My Fake Life

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Fake Wedding

"Come on, aren't you done yet?" Nala is hopping up and down impatiently at the doorway to the girl's locker room outside the softball field. It is the start of summer and she is waiting for Candice, who joined the softball team with her.

"I can't change as fast as you," Candice whines. "You're used to it from track."

"You're the one who said you wanted to get strong enough to defend yourself next time," Nala reminds her. "I just wanted to see if softball was any better than track. If you don't hurry up, I'm going to leave you behind."

"No, please don't," she whines. "I don't want to be in here by myself. You promised we'd shower and change together."

"That's because I don't want to be in here by myself either but I didn't realize you were a snail," Nala continues to complain. "I'm going ahead without you."

"Just a second." Candice pulls her skirt up as the last part of her wardrobe. "See, I'm ready now." Nala is no longer in the room though. "Hey!" Candice chases her outside.

"Gah!" Nala is waiting beside the door to scare her.

"Oh god, why would you do that?" Candice moans.

"Because it's funny," Nala laughs. "Come on, baseball practice is about to end. If we hurry we can see what the boys look like glistening with sweat." Nala drags her by the hand.

"I never said I wanted to know what sweaty boys looked like. Besides, don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Having a boyfriend is not a reason to stop looking at sweaty boys. Besides you need to get a move on if you're ever going to find a boy as cool as Sean," Nala laughs happily as they come to a stop at the edge of the softball field where a tall chain link fence separates it from the baseball field. The pitcher is just about to throw the last ball of the day. "Look at him. He's the ace of the team now that Ricky quit."

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend, besides, why would I date a senior," Candice continues to complain.

"Are you seriously into guys in your own grade?" Nala pretends to cringe. "They're all immature and what not."

Though they have only been friends for the second semester Candice is aware of Nala's preference for older boys. She is not aware that it stems from a former crush on her brother though. "I just think tall guys are scary," Candice admits. "I want someone short like… like him," she points at the batter.

Nala watches as the boy wearing the batting helmet swings his metal bat, sending the pitcher's ball flying all the way into the out field. "I don't believe it." Her jaw drops.

"What? What is it?" Candice sputters.

"Just watch." Nala grips her hand tightly. Both girls follow the batter with their eyes as he rounds the bases. The outfielders manage to bring the ball home before he reaches third base though. As it is the end of practice he can't simply stop there and he is forced to let them tag him as he returns to the plate.

"Nice try, Polanski," the other players cheer and laugh with him.

"Hey, Trevor!" Nala waves him over to the fence as he is removing his helmet.

"Huh? Peters? What do you want?" he is not exactly happy to see her.

"This is my friend Candice. I thought you two would get along nicely."

"What? Hold on a moment, Nala," Candice is flustered. "I never said…"

"Huh, why would I get along with one of your friends?" Trevor raises an eyebrow.

"Um, um, it's, it's nice to meet y-you, Trev-Trevor," Candice stutters nervously while looking at her feet.

"Huh? Peters, what's with this girl?" Trevor whispers.

"She's looking for a boyfriend," Nala spouts proudly.

"I am not!" Candice's face turns red.

"Sorry, but I'm not the type of guy who accepts random confessions from girls," Trevor apologizes.

"Like I said, she's wrong. I just thought you were really cool and I wanted to meet you, that's it."

Trevor's eyes widen for a second as her blatant honesty and innocence surprises him. He quickly regains his composure though. "Well, it's not like I don't know what you're talking about," he decides to brag while he can. "I've been working really hard to make up for Ricky's absence."

"Oh yeah, because he quit when you joined the team," Nala recalls. "I guess he's still scared of you."

"Um, why would a senior be scared of a freshman?" Candice is curious.

"That's a long story, Hon," Trevor doesn't want to tell her. "Anyway, you'll be having softball practice throughout summer, won't you? You're welcome to come and watch the guys and me play any time you want."

"Really?" Candice's eyes light up. "I can't wait."

