes instead of midnight hair and molten gold and green irises is immediately replaced by worry.

“Shernie?” Lucas questions stepping out into the hall. “What’s...”

“I didn’t know what to do,” his sister says cutting him off. “Mom told me to get you. I didn’t do anything. She just started screaming.”

Lucas’ eyebrows draw together. “What happened?” he demands. “What going on? Where is she?”

“I swear Lucas, I didn’t do anything,” Shernie says again. “I was asleep.”

Hardly sparing her another glance, he answers, “I know you didn’t,” and rushes his way down the stairs to the second floor.

His father is standing outside of Shernie’s room and his two brothers remain at their own doors concern etched in their features.

“I’ve got her dad,” Lucas says entering the room quickly.

He finds Alaine sitting in Shernie’s bed, hugging the bedspread to her chest and experiences a whole new level of appreciation for his stepmother.

She has her arms wrapped around his girlfriend and whispers to her in soothing tones.

His girlfriend?

As he approaches the bed, Lucas realizes that’s what he wants her to be.

“I’m so sorry, Shernie,” Alaine says.

She looks beyond Lucas’ shoulder at the frightened young girl. Then her eyes shift from one Bright to the other. “I’m so sorry,” she repeats to them.

“It’s okay, baby,” Lucas assures her.

Shanice moves aside allowing him to take her place.

“They understand,” he coos. “I’ve got you. I’ll take you back to my room, okay?”

He doesn’t move until she nods her confirmation. Without much effort, he lifts her still trembling body into his arms.

“Thanks, Shanice,” he says to his stepmother.

He walks past her to the door where his father moves aside to allow him entry into the hall.

“She’ll be fine,” he says to everyone even if he doesn’t know that it’s the truth.

He doesn’t say anything else until he gets to his bedroom. Closing the door softly with his heel, Lucas walks to his bed to set Alaine down gently.

“What happened, Ali?” Lucas asks.

Despite her obvious distress, he still can’t help the rush of desire fueled by the little sleep number barely doing anything to hide her from his view. The soft silk and lace shifts, riding up easily while she tries to make herself comfortable.

Lucas chastises his wayward libido and prays that chivalry will win the night. The woman is irresistible even when she’s frightened.

“I was dreaming,” she tells him. “He was here. I didn’t mean to scare anyone. I...”

“They’re fine, baby,” he interrupts before sliding in next to her.

Using the Egyptian cotton sheets, he tries to shield her body from his hungry eyes. He covers her all the way to her chin.

Alaine looks up at him in confusion at his unusual behaviour. Still dressed in his pants, he lies on top of the covers and sits back against the headboard. Canting her head to the side, she regards him quizzically.

Hadn’t he tried to petition her into this very bed earlier? What changed? Now his body is taut and unyielding like a slab of concrete beside her and he’s above the covers no less.

“Try to get some sleep,” he whispers. “I’ll be right here.”

“Lucas?” she questions.

“Yes,” he replies in a tone that lets Alaine know that he is well aware of what he’s doing.

She can’t help but laugh.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Trying to get some sleep,” he answers. “You should do the same. We have to be up early.”

Another second passes as she tries to figure out the game plan. Without saying anything, she plies the thin straps of her pajama top down her arms and pushes the soft material over her breasts to her waist. Hooking her fingers into the delicate bands of the silk bottoms and lace boyshorts, she draws them down over her hips.

Studying her as closely as the darkness permits, Lucas feels her squirming beside him and asks, “what are you doing under there?”

Using her feet to discard her clothing the rest of the way, she replies, “nothing, I’m trying to get comfortable. I think the better question is, why aren’t you under here with me?”

“I’m hot,” Lucas lies weakly.

She sniggers at him again. “That’s not even a good lie,” she states.

“But I am not lying,” he counters. “I am hot.”

Just a different kind of hot. But he won’t tell her that.

“I know what you’re doing,” Alaine sighs. “And I appreciate it. But I would appreciate it even more if you held me,” she says “Please Lucas?” She urges sweetly when he doesn’t budge. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

“I want to do too damn much, Ali,” he answers gruffly. “That’s the problem. I am trying to be the man you deserve here. The kind of man who doesn’t take advantage of you when you're vulnerable. And right now that means a sheet separating you and me,” he adds with conviction.

Unsure whether she should be upset with him or amused or flattered, Alaine huffs out a breath.

“Babe,” she says.


“I had a terrible dream. Right now, I really need you to hold me,” she begs. “Please. I’m still so frightened.”

Though he doesn’t say anything else, Alaine feels when he gives in. He pulls in a sharp breath then maneuvers his body to draw the sheet aside to fit it over him.

A victorious smile curls her lip at his shocked gasp when his cool skin comes into contact with her length of naked flesh.

“Ali,” he groans.

Neither one of them knows if he spoke her name in pleasure or in protest. It’s a cross between the two. However, automatically, he gravitates closer and his hands satisfy themselves, gliding, squeezing, searching for more of her.

“Baby,” he moans this time when she begins working the column of his neck with her lips and tongue.

He sucks in a breath through his teeth while her hands roam across his bare chest and abdomen. Without warning, she dips into his waistband to grasp his swollen member.

