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Chapter 14


“She will be alright once the surgery ends. It usually takes hours.”

I don’t say a damn word. Cause I know. I know she has to be alright. And her being in the operation table isn’t what makes me fidgeting in my seat. It’s what I’m going to do next once I get the message back.

“I know she’ll pull through. She’s so stronger than me.” Grace sighs starting at the closed door with deep concentration. Somehow even before my eyes glance up I know Ginger agrees with her.

Goddammit! What’s taking so fucking long!?

My hand itches to just take out the gun and run. But to run where? I don’t know them. I don’t know the whole story. Hell, I don’t even know half of the damn things that happened before. Grace would never open her mouth. That much I’m sure of.

On cue, the phone in my hand vibrates. I’m fast to leave from the keen eyes staring at me and answer the damn phone. “Hello?”

“I-I got you a clue Snipper. Be ready at 5...please.” Some shits never change. The voice shutters in slight fear that I can almost see her wide eyes avoiding mine. Fear of me. Not Lethal, not Reaper.


Sighing there’s nothing I can do but laugh bitterly. “I’ll not rip your throat out. Why the fuck are you scared so much?”

I know why. But every time the answer reminds me why I have to be the good man.

“I hate you, Seth. I-I hate you. The only reason I’m helping because Ginger told me. Otherwise, I would have never willingly helped a murderer. You ruined my brother.”

She was right. But she only got wrong in one word.

I wasn’t a murderer. I was a killer.

I don’t murder innocents. I kill murderers.

Yet people never understood. Not then not now. “Where do I need to go?”

“Downtown Brooklyn. There’s a small bar underground. Be there at 5.”

Downtown Brooklyn? So close to Mad Dog’s safehouse. But I don’t bother letting her know. “I will be there. Thanks, cuz.”

With that, I end the call. There’s a frown in Ginger’s face when her eyes meet mine. But it goes away the moment she sees me patting the hidden gun in the waistband. Even she knows how far I’m willing to go to know the entire truth.

There are nurses coming out and in through the door. Everyone’s face showing the worry we all feel. Is she alright? I’m tempted to ask one of them but it’s already close to four thirty and if I want to unleash the burning curiosity, I gotta go.

So instead of walking towards where she is, I turn for the door away from her but closer to her past.

By the time it’s 5, I don’t find the bar. Through I find more than that. I find someone I never thought I will see at a club entrance. I don’t know if I should have warned my cousin more to keep her mouth closed but guess she forgot that she was talking to a murderer.

Or she would have never sent her brother to me.

“Long time no see Seth.” He grunts blowing smoke in the air. Days ago I would have taken a puff from him but now I only manage to nod through.

“So they say, Carter. But we both know that’s not true.” I’m being petty and desperate. I know that he knows that. His grin is cruel when he exhales the last puff.

“Does Lethal know you helped me escape from the slaughter that happened at my club? Or are we still hiding things?” Fuck him for reminding me. My fists clench. Eyes darting from him to the club.

“He doesn’t know.” Surprise, surprise. Seth isn’t as Loyal as everyone thinks. “But I can’t leave my family behind too. The club and family...both are important to me.”

“As much as important the reason you came here to meet me?” My fingers probe to just let go. Hurt him. You’ve done it can do it again. But I need him this time. I-I need him for Kitty.

“Frankly speaking I didn’t know she would have sent you of all people.” The tone in my voice is unnecessarily harsh but I don’t fucking care. “But now that you’re here. Can we get to the fucking point?”

“Whatever you say, cuz.” He grins that crooked grin again but thankfully turns around to walk towards the club. The bouncer only gives us a look before he lets us inside. Following him in I’m surprised to see fewer people inside. This place isn’t by any means for any shady business. It’s too clean, too classy to be the bar she mentioned.

“Where are we?” Trust no one. That’s one thing I can wholeheartedly agree with Lethal. Even if it’s family.

Scrawling at the people around me it doesn’t take me long to understand. The facade has been always a part of our life. The club belongs to the upper-class businessmen, families and for only enjoying a drama-free day for the rich. But the more we walk towards the basement, the people changes. Some of them look rugged with bloody knuckles, some have their eyes dead, some harboring the same look we have.

“Here’s the bar. Let’s talk.” I wouldn’t say it’s a bar but anything that has booze, I’m in.

Ordering a beer, my attention is on Carter as I force myself to talk. “Two years ago, there was a case of broken in the house and an assault on two girls. The mother was killed, she was a Serpent by the way. Her older daughter saw the murder and the other...she was raped and injured physically. One of them was Mad Dog and the bastard is already dead. But I want to know who the others were.”

If he’s surprised to hear the desperation in my voice he doesn’t let it show. He only cooks his head toward the bartender to give him more drinks. “You told me her name was Penelope Knight. I tried to find everything which is hard to find as it’s been two years but I know a cop. He helps me with bail and shit, I help him with booze. He said a girl came to the police station to file a report. The other cop heard what she had to say and then he told her to get the hell out of there.”

“What!?” I can’t believe my own ears. “What the fuck that’s supposed to mean!?”

“That’s mean whoever was involved was powerful enough to scare the cop off or he was already living as their lap dog. Whatever floats your boat, cuz.” And right there I knew why Grace has taken the job to finish every MC off herself. She didn’t find justice so she became the jury. Truth be told, I fucking respect her for that.

“Is the cop still available in the police station?” If I have to get names, I better start with the cop. The fucker would say the names and then I’d nail him to six feet under. Whatever floats my boat indeed.

“Nah.” He drags another cigarette, the beer forgotten. “Last I heard he retired.”

Fucking wonderful.

“I want you to help me, Carter. I want to find the cop and make the fucker talk. I don’t fucking care if you’re busy running a dead business, I need your help.” Her face is the only thing I remember. How she said it destroyed her. How she still leaves in the dark hell. How those fuckers taking her soul with them.

And fuck if I would ever let her stumble in the dark.

He shows me a crooked smile. His eyes are far away but he is determined. “For old times sake Seth. I’d help you but I want to do nothing with your Prez. That bastard will never know I’m alive. Do we have a deal?”

For as long as I know, Carter Brothers and The Serpents have always beef around the Presidents. Carter’s too greedy to run with the druggies and shipping alcohol, Lethal’s too insane to care about other clubs. So it’s frown upon if I make a deal without letting Lethal know. Hell, he doesn’t even know that Carter is still alive as Grace burned Crater’s club down long ago. But for Kitty, I will. Hell if she tells me to jump from the cliff then I will. So raising the beer bottle, I’m already sealing my fate.

“We have a deal.”

Funny how it doesn’t take me a second to betray my club. My Prez. Myself. But will it be the only time? Of course not. And, if that’s what it takes to take away her pain, I’d do it over and over again...

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