"Hey Candice, I gotta get going." Nala backs away from the fence.

"What? No, you promised to walk me home. I'm scared of being on my own," she whimpers.

"Ain't she cute," Nala whispers to Trevor through the fence while nudging her friend. "I'm really sorry, but I have to get home to prepare for my brother's wedding tomorrow. Why don't you ask Trevor to walk you home?"

"Huh? I couldn't do that." Her face turns red again.

"I don't really mind." Trevor shrugs. "You'll have to wait for me to shower and change first though."

"I, I'll wait," Candice agrees shyly.

"Good luck," Nala whispers in her ear before turning to leave. "He's not a great kisser so you'll have to teach him."

"What?" Candice's eyes pop. Nala is already bounding toward the edge of the school campus though, laughing loudly. Candice looks back at Trevor nervously, trying to understand how Nala would have any knowledge of his kissing prowess. Her only conclusion is that they had dated at one point. She does not want to ask though. Nala has just gone through all the trouble of setting them up together. It would be wrong of her to waste her friend's efforts.

"Nala, Nala, wake up, you're going to be late." Asia raps on the door to her friend's apartment early the next morning.

"What's going on?" Nala answers the door groggily. "I got home so late last night I fell asleep instantly. I was out shopping for a dress for the wedding. Oh my god, the wedding's today." Nala's eyes open entirely when she realizes it. "I'm so late. What are you doing here?"

"You invited me, remember? I'm supposed to help you get ready."

"Where is Corbin?" Nala glances back into her empty apartment.

"He's already at the park," Asia explains. "He has to help set up and everything."

"Am I gonna have to walk down the street in a pink dress?" Nala is panicking.

"Mom is lending Sean her car, remember? We're all three going together at noon."

"What time is it now?"

"It's almost ten," Asia informs her.

"I'm gonna be so late," Nala groans.

"Just hurry up. I brought my dress so we can get ready together. Sean will be here in just over an hour."

"What would I do without you?" Nala hugs her friend.

"Probably die," she laughs as she drags her nightshirt clad friend back into the apartment to get ready. They retreat to Nala's bedroom where her dress has been laid out over her desk. Asia's dress is in a large shopping bag she brought. She quickly strips down to her underwear while Nala removes her nightshirt.

It takes them almost half an hour to help each other put on the matching pink bridesmaid dresses and do their hair and makeup. It is still early though and Sean has not arrived. "What do we do now?" Nala starts to fidget.

"Quit being so nervous," Asia scolds her. "You'd think it was your wedding."

"I've never been a bridesmaid before. I mean, I was the flower girl once but that was a long time ago. I've forgotten what it was like." Nala is biting her fingernails.

Asia slaps her hands to stop her. "Calm down. You're not even the Maid of Honor. Celli's friend Courtney has that role. All you have to do is act like the other bridesmaids and do practically nothing."

"Okay, okay, I think I understand." Nala begins to breath in and out deeply to calm herself.

The sound of Asia's mom's car horn startles them both as Sean arrives outside. Nala practically jumps up from her chair. "Don't rip your dress," Asia warns her as she runs outside and wraps her arms around Sean.

"Whoa, what's gotten into you?" he is surprised.

"She's freaking out," Asia explains. "I can hardly contain her. I'm glad you're finally here. I wish Madison could have come."

"Me too," Sean admits. "It can't be helped though. It's one thing for a bridesmaid to invite her boyfriend and best friend but to invite her best friend's boyfriend is completely out of the question."

"I'm sorry, Asia," Nala starts to mope.

"Don't do that. You'll mess up your mascara." Asia wipes her tears away before they can smear her makeup. "It's really fine. I don't think weddings are Madison's thing anyway."

"So, when are we going?" Sean checks his watch. He looks rather fashionable in a fancy tuxedo he borrowed from the modeling studio.

"You're a little early but I think we should head out," Asia surmises. "Staying here would only be more nerve wracking on her." Asia shakes her head at Nala who is pacing back and forth in the driveway, drawing weird looks from her neighbors.

