Bright Knight:Goddess

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Guns and Violence

Quick was an understatement but making love with Alaine -- whether it’s fast or a time they can both savour -- is something otherworldly.

Lucas wants that experience time and again for the rest of his life.

The way she makes him feel is simply incredible and indescribable. Just looking at her now, wearing the evidence of his loving in the soft red marks he’d deliberately left over the swell of breast and her hip bone, but more specifically in the warmth still in her eyes, has his heart clenching and longing for more. Not just the physical. He wants to give her everything and hopes to receive the same in return.

The intensity of his emotions are terrifying, yet, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Life has taken much from him but as of the day Alaine walked into his office, he’d say the reparations he’d been owed have been paid in full. This thing that he feels is love. It’s powerful and all consuming, completely ungovernable and unruly. In that moment when her eyes had held his while she shivered from the cold, his heart had stopped following his orders.

If there is one thing that Lucas could change about their meeting it would be the night that he’d first seen her at the wedding. Had he known how good they would be together, that would have been the birth of Lucas and Alaine. There's no way that he would have let her walk away without an introduction.

As his mind conjures a future for the two them, Lucas smiles. Somewhere in there is a wedding and children and a lot of happy years if they live to be old and gray. There are just a few hurdles that they have to get over first. He’s well aware of them. Despite the hopefulness taking up permanent lodging in his heart now, he can’t imagine that Alaine will say yes if he asks her. Not with the way things are for the time. However, once they’re in the clear, he knows that she will agree to marry him.

As if in confirmation of his thoughts, she turns her head to look at him and returns his goofy smile.

“That was pretty good,” she whispers..

Lucas lies there basking in the compliment, letting those four words stroke his ego.

Lying on their backs, they both stare up at the ceiling while their breathing gradually returns to normal. Already exhausted from their international flight, that little exercise stole what was left of his energy. Knowing that they need to reorganize their clothing, Lucas attempts zipping up his pants with fingers still shaking from the intensity of his climax. The memory makes him look down at Alaine -- to the place where he’d clamped his hands over her hips.

“Did I hurt you?” he asks despite the warming in his loins urging him to roll on top of her this time.

“No,” she sighs blissfully. “I like when you take charge,” she adds to reassure him.

Lucas’ head snaps up to look at her. Then his eyes trail down to the peaks of her breasts. He palms one and tweaks her nipple between his fingers.

“You can’t say things like that to me, baby,” he warns in a tone that declares the renewal of lust. “Not when you’re lying here like this.”

“Well,” Alaine tells him as he continues to tease her. “Maybe I like the outcome.”

Arrows of heat turn Lucas’ blood molten and swiftly travels south. He swears softly and chuckles at her audaciousness. While he would love to go another round and then stay there in the after glow of their loving until he falls asleep in her arms only wake up to do it all over again, the real world unfortunately waits and time is not nearly as patient.

“Later,” he promises.

He goes back to the nearly impossible task of securing his pants in place with limbs and fingers that still feel weightless. Finally successful, he sits up with a groan and tosses Alaine’s black, lace underwear to her with that cocksure smirk in place on his face.

He hadn’t bothered to undress her fully and she had been a willing, eager and generous participant who hadn’t issued a single complaint.

She slides off the bed, rights her bodice by doing up the buttons and comes to stand before him to make a grand show of gliding the soft material up her legs.

Lucas is gifted with a perfect view of her rump as she does a little shimmy and turns to wink at him. He shakes his head at her antics and throws it back with a bout of laughter. This is their relationship now and nothing has ever been more perfect.

Now fully dressed, Alaine faces him with her hands on her hips.

“So, what did you do?” she asks.

Surveying her from head to toe, Lucas swallows and nearly chokes on another bark of laughter.

"I’m going to apologize to you now, Ali,” he says. “I’m sorry. In hindsight, I see that making love to you was not the wisest idea. We’re meeting with your new driver and body guard in a few minutes. That phone call I ignored earlier was most likely her or Seth reporting her ETA, which should at any moment.”

Eyes rounding in surprise, Alaine gasps, “what! why didn’t you tell me.?”

She hurries to the bathroom to look at her appearance in the mirrors lining one side of the wall.

Following the sound of her long groan, whine and then whimper, Lucas comes to lean against the door frame and says, “In my defense, I completely lose my head when I’m inside of you. It’s the only time I forget things.”

It was meant to be a compliment but Alaine huffs and her reflection throws her murderous glare at him.

How could she have not known that he’d been planning any of this?

It's only further confirmation of what a terrible girlfriend she is. The kind who doesn’t pay enough attention to their partner, or other half.

Or is it better half? That’s exactly what the problem is, her mind charges her.

She has no knowledge of how to be in a relationship; not even the lingo.

Her eyes narrow to slits when he returns her murderous stare with one of amusement and warmth.

Lucas prowls to stand behind her his look and demeanor a true specimen of sexual prowess and confidence.

