Bright Knight:Goddess

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Strip Tease

Just a little fun for those of you who like this kind of fun.

He actually walked away from her. Once he’d said what he had to say, he didn’t even bother to look back at her again. That was probably the most disturbing thing about everything that just happened.

It’s so unlike Lucas to do something like that. Always, he wants to work things out.

Alaine sits at the counter with her full glass still in her hand. She toys with the long stem while trying to recover every facet of their evening to pinpoint exactly where she’d gone wrong. Her brilliant brain as Lucas called it, fails her.

What had she missed?

She ponders the options in front of her. There are very few. Only two to be exact.

She could leave him to lick his wounds -- whatever they may be.

Maybe since he is upset with her, she’ll have to sleep on the sofa because that’s how these things work. When one person is angry the other sleeps in the dog house.

She doesn’t want to sleep on any damn sofa. No matter how comfortable and spacious it is.

At least not unless Lucas is there sharing the space with her.

Although she very quickly lost the nerve to pursue her seduction plans, she knows that he would never leave her alone if she were troubled by anything.

Being the type of person that he is, he’d talk to her, comfort her, even if he wasn’t the one at fault.

She sucks in a deep breath and downs her glass of cider. It does nothing to calm her nervousness about what she is about to do. She eyes Lucas’ full glass of champagne and reads the label on the bottle that he left open on the counter.

“12.2 percent alcohol,” she mumbles.

With the words liquid courage floating around her head in a duet performed by Mona and Bethany, she closes her fingers around the crystal flute and attempts the same draught she had with her non-alcoholic beverage.

The overpowering burn and tingle in her virgin throat send her into a sputter of coughs that spews the golden liquid all over the counter.

So much for seduction, she thinks while rolling her eyes at herself.

She rejects the delicate glass and its remaining contents pushing it with a finger away from her. Then she takes another encouraging breath.

In the time that she’s known Lucas, she’s noted the adjustments he’s made. All of them for her. She can do this for him...sober.

Timid footsteps lead her to the opened bedroom door.

Lucas glances at Alaine rather briefly and with disinterest, even if his heart slams against his diaphragm and simply goes back to his laptop screen opened on his lap.

“Knock knock,” she says and regrets it immediately.

It wasn’t the seductive introduction she was aiming for.

While she hangs there, waiting to be invited, a list of other non-seductive things rolls through her mind.

Hey lover boy, how’s it hanging, Can I come in?

Each one is a bust.

He takes a deep breath then turns to her.

“That didn’t take long,” he says to put her out of her misery. “Do you plan on standing there all night or are you coming in?” he asks.

“I want to make it up to you,” Alaine blurts out. “And I don’t want to sleep on the sofa,” she mumbles with a pout.

“Okaay,” Lucas drawls with an amused scowl. “Why would you sleep on the sofa?”

Taking a step into the room, she answers, “because you’re upset. I had this whole scene planned for this evening but I have no prowess in the art of seduction. I have no idea what I’m doing but I still want to try if you’ll let me. If I haven’t ruined everything.”

She lets out a low groan and mutters, “this is already going so bad.”

Lucas closes the laptop and sets it on the bed beside him.

“I admit my intrigue,” he tells her. “What exactly are you making up for and what do you have in mind?”

“I ruined our celebration. I’m not used to this,” she says and clasps her hands in the hopes that the light shaking will not be visible. “So just let me do it and don’t say anything.”

“Okay,” he promises.

Her nerves make her tremble but she will see this through.

She picks up her phone where she left it by her pillow and scrolls until she finds the song that she wants. She moves down to the foot of the bed before hitting the play button. The short musical introduction spill out of the small speakers and gives way to the most decadent lyrics.

At first, Lucas doesn’t notice the gentle sway of her body. It’s not until her hands begin a sensual glide down her sides and over her hips that he becomes fully aware of what she meant when she said seduction.

He can definitely give in to this.

Gradually, her movements grow erotic and bold and Lucas ignites and burns.

Very achingly slowly, she turns to him and runs both hands over her breasts. She squeezes, gently. Her bottom lip disappears into her mouth and those sexy hooded eyes shoot arrows of desire straight to his loins.

Her hands continue their slow, slow, journey, down over her waist, her hips and then between her thighs.

Lucas mutters a barely audible expletive in response. A little smile curls one side of his mouth when she gasps. Instinct demands that he take over for her. There’s probably a million things he could do with this little show, but he wants to see just how bold she is and how far she’ll go.

For now, he contents himself with sitting back and enjoying her little production.

She holds on the hem of her dress and lifts, giving him just a little peek at black lace underneath.

He wants to climb off the bed, kneel there between her legs and feel her body tremble for him but he keeps his back locked against the headboard of the bed.