"Everyone climb in then." Sean opens the back door to the car for the girls like a proper gentleman. Nala touches his hand affectionately to calm herself again before he closes it.

"Oh my god, where have you been?" Courtney is waiting for the two bridesmaids when they arrive at the park.

"I don't understand. Aren't we early?" Asia glances around.

"Early for the ceremony, late for everything else," Courtney scolds them. "Celli was worried you weren't coming."

"I'd never miss my brother's wedding," Nala assures her. "I'm not that spiteful."

"Good, because I need your help with something else." Courtney directs her attention to the usher, a fifteen year old boy named James; apparently a younger cousin of Celli's.

"Asia, get back in the car," Nala orders her friend suddenly.

"What, I don't get it…"

"Get back in the car and take Sean with you," Nala's voice is stern.

"Who are those people?" Asia squints at the couple whom James is refusing to let enter the park.

"They say their names are Norman and Audrey Peters," Courtney answers.

"Nala?" Asia looks at her friend. "Are those your parents?"

"Please, just get back in the car and leave," Nala begs.

"Why? Is it really that bad that they are here?" Asia is confused. "You said they were traveling but wouldn't they have been invited if they weren't?"

"Asia, please, I can't let them see Sean, I'm begging you." Nala squeezes her friend's hand to convey how important her request is.

"Nala, you're going to have to tell them some time. Isn't it better to do it now?" Asia is unable to grasp the seriousness of her friend's fear.

"You don't understand. If they find out about Sean, they'll disown Corbin. They might even do it anyway after he marries Celli."

"Why would they do that?" Asia does not believe her. "What kind of parents are they?"

"The strict kind. The old fashioned kind. The kind that does not let their son follow his own career path without a lot of coaxing."

"But you convinced them before, right? Can't you just talk to them?" Asia suggests.

"I'm going to have to, but it'll do no good if they find out about Sean. They'll drag me back to the countryside and make sure I never see him again."

Asia glances over at the usher again as he continues to refuse entry to the Peters. Mr. Peters is yelling at him and calling him names. Mrs. Peters is pretending not to notice her husband's embarrassing display. She is looking everywhere except at him and James. She quickly notices Asia staring and follows her line of sight to Nala. She taps her husband and directs his attention to their daughter as well.

A smile spreads across the tan burley man's face, which is red from yelling. "Nala!" he shouts to her. "Come and tell this imbecile who we are."

"Dad, please don't." Nala rushes over to him. "That's the usher, it's his job."

"What's his job; refusing to let me attend my own son's wedding?" Mr. Peters resumes complaining.

"It's not James's fault. Your names aren't on the list."

"James? Who is James? Why are you on a first name basis with this kid?" Mr. Peters is overly paranoid.

"James is Celli's cousin," Nala informs him. "He is the usher and it is his job to keep uninvited guests out."

"Well, tell him we're invited," Mr. Peters growls, more at James than at Nala.

"But…" Nala does not know how to tell him he is not invited.

"Nala, who are these people?" James whispers to her.

"Hey buddy, don't be so friendly with my daughter!" Mr. Peters snaps at him.

"Friendly? Daughter?" James is taken aback.

"James, these are my parents," Nala groans.

"Why didn't you just say so? By all means, welcome to the Peters Agnew wedding," James finally allows them through.

"Listen to him, Peters wedding. I'm Mr. Peters," Nala's father growls angrily as he starts to pace around the edge of the park. His wife and daughter follow him closely.

"Please calm down, Dad," Nala begs.

"What are you wearing?" he turns his attention to her pink dress. "Are you getting married too?"

"What?" Nala's face turns bright red as she glances back toward Asia and Sean, who are still waiting rather than heeding her request to leave.

"Who's that boy?" her mother follows her gaze. "Is that your boyfriend?"

"Well…" Nala knows better than to lie to her mother's face.

