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Chapter 16


I think I’m going fucking crazy, no joke.

And all that took was two weeks. Two weeks to prove how obsessed I am starting to become over Gwen. Like I can’t even stand when Reaper openly flirts with her. That bastard. It’s like every time he sees a woman he only thinks about how to take them to his bed. And this time, unfortunately, it turned up to be my Kitty.

“What the fuck you are thinking about?” Reaper asks eyeing the girl behind me. Turning back I’m not surprised. She’s his type. Shy in the outside, a little wild in the bed. And, she’s a redhead so it looks like he has already found his conquest for the night. I know his attention isn’t on me yet I can’t help but let out the words eating me alive.

“What do you know about obsession?”

Finally, I’ve his attention. He looks at me as if-just as I said, gone mad and scoffs. “Are you fucking drunk or something?”

“Nope. Just trying to clear some things. So about that obsession-”

“For me, obsession is making sure that I rock that girl’s world tonight and in the morning she leaves without any words.” Typical Reaper. But I guess I didn’t just want to get into Kitty’s pants. Don’t take me wrong, she makes things a little hard at times but that’s not the only reason I wanted to help her.

Shit! I was more than obsessed with her...

“Dude, you ok?” The realization that it’s more than my addiction. More than any obsession...rattles me up more than I’d like to admit.

“I-I am good. Any news on Xavier?” I fucking hate to pretend. But Reaper would never understand what I’m feeling. He’d never known the beauty as my Kitty.

“Fuck no. That bastard has been radio silent and Foxy here is trying to kill me with all those whining. That woman...” He laughs ordering another drink. Scar shakes his head in irritation once before disappearing behind the counter.

“Yeah, that woman...who kicked your ass more time than you did to anyone, asshole.” A voice retorts behind me. This time I can’t stop chuckling at Reaper’s red face.

“Foxy. Just the annoying garbage I wanted to see.” He scoffs standing up.

“Well, I’m looking at the garbage can right now. Do you see me complaining?” Shit! Before these two kill each other, I turn to Foxy.

“Hey, hey. Stop the petty banter. I’m pretty sure you didn’t come here to kill him.” She scowls at him but thankfully after a minute glances back at me.

“Yeah, I actually came here to look for you. I was calling your phone for the last half an hour but you didn’t pick up. I thought you already left for New York.”

“You did?” Confusion fills my mind but she’s quick to reply.

“Yeah, Gwen wanted to meet you. She said it’s important.”

Once again, my heart beats a little faster. Sweat making their way to my forehead. She can do that to me. She can make my head crazy with equally crazy thoughts.

“Snipper? You ok? I can tell her you’re busy if you like?” Foxy offers but I’m already shaking my head.

“No, no. I’m fine.” I inhale sharply before looking at Reaper. “We need to talk to Lethal. Tucker found something interesting.”

Reaper looks ready to talk right now, but I stop him urgently. “We will talk later, Reaper. Right now, I’m busy.”

On a second note...Jerking my chin towards Foxy I bacon her close to me so that Reaper can’t hear. “Foxy, I gotta go. Make sure he’s sober enough to take that girl to bed or knock him out. We don’t want any drunken mistakes.”

With that, my feet takes me towards the guest room farther from the kitchen. Taking another deep breath, I knock.

“Come in!” A soft voice answers.

Entering the room, I’m not prepared to see the chaos that went through. There are CD’s lying around, the player is almost on the verge of dropping on the floor. Glancing up dark eyes observes me as I walk farther until I’m standing beside her.

“You called for me?”

Her smile is timid as if she’s afraid that she had to call me. Her eyes are on the player as she replies. “I-I want to learn again.”

She must have seen the confusion in my eyes so she clears it up with a nervous chuckle. “Dancing. I want to pick up dancing again.”

I want to be Gwen.

Her words from two weeks ago taunt me as I notice her fidgeting on her bed. She really wants to find herself again. And she wants me to be the one to help her. Not Grace, not

“So- what do you want me to do?” I don’t fucking know how to dance. Never even seen anyone dance except if it’s a lap dance or grinding which I’m pretty sure Kitty isn’t looking for. Fuck! I’m screwed.

“You can help me dance. I mean just hold onto me while I try to remember the steps. It’s easy, really! Just follow my body.” Oh, I was following her body, alright. And, it’s keeping me harder to not run towards the shower right now.

I have to clear my throat twice before anything comes from my mouth. “Uh...sure.”

She immediately asks me to help her stand. The therapy is going well, but she still needs help to walk and do other works. So, without another word, I take her hand and help her stand. This close I can see a twitch in her eyes and is that a...blush?

“What are you looking at?” She whispers making me even harder to control myself. Get a Grip, Seth...I’ve to chant as I take her to the middle of the room.

