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I Know it's Love

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Hey guys, I've been sitting on this chapter for about an entire week. The truth is that I am having some memory issue with my computer so I've been doing a lot of the editing on my phone which is not very convenient. I also wanted to make this a little bit longer but again because of my current issue, I'm cutting out an entire scene and will post in in the next update simply because I know that you all have been waiting for Lucas' reaction for a while. Hopefully, I will get this sorted out soon. Read and enjoy and leave a comment if you feel like. Thank you so much for your patience.

At first, Alaine is certain that Lucas must not have heard what she’d just told him. It’s impossible that he had. How could he have heard her and not respond? Unless she’d misinterpreted all the signs.

Because of the way every muscle in his body pressed up against her side tightened with her declaration of love, she’s inclined to believe the latter.

Maybe he’d never said that he loves her when she thought he had. Maybe he’s not ready for all that.

Just in the event that her voice had been too soft or in case he’d been distracted by…something out here in the quiet night, she considers repeating herself while waiting for any kind of reaction from him. He gives her nothing. She wants to look up at him too. Feeling fearful of what she might see if she does, she stares down at their feet cloaked by the thick quilt rather than lifting her face to meet his stunning gray eyes.

The truth is, Lucas had heard her – quite clearly in fact. She’d simply caught him off guard, that’s all. Alaine has a way of doing that. They’d gone from almost arguing about her moving in with him to this so quickly, he’s still recovering from the whiplash.

Yes, it’s true that he’s been nudging her towards this moment for a few days now, but hearing her speak those words, finally, still manages to take him completely by surprise.

A string of emotions bundle in his throat putting pressure on his vocal cords and rendering him incapable of speech. In his mind had played of series of renditions to this exact moment – the moment Alaine says ’I love you’ to him. None of them had included this easy, heart-stopping variation.

Her admission was so simple and sweet, yet, it’s the most life-altering moment he’s ever shared with another person.

Primarily, he thought she would blurt it out during the height of passion. So many times he’d almost wept the words as he fell over the edge himself. As a matter of fact, he’s done precisely that. Just not in a language that Alaine could understand. Each time, experiences that little death with her, it requires a deliberate, conscious effort and every ounce of restraint he possesses to hold them back.

He’d also imagined what his response to her confession would be. This loss for words hadn’t been a part of any of those visions. He’d imagined something poetic. Something romantic and sweeping her off her feet.

Now Lucas blinks and tries to swallow around the tightness in his throat as he looks down at Alaine’s dark head of hair resting on his shoulder and tickling his neck.

“Lucas?” her small voice calls.

She glances up at him with a deep question in her brows and the worry that she’d made a grave error building in her eyes.

“Did you hear me?” she finally asks him and drops her gaze back to the foot of the hammock. “I said…never mind. I guess that’s fair,” she mumbles. “You said it and I didn’t and I understand. I’m sorry.”

A burning sensation swells in Alaine’s gut and extends to her chest before spreading to her limbs. An overwhelming sense of embarrassment and hurt forces tears to pool in her eyes. After another second where Lucas says nothing, she begins to lift herself from the hammock and keeps herself from looking at him. If this is how he’d felt two nights ago, then she’s sorry.

“I’ll just go, I guess?” she says.

With another apology falling from her lips and a prayer that he prevents her flight echoing in every one of her strained heart beats, she sets one bare foot down onto the cold hardwood.

That small action jolts Lucas back to life. His warm hand closes over Alaine’s stop her.

“Alaine, wait,” he requests.

That’s all he says but it’s all he needed to say to command her attention and give life to the hope springing inside her. It’s all she needed to hear to immediately resettle into the firm netted swing by his side with nervous eagerness.

When she chances a peep at Lucas again, the little smile tilting one side of lips upwards causes her heart to soar. As his cheerfulness becomes apparent through his smile, he palms one side of her cheek and uses his other hand to bring Alaine closer.

Since words continue to fail him, he settles for kissing her instead. The first brush of his lips on hers is soft and sends the simple message that he’d heard her. The second is also gentle but firmer and relays that even if he hasn’t said anything as yet, he’s here with her. The third is deeper revealing with no uncertain terms that the loves her too. The fourth is demanding and passionate – a clear command for entry into the honeyed warmth of her mouth.

Over and over in what seems like an unending cycle, his lips devour hers, his tongue, his tongue invades her mouth and Alaine happily sighs her surrender, her understanding and her acceptance into his kiss.

Lucas curls his arms around her body and shifts his weight between her legs. What could be better than being here cocooned by his warmth and filled with his essence?

For Alaine, nothing could be better than that. She’s given into this man both body and heart and feels so good. When finally, he eases their mated lips apart, When he finally breaks their kiss with a deep breath, Lucas presses a kiss just below her ear. Alaine opens her eyes and looks up to find him watching her. What she sees in his own has her convinced that maybe it’s the other way around. It maybe that Lucas is this one who has emptied himself wholly to her. Even at this moment while she holds on to him with her arms wound over the back of his neck, a little more of Lucas gets lost to Alaine.

He regards her with a kind of warmth and tenderness that steals the air from her lungs. With his smile returning he says, “I know. I know you love me, Alaine,” while gliding his thumb over her cheek. “I’ve never felt this way about anybody before,” he confesses. “But I know that what I feel is love. I love you, Ali.”

“Me too,” Alaine admits softly.

For a while, their gazes hold, neither of them knowing what to say next. As their quietness persists, they both burst into a fit of soft laughter.

“This feels weird,” Lucas says. “I kind of had a vision of how this should have gone. This is not it,” he states.

“Oh?” Alaine questions.”

“Didn’t you?” Lucas asks.”

“I consulted with google for ideas,” she admits. “What does this mean? What are we supposed to do now?”

Shaking his head, Lucas replies, “I don’t know, baby,” and shrugs. “I guess we keep being who we are – Lucaine, I believe we’re called. Or is it Lalaine?”

She laughs but nods her head in understanding since she knows exactly what he means.

“So what did you have in mind?” Alaine queries. “What did you envision?”

Content, Lucas eases his weight off her and leans back into the hammock. He positions Alaine back in the spot that she was when their conversation started and goes back to looking up at the stars. Absently, he places a kiss atop her head and smiles.

“Don’t worry, little fey,” he answers. “I’ll show you.”

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