"He seems handsome. Are you sure you didn't just higher an escort for the ceremony?"

"Mom!" Nala is utterly embarrassed.

"I heard you can find a prostitute on every corner of the big city," Mrs. Peters continues.

"You're the one who went all around the world," Nala reminds her. "Surely you have a better idea of these things than me."

"Now that's rather rude," her mother scolds her. "When did you become so lippy?"

"Sorry, Mom, I'm not used to this. It's been four years."

"Maybe it's time we became a family again," her mother suggests.

"No!" Nala responds too quickly. "I mean, Corbin hasn't even accomplished his dream of becoming a teacher yet. We can't quit now."

"You want to know why he hasn't succeeded? He's too busy chasing girls," Mr. Peters grumbles. "I mean really; getting married to the first girl he meets in the city." Nala wants to tell her father that Celli is far from the first girl Corbin has dated but she knows it would only make things worse.

"I don't think that's how it works, dear," Mrs. Peters disagrees with her husband. "Corbin should have just finished college. He wouldn't be a teacher yet even if he did abstain from dating."

Nala sighs with relief as she remembers that her mother is more rational than her father. Perhaps this will not be as hard as she thought. "Who told him he could get married though?" Mr. Peters spits. "He could have had a nice country girl. Who does this city slicker think she is?"

"Why don't we ask Nala?" Mrs. Peters suggests. "She seems to know all about the bride." Nala's mouth hangs open as her mother turns her attention to her. "Now dear, tell us all about this Agnew girl. She sounds French."

"She is, I mean, her father's parents are from France," Nala sputters quickly. "She was born here though."

"Oh, how nice; exotic, yet not exotic." Mrs. Peters claps. Nala winces at the sound. She really wishes her mother wouldn't do that. She is acting as if everything is okay as long as it is interesting. If they were at home she would be screaming her head off. The public is not the place for family arguments was always her motto. "How did Corbin meet this girl?"

"Well, that's something I think he should tell you," Nala worms her way out of answering.

"Why weren't we invited to the wedding?" Mr. Peters interjects his own question.

"We were not even aware you were home," Nala answers honestly. "Why are you back?"

"Well, this is the end of your first year in high school," her mother answers. "It is also the end of Corbin's first trial year as a teacher. We were hoping to assess his progress."

"And how did he do?" Nala gulps nervously.

"I think you know that answer to that." Mrs. Peters glares at her pink dress. "I can't believe he would drag you into such an event."

"I volunteered," Nala informs her. "I wanted to do this."

"That's disappointing." Her mother shakes her head at her. "Why would you go along with something so foolish?"

"Foolish?" Nala is surprised by her mother's blatant rudeness. "This is Corbin's wedding. How can you call it foolish?"

"He has his sister in a foolish dress while he marries a foolish girl. How can I not call it foolish," she scoffs.

"You haven't even met Celli. You don't know anything about her," Nala is becoming upset.

"Any girl who marries a boy right after high school is either pregnant or a fool." Mrs. Peters crosses her arms.

"Where is Corbin? I want to talk to him?" Mr. Peters glances around the park.

"He's in one of the tents preparing for the ceremony," Nala answers. "You can't disturb him."

"I can do whatever I want; I'm his father," Mr. Peters laughs. His expression is not a happy one though. Nala has no choice but to lead him to Corbin's tent.

"Nala, I'm a little busy right now," Corbin tries to shoo her away without even turning to look at her. He is examining his tuxedo in a tall mirror.

"No time to say hello to your father?" Mr. Peters makes himself heard.

"Dad?" Corbin turns around to face them. "Oh my god, what are you doing here? It's so good to see…" he trails off when he notices the solemn look on his sister's face. "Dad, what's going on?"

"Come on, Son; it's time to go home." Mr. Peters grabs him by the arm.

"Are you kidding? This is my wedding. I'm not going anywhere."

"Don't be a fool, Corbin. You can't marry this girl. I won't allow it." Mr. Peters stomps his foot.