“I love your post-coital glow, baby,” he says in that low baritone that makes her quiver. “I love the way you look after I’ve been inside you and I don’t care who knows it.”

“You can say that easily,” Alaine declares but her argument lacks conviction as his hands roam over her figure with less haste than earlier. “You don’t look at all as if you’ve been...”

“Say it,” Lucas teases, when she doesn’t continue. “I don’t look like I’ve been what?”

Her skin begins to glow beet red as the expletive dangles in her mind yet she refuses to utter it.

“Like you’ve been...tousled,” she says instead.

After what they'd just done while her dress had been hiked up to her waist and his trousers tangled around his ankles, Lucas laughs heartily at her proper and prudish manner.

“How do I keep letting this happen, every time?” Alaine mumbles to herself.

“Let this happen?” Lucas protests. “You don’t let this happen, Alaine.”

He leans down to punctuate her neck with kisses while he holds her gaze in the mirror.

“I do this to you,” he whispers. “I can do it again, right now. I can tell you want me to.”

And dammit!

He’s right. She does.

Seeing the agreement in her eyes, Lucas presses his palm between her shoulder blades until she bends forward at the correct angle. He flips her skirt up then hustles to bring down his zipper. slipping her underwear down to her knees, he aligns the tip of his semi-hard flesh with her entrance. Just the mere thought of the pleasure to come makes him swell further.

Since she's still wet from earlier, she accepts his full length easily and moans while he swears softly as she takes all of him in.

In a rear show of dominance, Lucas wraps her hair around his fist and tugs on it so she can meet his gaze in the mirror. Like always, he memorizes each shift in her features until he recognizes the signs that she’s about to join him over the edge.

She climbs up on the tips of her toes as her back arches but Lucas keeps a firm hand on her hips holding her just so. His muscles jerk sporadically, dissolving the rhythmic pattern of thrusts while Alaine cries out softly when her body begins to spasm.

All Lucas lets out is a soft groan. Every time he spurts inside of her, it feels like his life force is leaving his body and pouring into Alaine. He slumps against her shoulder when it’s over while supporting her weight with an arm wrapped around her torso.

When they are able to stand again, Alaine takes in her appearance; her disheveled hair, rumpled clothing and still pouty, bruised lips.

“Oh no,” she groans again.

“Well and truly tousled,” Lucas jokes.

He does her the favour of pulling her underwear back in place and spanks her behind with a soft smack.

Attempting to put herself together doesn’t yield much results. The evidence of Lucas’ swift possessions is bear for anyone who isn’t blind to see. Before she can make the suggestion to cancel this appointment with the new driver, the doorbell chimes.

“Ready?” Lucas asks while straightening his clothing. “She’s here and not a moment too soon,” he says and throws a wink at Alaine’s reflection.

Though she needs at least a half hour to recover, he grabs her hand in his to lead a reluctant Alaine out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

“What’s her name?” she whispers.

“Tawny Rivers,” Lucas reports.

They walk through the front door and as a precaution, he peeks through the peephole before pulling it open to a woman clad completely in black and Seth standing one step below her.

Seth looks around Tawny at Alaine and shakes his head with shameless amusement as her cheeks take on that telling shade of pink. If Lucas notices the exchange between the two, he makes a believable show of not noting Seth’s behaviour.

Instead of chastising his driver like he might have done a few weeks ago, he ushers the two inside and begins the process of making the introductions.

“And this is my girlfriend, Alaine Knight,” he announces.

Uncertain about whether he'd overstepped by throwing the term out there to a stranger, he glances at Alaine for some affirmation. The rouge still staining her cheeks makes him fight back a smile.

“You’ll be working for her,” Lucas explains.

Alaine extends her hand and is rocked by Tawny Rivers’ formidable handshake.

“Ms. Knight,” the lady greets professionally. “Tawny Rivers,” she says.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Alaine responds, though she turns her eyes, filled with doubt, to Lucas.

“Likewise,” Tawny responds.

When she finally releases Alaine’s hand after what felt like an eternity, she assumes the position of a diligent and disciplined soldier with her arms at her back and legs spread at ease.

“So you’re my driver?” Alaine asks.

“I’m a lot more than that ma’am,” the woman responds to Alaine. “I’m also your bodyguard and trainer.”

“Trainer?” Alaine questions.

Sensing the argument coming, Lucas steels himself like he often has to so that she doesn’t break him down.

“It’s for your safety Ali,” he says firmly.

“What do you mean by trainer?” Alaine directs to Tawny but it’s Lucas who steps in to answer again.

“Self-defense and she will also take you to a gun range,” Lucas says in matter of fact tone.

“What?” Alaine shrieks. “I’m not carrying a gun, Lucas. I’m not shooting anyone.”

Determined to hold his ground, he responds, “I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, Ali, I’d really rather you would.”

“No," she comes her curt reply. "You’re not serious,” she adds and shkes her head at him in dismay.

“I am too, serious. Dead serious, Alaine,” he repeats although there is no need to.

The look in his eyes is already confirmation enough that he is.

