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Romance / Action

Chapter 11


If anyone ever told me in my twenty-four year’s of life that I was going to stay in a biker’s club, I would’ve prepared myself better for the obvious stares.

The ones you give to the animals in the zoo.

Some look at them as if they can chew you off anytime, you fear them enough to not go near the bar. Some pity them enough to understand their vulnerability in a cage. Some are just merely curious to know what really makes them a true animal.

I wasn’t that far fetched from being that wounded animal.

“Hey, it’s Ok.” For a second I forgot that Grace is with me. And she has her hand tightly balled up in a fist. I know she wanted to say something really bad to the people around me but was holding back for some reason.

Not that it matters as I’m already used to it.

Another pair of eyes locks into me though. The one I’m trying to ignore from the moment Grace dropped the bomb that it’s better I leave the safehouse to come here. The emotion in them is totally different from the others. They don’t judge but they are the one makes me fidgeting much. Am I ever going to stop fearing those warm knowing eyes?

God...The answer makes me more nervous than I’d like to admit.

“Foxy? Come here for a second.” My sister asks for someone. Her voice doesn’t match that fierce face. Here, she’s a different woman. Sad to say, it takes me a second to realize that how many things I’ve missed since I was thrown into a facility. How many memories I lost. How many time I thought about...Josh only to know he just belonged to the dark, not me.

He belonged to the people who took everything from me.

“This is Gwen, my little sister. I’d like you all to welcome her as you’ve welcomed me into this club. As the second law says. Do any of you have any objections?” Where did my older sister go? She used to be sassy but not stern. She never even raised her voice at me and here she was ordering a bunch of bikers around.

What century did I land?

“I don’t have any objection.” For the first time, I’ve come here, I glance up to see only one of them with a smile. She has her bronze hair in a ponytail and her look weighing me down. “Prez especially gave us an order to make sure she’s in good hand. We agree with him.”

“Good.” The relief in my sister’s voice is visible but still no smile whatsoever.

“I don’t have a problem either. The more Serpent the merrier.” A man with Grey eyes grins as if we should all be happy with what was saying. What was he saying even? The more Serpent the merrier?

“Reaper...what the fuck are you on about?” Not my sister. Not my savior.

It’s my new nightmare.

The other man scoffs. “What? She’s going to join one day anyway. That’s what happens around here. Hey, even my one night stands joined.”

“No. She wouldn’t join the Serpents, Reaper. That’s one thing I beg you not to ever mention.” I feel pity with the way Grace has to stand her ground. She sounds tired, she looks even worse.

“I agree with Vixen. She needs to get operated first then you can even think about staying here permanently.” The flinch comes involuntarily as if my body reacts even before my mind can grasp his words. He doesn’t want me here. It’s bluntly obvious yet why no one says a word?

“Fine. As you wish Snipper.” The other man-Reaper leaves with a mock salute and even I want to leave. I can’t...can’t take so many people’s eyes looking at me like this. My breath goes uneven not getting enough oxygen.

“Bend her legs!” My body screams in agony when someone tries to bend my legs. I’m too tired to fight or scream but still, I’m shocked to find how much I’ve in me to scream one more time in protest.

Burn...burn everywhere.

It’s like they’ve set my skin to fire...

“It doesn’t work! Fuck!” I’m unable to tear my eyes from the mirror. Is it me through? Is this the new me going to be if they keep me alive?

Oddly I don’t want her. She’s nothing She’s not me. Fuck! She’s not.

“I don’t fucking care if she gets her knees broken, just make space!” I remember that voice. That’s the one man who burst through our door first. His coil like eyes is stuck in me as he pounds in me.

“Mad Dog better keeps her alive. I’m going to need her again and again.” He laughs joining others.

No, you don’t need me!

Hahaha...Please stop laughing.

No...I can’t...Every voice blends together, every scream taking place as my new background music, every touch branded into my skin.

“Fuck! She’s having a panic attack! Leave everyone!” What? Where am I?

I wanted to run. Maybe if I could use my legs I would’ve. But I only manage to gasp loudly when someone throws me into a bed and all I can see a dark black abyss. The touch doesn’t bring back the flinch but still, it haunts me.

“Where the fuck is the switch? Ginger! A help please!” Someone familiar screams. Is he trying to get them out of my head? I’m practically corpse by the time the light fills the room. It’s unfamiliar. The bed I’m in is small compared to the one in the safe house but there’s a faint scent of someone sleeping here before.

“Snap out of it!” Someone shakes me. I want to...but I can’t.

“It gets better over time, Vixen. Just wait for a while.” My nurse claims. Lies. All of them are lying. It doesn’t get better. It never does.

“Gwen? Please tell me what to do?” A pair of the same dark shade stares down at me in a desperate plea. What could anyone do for me? I want to laugh at her face.

What can you do, Grace?

What the fuck can you do!?

“Nothing,” Seth answers like he knows everything that’s going through my mind. And for that I hate him. He’s taking place in my dark corner. “You can do nothing.”

And just like that, he’s thrown the one step at a time motto in hell...

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