"You don't get a say in it!" Corbin shouts at him. "Her whole family is here today. This is happening with or without your blessing."

"I suppose that's why you didn't even invite us," Mr. Peters tries to guilt him.

"I would have loved to have you here if I didn't know you would pull something like this," Corbin spits back. "You're welcome to stay as long as you don't cause a scene, Dad. If you can't do that for me, then just go."

"Corbin, listen to me. I don't want you to throw your life away for some sweet talking city girl."

"You don't know anything about Celli. She is the girl I'm going to marry, Dad."

"What kind of girl is she, though?" Mrs. Peters asks. "Is she pregnant? Is that what this is about? We have money for an abortion."

"Don't you dare." Corbin shoves her. "You just lost all rights to see your grandkids when they are born. Get out of here right now!"

"Corbin honey, you're making a mistake." Mrs. Peters clicks her tongue disappointedly.

"I said leave!" Corbin's eyes flare.

"I didn't want to have to do this but you leave me no choice. Are we in agreement here Norman?" she asks her husband who simply nods. "You are hereby removed from our will, Corbin. We will cease payments on your student loans and your apartment immediately. Let's see how long you can survive on your own."

"I'll be fine," Corbin scoffs. "I've saved up more than enough money from this year alone. I'll pay the rent on my own apartment and I'll get an extension on my loans for now."

"You really want to marry this girl this badly?" Mr. Peters glares at him.

"It's not a matter of wanting to or not anymore. We're already here, Dad. She's waiting for me in the next tent. Now please, get the hell out." He marches towards his father, forcing him to back out of the tent.

"Come along, Nala. Let's get you out of that silly dress. We're going home." Mrs. Peters grabs her daughter's hand.

"No!" Nala jerks herself free. "I'm not going. I'm staying here with Corbin."

"Don't be ridiculous," her mother laughs coldly. "You can't stay with him. He is a failure and an idiot. You're coming home this instant."

"I just started high school. I can't leave now."

"Do you intend to uproot her at the most important point in her life?" Corbin asks sternly.

"Don't be silly. She'll get to come home and see her old friends again," Mrs. Peters explains.

"It's been four years, Mom. This is my home now. I have friends here."

"Friends like that boy?" Mr. Peters is still glaring.

"He was handsome, wasn't he?" Mrs. Peters is slightly swayed. "What is his name?"

"His name is Sean," Nala answers proudly.

"Looks aren't everything," Mr. Peters spits. "What does he do?"

"He's a model," Nala informs him.

"Really now?" Mrs. Peters is becoming more and more impressed by the second. "Why on earth is he with a girl like you?"

"What do you mean a girl like her?" Mr. Peters asks angrily. "He can obviously tell what a catch my little girl is." He ruffles Nala's hair.

"Wait, this is silly. Are we really thinking of leaving her in Corbin's incapable hands simply because of a boy?" Mrs. Peters backtracks.

"What if he weren't incapable?" Nala asks. "What if he proved himself? He's done a good job of taking care of me so far."

"We'll see about that." Mr. Peters turns up his nose. "We'll leave her in your care for another year under one condition. You must support her with your own money. We will not be helping at all anymore. If you can prove that you can support your new wife and your sister then we will let her stay for her final year of high school."

"What about college?" Corbin asks sternly.

"That's a bridge we'll cross when we come to it," Mr. Peters brushes him off. "I still believe you two should take over the family farm."

"I already told you, I'm not…" Corbin starts to complain but is cut off by his father again.

"Yes, I know what you want to do with your life. Let's see if you can accomplish it on your own. Just so you know, if you divorce this girl then the deal is void. It counts as a failure to achieve your goals."

"That's not fair!" Nala tries to argue.

"He is the one who wanted to make things complicated. He had our money and only one girl to take care of but he just had to do things his way. Now he has nothing and two girls. He chose this himself."

"But…" Nala is still upset. She is not confident that Celli will stay with Corbin and she does not want to hinge her future on someone so fragile.