Tawny’s and Seth’s exchanged looks do not go unnoticed by either one of them.

Refusing to engage in a disagreement with her in the presence of a complete stranger and his employees, Lucas confiscates Alaine’s hand again.

“Come here,” her tells her before pulling her all the way up the stairs and back to the bedroom where he closes the door behind him.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this, Lucas?” she demands immediately. “I would have told you don’t bother.”

“This shouldn’t even be a debate, Alaine,” Lucas responds. “This shouldn’t be a topic for discourse. You are going to learn to defend yourself,” he asserts.

“I told you, I am not shooting a gun. I don’t care what...

“You don’t care?” Lucas repeats in disbelief. “That’s what you have to say to me?”

Their mini battle continues with Lucas’ raised voice swallowing her words until she gives up the fight but not her stance. However, because he needs her to see reason, Lucas continues.

“You know more than anyone how dangerous this guy is yet you fight me at every turn,” he speaks fervently. “You fight me, Alaine. Why? I'm trying to help you. The least you can do is be considerate,” he snaps. “You don’t want to carry a gun but you know what I want? Peace of mind,” he answers to his own question.

“No matter how fleeting it seems to you, it’s for my peace of mind. I also want to know that you are safe. That’s why I’m doing all of this,” he says and lowers his voice. “I lie in bed every night. I watch you sleep. I play that phone call in my mind over and over. I have never been so terrified in my life," he confesses. "I couldn’t be there for you and I am hopin -- no I'm praying -- this never happens to you again. But just to be safer, baby. I wish it didn’t have to be so but please,” he requests prayerfully. “Do this for me, Ali.”

For a long while, neither say a thing.

Feeling his spirit already caving, Lucas sits on the edge of the bed. from the way her arms are still folded in defiance, the stubborn set of her jaw and the fact that she won't even look at, it’s clear as day that he's once again lost an argument with Alaine.

He forfeits to her iron will with a resigned sigh. Rather than riling her further, his brain tries to restrategize other ways to keep her protected.

“Do you know how to do those things?”

Her voice cuts into his thoughts. Lucas lifts his eyes from where they are focused to on spot on the floor to look at her.

“I do,” he answers softly.

“Why did you wait until now to tell me?” she asks and takes a step in his direction.

“I’m sorry,” Lucas says in a tone hinted with sarcasm. “I didn’t think you would fight me on trying to keep you safe.”

Ignoring the bite in his tone, she says, “why can’t you train me? If you know how to defend yourself.”

Letting out a puff of air, he answers, “I’ve thought about it.”

He leans forward and tugs on her hand to pull her closer and maneuver her onto his lap. Wrapping both arms around her, he leans his forehead against her shoulder and closes his eyes to relish the soothing run of her fingers through his hair.

Nothing has ever felt as good as Alaine’s show of affection. So easily, her touch dispels his angst.

“Close quarter combat with you might turn into real close quarter combat since I’ve yet to learn to control myself around you,” he explains. “I can guarantee you that the purpose will be defeated at least ninety-five percent of the time.”

“Hmmm, I see your point,” she says.

Lucas chuckles at her response.

“I hate guns Lucas. And violence,” she tells him softly. "Can you understand that? I hate this. All of it.”

“Hey,” Lucas says while palming her face.

He wipes the lone tear sliding down her cheek and says “we’re here. We’re together and we will get through this together. No guns,” he says. “But we have...

“I’ll do it,” Alaine interjects. “For you.”

To express his relief and gratitude, Lucas places a lingering kiss on her cheek then her lips.

“I didn’t own a gun until very recently,” he admits. “I don’t like them either. Seth and other security carry but I have never owned one before now. It won’t be forever, Ali. Just until the threat is gone.”

Alaine sags against him to lay her head on his shoulder. “I’m sorry about this,” she says softly. “I’ve turned your life upside down.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” he assures. “I love you. I think that’s what love does. It protects and cherishes what’s important. You are the most important part of my life, Ali.”

“Ditto, baby,” she says.

“We should head back down,” Lucas suggests. “You’re already like a glow stick so I think they figured out what we were doing earlier. Let’s not give them any more ideas.”

She chuckles. “You think?”

“There is one more thing,” Lucas says as they walk side by side down the stairs. “I was thinking or I am suggesting that she stay with you. There is an extra room in the basement. Of course, it’s your decision but I spoke to her and she is willing if you are interested.

Surprisingly, her response is a simple “Okay. For your peace of mind, but you’re the one breaking that news to her.

“She’s yours, you break it,” Lucas argues.

After they converge again in the living room to discuss logistics, Lucas draws Alaine to the side.

“I have to go,” he says regretfully. “I know we just got back and believe me, I know how tired you are. So go home. Rest and I will see you in a bit?”

“Where are you going?” she asks.

“Office and the police station. Don’t, Ali,” Lucas says when she tries to object. “I will tell you whatever I find out. I will see you soon. I promise not to be long. Call me, keep your phone on you. Don’t make me worry, please.”

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