“What song should I choose?” I ignore her question. Thankfully it does the trick as she nods towards the remote in her hand. How the fuck did I not notice that before?

The moment the music fills the room she inhales sharply, her eyes closed as if she’s savoring this moment. Her steps are shaky but at least it’s better than my coordination.

Blue jeans, white shirt. Walked into the room you know I made your eyes burn.

She hums the song, keeping me with her steps. Fuck! This is torture. So close to her and I can’t touch her like I want to.

It was like James Dean, for sure. I’m so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer.

Her hands find a way to my neck to embrace me and a low groan leaves my lips. I can’t help it. Fuck I can’t.

I was sorta punk rock, you grew up on hip-hop. I fit you better than your favorite sweater.

She gives me grin when it takes my turn to twirl her. I like the look on her face. Those bastards have nothing on her. They can’t touch her. They can’t hurt her more than they already did.

You know, love is mean, love hurts. You still remember that day we met in December, oh baby.

Oh yes, I still remember that day in December when I met her for the first time. When I was still confused about my feelings with Grace. When she was just the woman who has lost everything.

I will love you till the end of time, I would wait a million years. Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine, baby can you see through the tears?

I don’t know who closes the distance first. All I know that I’m tasting her lips again. All I know that she’s moaning my name. More, more. Is that me or her?

“Seth please!” She begs watching me with those dark eyes now filled with desire. For me.

“What do you want?” As always I can’t help but ask her. Whatever she asks she will get. My cock, my life, anything...and the thought of such insanity doesn’t even scare me.

“I want you to touch me, Seth.” She has no fear, no alternative motive. She just wants my touch. So it doesn’t take me long to help her lay on the bed.

“Are you sure?” I tease trailing her trembling lips.

“Yes!” Her arms immediately wrap around my shoulder to take my lips again. I can’t get enough when her legs also warp around me, no wonder feeling my hard cock through my pants. Pulling her tighter around me, I raise her shirt and throw it somewhere behind me.


This is definitely torturing.

Unclasping her bra, I can only groan with what the sight welcomes me. She’s already arching her back, trying to kill me no sooner. Kissing down her throat, it doesn’t take me long to take her hard nipple in my mouth.

“Seth!” She cries out in surprise but still doesn’t let go. Leaving marks on her tanned skin, I tug her pants and panty in one go. Her face flashes but she gives me an encouraging smile. Giving her one back, I’m already widening her thighs so that I can see for myself. See what I can do to her. And she doesn’t disappoint me.

She’s fucking wet and dripping.

“Fuck, Kitty! Are you trying to kill me?” She giggles at me but immediately shuts up when I lick her drenched slit. Fuck! Her hips buck as my tongue finds it’s way to quench my thirst. Maybe this is the real torture. Haunting dark eyes see my every movement as I invade her with what...two, three fingers?

Her hips buck again, an appreciated groan leaving my lips. Yes, Kitty! Take my name, remember me. Just me. “Please, Seth. Please!”

My eyes close in panting desire, my cock almost stiff that I can almost feel it giving me a middle finger. But I can’t think of me now. She’s still hurt. God knows what she thinks when her scream reaches my ears. The haunting melody far better than any music.

When my eyes open, I almost come. She’s looking at me with a look I have yet to know. Her breathless state makes me feel like I’m fucking top of the world. Suddenly she grasps me by my hair and tastes herself on my tongue.

“Let me help now.” She whispers, the delicate brush of her warm hand seeking out my stiff cock. I want to take her help. But I can’t.

“Kitty...I’d love nothing more than your help.” I nod towards my cock which earns me a small laugh. “But not right now. You’re still week. And you need your energy if you know-what we were about to do.”

Disappointment flashes over her eyes but in a second she has sobered up. “Oh, ok.”

“Hey, don’t be sad. I will most probably slow down your therapy.” The worry that she’s going to close down lingers like heavy rock. Her eyes only close as she whispers.

“Can you at least stay? Until I sleep? Then you can leave.” I hate the way her voice sounds. Fuck! What have I done?

I wanted her hard and fast as well as slow so that I never forget what it feels like to be inside her. But I can’t. Not so soon. So I kiss her temple which makes her shudder. But I know what I say next is what makes her breath hitch.

“I will take you, Kitty. Hard and slow. I will devour you until the only name you know is mine.” Her eyes are wide as saucer as I continue. “You don’t have to say a word. All you have to do is moan when I finally take you against the wall.”

I know it’s not an obsession as she finally gets the idea of me taking her as mine. I know she sleeps without any nightmare cause I’m there all night to protect her, to care for her, to wait for her to sweep into the dark only so that I can be in the dark waiting to take her hands. I know she thinks about me when she moans my name on her sleep. And I think-

Maybe what I feel is no less than love...cause only love can hurt this much.

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