"It's fine, Nala. Celli won't leave me," Corbin assures her. Nala is not easily convinced though and it shows on her face.

"You kids wanted to act like grownups. You have only yourselves to blame," Mr. Peters spouts coldly.

"We'll be fine, Dad. Stop worrying about us," Corbin is convinced this is his way of showing he cares. "Go back to touring Europe."

"We will, we will, but first, we have a wedding to attend." He grins at his son. Corbin manages a forced smile as well but Nala remains worried as she leaves the tent. Even though they seem to have avoided their parents' wrath this time, life is about to get a lot harder on both of them. She is not sure they will be able to handle it. If they end up having to rely on their parents again they will never live it down.

The ceremony concludes without any further disruption. Mr. and Mrs. Peters leave before the reception even begins. After Celli and Corbin have the first dance, Celli goes to dance with her mother's brother, who is acting as her father for the day since he was not invited. Nala and Sean join them in the center of the park while Asia simply watches. Without Madison she is not feeling like dancing.

"Your parents are… interesting," Sean whispers as he leads Nala around the edge of the grassy circle.

"I'm really sorry about them. What was it my dad wanted to talk to you about?" Nala recalls her father taking Sean aside prior to leaving.

"He asked if I had any interest in farming. I think he wants me to take over for him eventually. I didn't know how to answer."

"Oh my god, I can't believe he did that," Nala moans. "Sometimes I hate my parents so much."

"You mentioned that before," Sean recalls. "You said you hate when people have control of you."

"I hate it when people manipulate me," Nala elaborates. "I hate that they lead me into making the choices they want. They never said Corbin couldn't marry Celli, they simply said they'd stop paying his bills if he did."

"That's not entirely unreasonable," Sean seems to agree with the Peters. "It's not like they owe him anything. He's an adult now."

"It's not that simple. Corbin has been working on the farm since he was old enough. He's never held a proper job before. They pretty much raised him without a chance outside of our hometown. How was he supposed to say no when they offered to pay his bills? You can be as prideful as you want but you don't turn down money like that."

Sean is reminded of the many times he has seen Corbin handing Nala money to bribe her for support, silence or simply time alone. At least once a week he gives her enough to buy something special. Nala's pride never once got in the way of accepting it. It would do her no good. Despite all of her complaining about Celli, Nala seems to have accepted her wedding to Corbin rather easily. It seems she is not as stubborn as Sean always assumed.

"What are you looking at?" Nala brings him back from his thoughts. They are still facing each other as they dance around the other people in the grassy circle.

"I was just thinking about how impressive you are." He smiles at her. "From a glance you seem hotheaded and disrespectful but you actually give a lot of thought to your actions, don't you?"

"You're just now figuring this out?" she responds smugly.

"Your dad thinks you're a real catch. He says I would be stupid to let you go."

"He said that? God, I could die of embarrassment," Nala moans again.

Sean leads her away from the other dancers and over to Asia's table so they can rest. "You two were pretty cute out there." She claps as they sit down. "A lot of girls were asking who you were and if you'd give them your number."

"Seriously? Can't they see me dancing with my girlfriend?" Sean's dislike of fanatics kicks in immediately.

"It's kinda nice knowing so many girls want my boyfriend," Nala surprises him by not being as upset.

"Maybe you should go rub it in their faces," Asia suggests. "It's obvious they think you two just met today and have to dance like the flower girl and ring bearer." Asia points at a rather annoyed looking ten year old girl trying not to let her five year old partner step on her feet.

"I'm not the type to cause a scene like that." Nala sinks lower in her seat, stretching her legs out underneath the white picnic table.

"And yet you made lunch for Sean daily just to show off in front of Mina," Asia snickers.

"That was something I did for myself." Nala blushes. "I wanted Sean to say I was a good cook."

"You are a good cook… now," he adds after a moment. On instinct Asia punches him in the arm. "Hey, what was that for?"