An involuntary moan slips from her slightly parted lips. The sound wakes him from his fantasy and his body automatically leans forward in the hopes of seeing more.

A little pout puckers her lips and she frowns in disapproval.

What he would love to encourage her to do with that mouth. If only he would be so luckly.

Shaking her head at him she says, “sit back, Mr. Bright,” in a voice that is low and sultry. “We’re in Vegas. Enjoy the show.”

Very reluctantly, he does as she bids.

“Are you open to requests?” he asks as his eyes sweep in a telling manner over her body.

“I’m sure your host is willing to accommodate you,” she replies.

She brings down the zipper at the bodice of the dress in a maddeningly slow pace.

He’s seen her naked body enough times already to know exactly what she looks like. Yet, that little tease of plump flesh, plump flesh that his touched and tasted, makes his mouth water.

The soft material falls apart to reveal the twin globes of her braless breasts and the dusky rose-colored pebbled nipples.

“Touch yourself for me,” Lucas demands, his voice thick with desire.

Alaine lets her eyes run salaciously down his body to the front of his pants.

His hands follow the path of her eyes down his body and unabashed, he holds himself in a light grip.

“Oh no, Mr. Bright,” she admonishes. “Leave that to me.”

Again, Lucas obeys her command. His fingers fist in the sheets to keep him grounded and his good behaviour is rewarded when she boldly cups her breast in one hand and the other disappears inside her underwear.

Emboldened by the heat in his gaze, she begins to moan her pleasure.

“Show it to me,” he demands.

More than anything, she wants to please him and make up for whatever it is she’d done that put him in a sour mood in the first place. With that thought in mind, though her cheeks heat, even more, she slides the black lace aside.

“Take off the dress,” he growls at her.

Immediately, she begins to ease the sleeves off her shoulders. The soft material rustles against her skin. Her heightened libido and her awareness of Lucas’ desire turns every nerve in her body so hypersensitive that even a touch from the cloth makes her shiver.

“Come here, baby,” Lucas urges when all that covers her is that scrab of black lace. “Keep those on for me,” he says about her underwear.

She obliges, walking slowly to the foot of the bed then climbs on to crawl her way up to him.

“You’re killing me, Ali,” he breathes softly as he leans forward to palm her breast.

“I’ve only just started, my love. You’re not allowed to touch yet,” she cautions. “Just watch. I’ll take care of you.”

She straddles his thighs and oscillates her hips to the rhythm of the beat. Reaching up, she pulls her hair loose allowing the heavy mass to roll down like a heavy dark cloud around her. She tosses back her head and moans deliberately when her hot center finally makes contact with the hard male flesh making a tent of Lucas’s trousers.

“Baby,” he pleads.

Unable to help himself, he grasps her hips to pull her more firmly against him. Instead of obliging him this time, she pushes his hands away and begins to slowly unbutton his shirt.

When she finally has his chest bare, she begins a line of kisses from his shoulder blade down his torso. Even it feels like she’s turning him inside out and it seems she knows exactly what she’s doing, he can feel her hands shaking and the shyness in her lips. Still, everything she does is so catastrophic in their effect.

She looks up at him with her sexy heavy-lidded eyes. They bear a carnal glimmer he’s never before witnessed in their glittery depths.

His body responds to even that and it takes every shred of his control to not be unmanned right then and there by a single look.

Passion, lust and love, all for him.

He’s identified and fed off them before. But tonight, she’s weaved a powerful magic, like a nymph, a goddess animating his body’s response to her sensuality. She wields it masterfully and he begs shamelessly for her mercy.

Her victorious and slightly arrogant smirk makes him groan.

“Please, baby,” Lucas begs again.

Her fingers ghost along his straining length through the material of his pants. Taking mercy on him, Alaine undoes his belt buckle before freeing his button and pushing his zipper down.

She reaches in and takes his hot flesh in her small hand giving it a soft squeeze.

Lucas feels himself twitch.

A small bead of clear liquid forms over his tip that she uses her thumb to collect and smear over his flesh. Resigned to his fate and this form of exquisite torture, he throws his head with a long groan.

Usually, he has excellent control of his body but at this rate, it won’t take long before he breaks tonight. Not with the way he is already stretched like a tightly tuned instrument. The first pluck of a correct chord and he knows that he is going to explode.

“Take me in your mouth or inside you,” comes his strangled request while her fingers pump up and down. “I’m impartial. Just please.”

She ignores his petition and continues to tease him.

He likes to see her this way. Like a sexy siren. It’s pleasurable to feel, even to watch but the need to bury himself somewhere wet and warm is overriding.

If she doesn’t give soon, he’s going to take over.