“Christ,” he gasps. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Right now? I want you to make love to me, Lucas,” she says sounding both amused and exasperated with him. “And I can tell you want to. Make love to me,” she cajoles. “Chase the nightmare away.”

“Ali,” he says again but his lips claim hers silencing whatever weak opposition he’d been about to give.

“I’ve wanted you all day,” he growls as he settles himself between her legs.

He palms her breast and toys with her nipple until it hardens to a stiff point of unbearable sensitivity. Then he moves lower down her abdomen to between her thighs. Her readiness coats his fingers. She’s warm and wet and he shudders with anticipation.

“I can’t wait,” he announces.

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Lucas shucks off the rest of his clothing and reaches across to the bedside table. He yanks the drawer open and pulls out the box of condoms. His hands shake like an eager school boy’s getting ready to whet his appetite for the first time.

The box rips in his hand and tears the packet open. He sheaths himself quickly before settling himself between her splayed thighs again.

For all his urgency, he enters Alaine slowly. He takes his time at first and whispers words of endearment deliberately in a language he’s certain she won’t understand.

My love, he whimpers but muffles the sound against the damp skin of her neck.

Every groan and grunt from him, every promise of forever, every I love you is mirrored in the way he takes her.

Their coupling is more than a primal exchange. It is transcendent, joining them together as two hearts seem to form one pounding rhythm. It is harmonious and perfect, just like their linked hands, just like a symphony and their love crescendos with it.

“Goddess,” Lucas chants into her ear, as her body begins to tremble beneath him. Her wet walls pulses around his twitching length pulling him along to the edge. “You were made for this, for me,” he declares.

“Yes,” she replies softly and that confession makes him lose all control.

His love for her drives him, his need to protect her consumes him, his fear of losing her undoes him completely. Without the care that she might become pregnant prompting him to pull out of her honeyed warmth, Lucas leaps forward holding her tightly and gives in to the fireworks her body ignites.

Holding his trembling body in position above her, Alaine asks, “Are you mad?”

Absently, Lucas lines her collarbone with kisses. “I don’t think I could be mad about anything right now,” he admits.

Smiling at the lethargy in his voice, she takes his face in her hands encouraging him to kiss her.

“What exactly are you referring to? he asks against her lips.

“That I seduced you again,” she tells him.

“Are you crazy woman?” he jokes. "I was this close to knocking down Shernie’s door. You can seduce me anytime and anywhere.”

Settling beside her, he drags her with him, reversing their positions. “

What happened to your principles?” he teases. “Can I convince you into abandoning them again?” he asks. “You give an extraordinary ride."

“When you walked into Shernie’s room for me, looking so worried and this whole situation with Angus, I realized that I don’t want to waste time with you,” she answers. “I don’t know what tomorrow will be. All I have is here and now wit you."

On some level, he knows exactly what she means. The fear she experiences, he feels it too. The need to make the most of the time they have rides him constantly. She's right. Why should they enjoy here and now?

Lucas reaches for another condom. While rolling it on, he never takes his eyes off her face. As soon as it is on, he lifts her hips but doesn't guide her the rest of the way.

“You’re learning well,” he moans when she glides him unhurriedly inside her.

“And what am I learning?” she gasps.

“Exactly what I like,” he whispers, nuzzling her neck. “To say the things I want to hear when I’m inside you.”

“I have a crude teacher,” she chuckles.

Warm male laughter tickles her, making her laugh and sigh at the same time when he flexes his hips.

“You do,” he responds. “Does it bother you?”

She shakes head, smiles, and rocks her body harder to take him deeper.

"That's it, baby," Lucas coaxes as she squeezes her rear. “There is so much more I can teach you. So much more to learn.”

“You’ll find I am an eager pupil," she agrees.

“That’s what every teacher wants, baby," he laughs.

Much, much later when they are both sated and spent and their breathing slows and the sweat glistening on their skin begins to cool, Alaine traces the muscles of his abdomen absently, while his fingers dance along her spine.

“My answer is yes by the way,” she tells him.

Lucas smiles in the dark. The rhythmic strokes of her fingers lull his eyelids downward. Too drunk on passion to decipher what she's talking about this time he slurs, "yes? To what?"

“Italy," she informs him. "If the offer still stands.”

For the duration of a heartbeat, Lucas is shocked into incredulous silence. he is silent. Relief lifts a heavy weight off his shoulders. Still, he asks, "you'll go?"

“Yes," she answers. "I can’t stay long okay? But I will go with you.”

“Are there any other conditions?” he asks, tightening his arm around her.

“My sister, I want to make sure she is safe from Angus too," she stipulates.

“Done,” he agrees quickly. “I will organize everything but there is one event on our schedule that I would like for us to go to first. It’s on Thursday evening, in Las Vegas, if you are up for it.”

“What’s that?” she enquires.

“It’s an award ceremony," he informs her. "You’ll need a dress and some fancy shoes to match. You look good in white," he suggests.

“Okay,” she replies. “But I have to see the Bellagio fountain.”

“Whatever you want, babe," he assures. "We’ll leave for Italy on Friday.”

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