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Romance / Action

Chapter 10


A good predator can smell its prey from miles.

On the contrary, a prey could find a million ways to hide from its predator.

Maybe that’s why I stared at her rigid back the whole night until the sun came up through the window. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t help but stare at the wall avoiding me all night till the door rattled with a series of angry knocks.

“Snipper! Open the fucking door!” The prey besides me shivers but she has a role to play. To avoid being hurt in the worst way by someone who couldn’t even leave the room to give her some fucking time alone.

“Stop Tucker! I’m coming in a minute.” I should say something to her. Apologize again. But I know nothing I say will justify what I did last night. She was my responsibility and I forgot all about that to be free. To feel a warm body again.

To feel something other than constant worry.

Not that it helped me at being relaxed at anyway. More of all, it added another layer of worry in my stupid dick thinking head.

“Snipper! Did you die in there or something?” The voice calls out again. Exhaling a breath it doesn’t take me long to leave the bed and find my clothes scattered in the corner. Quickly pulling the pants on as soon as I’m near the bed table to take my gun, her breath hitches.

Not a good pretender, are you?

I’m tempted to call her bluff. Then uncover the sheets to take a taste myself. To make her look at me while I bite those lips again. But sane and sober Seth would never think of doing those things. So without saying a word, I pocket the gun in my waistband and leave the room in silence.

Funny, how these days silence has become the most interesting past time of mine.

“There you are. What the fuck were you doing in her room? Did you two fucked or something? I didn’t know you were into girls like that.” Tucker mutters pouring a drink. Thankfully this time I stay away from the temptation to take a sip. Instead, I inhale the smoke thinking it was someone else.

“First of all, it’s none of your business.” I hold up my fingers to make the asshole clear things. “Second- never ever talk to her like that, ever again. Third- she’s a woman, not a girl, check your eyes to Doc if you have any problem seeing that.”

“Damn! No reason to be that salty. Did she leave you with blue balls or something?” He chuckles at my misery.

And blue balls?

She left me in a thousand color of confusion. She’s beautiful and a good company that’s for sure. Ginger loves her strength just like Grace. But with me, there’s a visible barrier I can’t seem to break. And for some reason, I don’t even try to.

I shouldn’t until I figure out about what I feel for Grace. Which is confusing itself as the hours passed the only thing in my mind is Gwen, not Grace. Hell, I don’t even feel an ounce of pain thinking about her with Lethal.


There you go, confusion...

Still, I give Tucker a tight warning smile. “What did I say about none of your business? And why the fuck did you wake me up this early?”

“Before I forget, Reaper called. Xavier skipped town it looks like. And he left with an important file.”

“The fuck!” It irked me how the fuck a guy like Xavier found the guts to steal from the Serpents and thought he could live. “What file? Is Lethal-”

“Prez isn’t awake yet.” He’s quick to confess. Shit! I should have gone to the club to see him. But Kitty...

“So, what file did he steal?”

“The Mexican cartel’s. Reaper thought he’s looking for either trouble or he’s planning something big.” Shit! What the fuck was that idiot thinking?

“What’s his beef with Cheaser? Do you think he’s headed to Mexico now?” I ask curiously. Before Mad Dog was killed, all the Serpents went to meet Xavier. Who flew out from Mexico not long ago, if this wasn’t fishy I don’t know what is.

“Who the fuck knows? But no airport has confirmed that he’s left the country. Now unless he’s hiding with a false name which is understandable there’s no way to bring his ass and the file in one piece.” Tucker scrawls.

I remember that file like it’s my last sight. The piece of information wasn’t exactly as important to me than the piece of pages in the file. If the peace treaty goes to his hands there’s no saying what Xavier was going to do with it. And the last thing we need is the cartel on our trail.

The fucker’s already insane.

“I need to go to the club and check out details. When’s Ginger coming?” I might have been hell-bent on straying far away from devouring Kitty’s addicting pussy but I wasn’t a fucker to leave her alone without Ginger.

“Last I saw she was cooking. Do ya want me to call her?” Tucker asks finally finishing his drink. Twelve shots. I definitely wasn’t leaving her with the drunk asshole.

“Ya. Do it quickly.” Leaving the makeshift bar, I start to walk towards my destination. Though instead of using the underground garage, my feet took me towards the bedroom. The last place I wanted to be in right now- not that it fucking matters.

Opening the door I’m surprised to see her sitting on the bed with a phone in her hand. As soon as she hears the sound, she’s on alert. I’m insulted to think that even if she sees who it is, her eyes still dart around for something to probably hit my head with.

“I’m leaving for some hours. Are you going to be OK?” What a stupid question. I think just to humor me she nods.

“Ginger is going to be here in a minute. Tell her if anything is wrong. I’m only a phone call away.” She nods again. No shuttered words. No throwing the phone in my hands.

She’s closing herself again.

What the fuck did I do?

“I-I am sorry for earlier.” I hear myself saying with gritted teeth. “You’re a beautiful woman Kitty. I shouldn’t destroy that. I will once I get to have you writhing under me.”

A gulp.

A loud gasp.

And all it took to want me to pounce at her again. All it took a pair of widened lust filled eyes look back at me.

And all it took to kill it with a voice.


It didn’t occur to me before how people can hide so many things so quickly if I didn’t see Kitty’s lust filled eyes dimmed to a blank canvas. Turning back I feel nothing but an annoyance when Grace beams at me.

“Hey, Seth.” I could have been dying to hear that voice less than a day ago. But how it can be possible to feel just...nothing now.

“Grace.” Be a sensible guy Seth...I’ve to chant while grinning at her. She’s ignorant to my eyes seeking her sister every once in a while. “Everything Ok?”

“Oh, it’s fine. Actually, it’s more than fine. Lethal woke up this morning.” Her whole face is glowing. How did I think of taking it away before? How could I be so selfish to destroy her happiness?

“That’s great.” I can’t hide the relief in my voice. I was really worried when Doc said it could take weeks for Lethal to be awake.

“Yeah. So I came here for something. Now that he’s gone, I’d like Gwen to come with me to the club.” Grace says it so easily. She doesn’t notice the slight clench in my jaw. She doesn’t notice another dark eye looking at me as if I already have her under me, moaning, screaming for me. She has no clue of the thoughts invading my brain. If she knew she would have shot me in the head at the first chance. And for the love of God, I can’t look away from her.

From the painful lost beauty.

One look at Kitty and all I could say is...fuck me.

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