But Alaine, she revels in it; in the power she has over his desire. Each of his shallow intakes of breath, every sound that he gives for the pleasure she inflicts on his body only encourages her to push him further.

She begins to nip her way along his hips moving closer and closer to where he wants her the most. She looks up at him while her mouth hovers near and she can read his internal struggle to not react accordingly.

Alaine giggles in delight, her breath fanning his flesh making him moan again. She is really happy with the way he battles to obey her rule prohibiting any form of physical participation from him.

Other than the salacious chapters of that book they read together, she has no experience to go on. As a matter of fact, her carefully crafted seduction was borrowed out of its pages. As shy as the heroine was she performed this part like a practiced wanton.

She can do this for him.

Deciding then to put him out of his misery, she says, “you’ve been really good. I think you deserve a reward.”

At her words, heat builds in Lucas’ loins and he has to really strain not to embarrass himself.

Slowly, she begins to peel his trousers down and he raises his hips off the bed to help her drag them off. Once she’s done that, she settles over him again.

There, she hesitates.

Although he feels like he might die if he doesn’t get to experience what it’s like to have her tongue and those full lips gliding over him, he tells her, “you don’t have to do this. Making love to you is perfect either way.”

“I want to,” she assures him. “I’ve never done...”

“I know,” he interrupts. “That makes it all the more perfect. We’ll go slow, baby. But I can hardly breathe, Ali, please.”

“Okay,” she answers with a timid smile, then wraps a hand around his base.

It almost seems like her lips close over him in slow motion. Lucas watches as the tip disappears in her mouth but can’t help throwing his head back in ecstasy at the first unhurried and tentative suck she gives.

He groans long and slow.

God, she is perfect.

He allows her a chance to get used to it -- to his length and girth and taste -- without interference. It’s hard to refrain from telling her what to do and from thrusting more deeply into her mouth right from the onset. But he does it.

He waits patiently while she tests him with her tongue and lips.

It’s heavenly torture, almost unbearable. Yet he bears it.

“Can I touch you now, Ali,” he pleads but doesn't wait for permission to palm her breast with one hand and fist her hair with the other.

When she seems to have lost most of her nerviness, Lucas allows himself a few liberties. He flexes his hip and thrusts just a little deeper and closer to the back of her throat.

Softly, he spurs her on telling her just what he likes and she does try until he feels his body tightening beyond his control.

An involuntary spasm in his muscles causes his fist in her hair to tighten.

“Ali,” he groans in rapture and warning even if what he really wants to do is plead with her not to stop. To take him all the way with just her mouth.

Maybe she’s not ready for all of that, he figures. Instead, he cautions breathlessly, “I’m close, baby.”

If she heard him, she gives no indication. Her actions grow more practiced and with purpose.

“Baby, you have to stop,” he warns again and tries to pull her away. “Ali,” he calls, this time more forcefully and without the accompanying sigh of pleasure. “Please, love, if you don’t want me to...God, Ali...”

He tries to yank her head up and off him but she digs her small fingers into his hips to anchor herself.

With a series of rough groans and grunts, Lucas’s muscles jerk. He forces his eyes to remain open so that he won't miss a moment of it.

Involuntarily, his hips surge upward burying him deeper in the wet cave of her mouth.

His breath gets stuck in his throat as the first wave of release rolls over him and ejects the first burst of fluid from his body. Then it just keeps flowing until he falls back against the pillows.

When able to breathe again, he tells her, “I’m sorry. I tried to control it but you are...”

“A goddess?” she continues for him.

“Yeah, that,” he agrees breathlessly. “Definitely that. Come here,” he orders her to his side.

“I’m not looking for points or anything,” she says as she settles her head on his shoulder. “But I’m curious. How was it?”

“Well,” Lucas begins.

“Oh no,” she groans and reddens with embarrassment. “It was terrible, wasn’t it? I thought you liked it,” she cries and covers her face with her hands.

“No, it was not terrible and I did enjoy it,” he assures her. “But it was your first attempt, Ali,” he reminds her smiling. “We’ve done a lot together but you’re still very much an innocent. I didn’t expect you to automatically know what to do.”

When she turns from him to hide her face in the pillows, Lucas tugs her back to his side.

“Hey,” he calls softly. “Every time we do this, make love, every time I kiss you, I know it is a gift. You’ve given me a gift that you’ve never given anybody else and I appreciate it. I don’t intend on having you share that gift with anyone else by the way,” he says and falls back on to the pillow with her in his arms. “You were perfect, Ali. You always are. And,” he adds as an afterthought when he rolls over to secure his hips between her legs.

He handles her body like he’s its proprietor and lifts her knees with authority to gain better access.

“A bit more practice, you’ll be even more perfect. But right now, it’s my turn, sweetheart. You’ve got a long night ahead of you.”

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