"Sorry, Madison's not here so I acted without thinking," she quickly apologizes.

"I'm gonna punch him the next time I see him and blame you," Sean threatens her.

"Go ahead. He'll probably hit you back."

"Why doesn't he ever hit you back?" Sean grumbles.

"Because he gets back at her in bed," Nala whispers. "The harder she hits him the harder she gets it in return. She's a real masochist."

"That's not… he doesn't… I am not. It's not punishment. I'm just trying to make it up to him is all," Asia is completely flustered.

"I'm not going to ask how you know this." Sean looks at Nala suspiciously.

"Maybe I should blab about what I saw at the college party on Christmas Eve," Asia threatens. "You were crying pretty hard."

"You saw that?" Nala gasps. "Now I really wanna die."

"Wait, you haven't told Madison about this, have you?" Sean is suddenly worried.

"Didn't have to; he was there," Asia answers mockingly.

"I, I wasn't crying that much," Nala tries to make an excuse. "It was my first time so…"

"I thought you had your first time with that Polanski boy," Asia reminds her.

"That was…" Nala looks at Sean to see if he is upset, which he is. "I didn't do anything weird with Trevor, I swear."

"Oh he knows, don't you?" Asia nudges Sean. "Did you enjoy taking my friend's virginity?"

"Gah, be quiet." He covers his ears. "If you don't knock it off I'll tell Madison you are a masochist who enjoys it in the wrong hole."

"Who told you that?" Asia's face turns red. It is a moment before she realizes what she has just admitted. "Wait, please forget I said that."

"No way." Sean's jaw drops.

"Is it really that enjoyable?" Nala moves her face close to Asia's as if interrogating her.

"I said forget it!" she whines.

"Just tell me. Is it that good? Sean's been begging me to try it for some time and I've been refusing."

"You're already a screamer, so what's the difference?" Sean explains his logic.

"Won't it hurt?" Nala is still pressing her face to her friend's.

"Of course it hurts." Asia pushes her away.

"That's why you're a masochist," Sean continues to mock her.

"Alright, I get it, I'm sorry. I won't mention what I saw on Christmas anymore so please just forget what I said," Asia begs.

"Maybe I should ask Celli about it," Nala is still deep in thought.

"Wow, I think you may have just awoken something inside of her," Sean blames Asia.

"Maybe you should just teach her what it's like so she can get over it," Asia suggests in a not so serious tone.

"Maybe." Nala looks up at Sean with bright red cheeks. "I'll try it."

"You will?" he is stunned. "I mean, great. When?"

"Now," she mutters quietly.


"Let's go to my brother's tent right now." She grabs his hand.

"Um, okay. See you later, Asia." He waves as Nala drags him away.

"Well, that's just great," she grumbles. "Let's see what Madison is up to." She pulls out her yellow cell phone. "Maybe he wants to do it in this stupid pink dress."

By now Sean is used to his routine with Nala and immediately shoves a handkerchief into her mouth as soon as they enter Corbin's tent. This time, more than ever before, they will need it if they do not wish to be caught. They do not have any condoms but it is not like they will need them. "Boy, it's really weird to do this right after meeting your parents for the first time, isn't it?" he whispers as he unzips the back of her dress.

"Don't talk about them," she mumbles through the cloth in her mouth as she raises her arms, allowing him to slide her dress all the way to the ground, leaving her in nothing more than her underwear. "What about you?" she mumbles again.

"It will be easier to cover up if someone comes in if we aren't both naked," he explains. "Unless you want all the other girls here to see my body," he jokes.

"Just do it already." She slides her underwear down to her ankles.

"Remember, you're the one who asked for it," he warns her as he turns her around and bends her stomach over the picnic table. It is a very good thing she is gagged. Sean even still has to cover her cloth filled mouth with his hands to keep her from being heard. Despite how annoying and difficult her habit makes having sex, Sean actually seems to like it. He would not change a thing about Nala even if he could.

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