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Romance / Action

Chapter 21


I love you.

How many times I’ve heard that word? How many of them really meant it? Love made mom run from a monster. It got her killed brutally. Love made Grace weak. It made her desperate enough to sell her soul to the devil willingly. It made her kill. Love made Josh deceitful. It made him a fool enough to betray.

So what does love make Seth?

I love you, Gwen. How easily he said that. How easily his eyes darkened at the thought of me being his. But being his...what kind of person can I make him?

A murderer? An insane fool? Or just a weak man?

Surprisingly none of them mattered. None of them mattered cause every time he looked at me the ache between my legs grew to the point that only he can relieve me from the feeling of emptiness. Cause he’s driving those people out of my mind...out of my world. Cause he’s the only monster in my dark world now.

And no devil or angel can take his place.

“Are you scared?” Am I? Am I scared really?

I turn around to see the redhead staring at me expectedly, waiting for me to answer her question. Are you sacred, Gwen? “I don’t know. Should I?”

She shrugs opening the window. The worn down banister cracks just like my shelf but she has her eyes on me. She looks me up and down like you do right before you tell someone that they shouldn’t be hopeless. Everything will be just fine. Seth’s favorite words. My unwanted salvation.

Just as I predicted she starts with an easy-going smile. “Well...If I know the Serpents, they always have a backup plan so I’m not that much worried. But what about you? You were pretty upset when I came to the clubhouse to give you a lift.”

I’m not upset. I’m wondering why I felt a pang goes through my heart when he left. Why he is the only one constant in my mind. Why I can’t take my eyes off when a woman drunk talks about him in the bar as if she wants him as hers.

Maybe this is what he meant as love. Maybe this is love.

Cause being away from Josh didn’t hurt this much. It didn’t pain me to imagine Seth with that woman. Imagine her moaning as he made her world light up.

It didn’t settle well for me. Not at all.


“Do you think I can love?” Such an odd question. Maybe that’s why she frowns at me with curiosity.

“Why’d you ask me that? Of course, you can.” She says smiling and my throat goes dry in thought. How can she be so fucking positive all the time? “Everyone can if they want to. Even you.”

“And what if I said that I might love a murderer? Then what?” If I was hoping for the shock to reach her, I’m gravely disappointed.

There’s no judgment in her eyes when she stares at me. Only understanding. “Then I’d say you truly love him. Even if he’s hated to the world.”

In my world at least he’s not hated. In my world, he’s only...mine. Simple as that.

Maybe that’s why when he enters the room with blood all over his cloaths, I don’t judge or flinch away. I only follow him when he walks towards the bathroom and dutifully help him get rid of those bloodied clothes. Stopping for a second, even I tug the hem of my shirt to lift it off my body. And when his gaze meets mine, there’s only us.

“Are you afraid of me now?” He grits his teeth, asking that question again. Once upon a time, I might have...But now I’m only afraid that one day I’m going to wake up without him beside me.

So, I don’t answer.

I respond to him by taking his mouth against me. His warm tongue searches mine in a frenzy, feeling every bit of me. He tastes like copper. Like the blood on his body. But he’s still him. His wondering touch still makes me moan. And he knows it, God how he knows it.

My legs quiver, my knees almost buckling. He moves a little to help me stand properly but his hands are still on mine. They are still creating fire and I’m a willing contestant to burn.

“Are you sure?”

I’ve never been that much of a liar. So there’s no point in lying now. “Yes, Seth I’m sure.”

Everything I crave is him. I don’t know who embraces who first. But all I know that I’m facing the wall and warm water is running down my back. All I know that he is throbbing against my ass making me whimper.

Our bodies mold together and he doesn’t take a second to explore. Biting and tasting all I have to give. I can’t stop myself from touching him either. To remember each and every scar, every corner, every hard edge. And when I turn back so that my hands reach to where he throbs most, all I know is I need to have him.


“Fuck, Kitty!” He groans under his breath but I still hear. I hear all those sounds he makes with every time my hand wraps around his angry cock. Every time my fists go up and down. His eyes don’t break from me even when his fingers tease me. Even when my lips part to scream, to feel him inside of me. And I know I’m moaning for more. Even when he’s cumming all over my hand.

He loves me. So I show him how much I can love him.

I kiss him again. This time we both bleed, we both moan. We both burn. His fingers sink into my pussy and yes...I need him to make me his. My back arches, trying to make him go faster. Harder. Longer. I nearly come when his breath tickles against my ear, lightly biting them he says those words again.

“I love you, Kitty. I love you. So come for me. Show me you can love me.”

I do. I do love him. I show him just how much.

“S-Seth! I love you.” And I come. I come screaming his name. But he’s not moving. He’s staring at me like a predator. He’s inhaling my whimpers. And I realize this is the real torture. To be not able to know what’s going inside his head. To be not able to scream when he finally takes mercy on me.

When he’s finally inside me.

I lose all my control. And I realize that he’s letting me fuck him. I’m the one taking him in torturing both of us. My hips move urgently, the distant sound of water reaches through our ears but we have a new soundtrack of ours.

Seth! Seth! Seth!

“Say it again.” He laughs as if he still can’t believe that I said those words. So I say them. Again and again. Until his hips slam into me. Until he starts fucking me. Until his grunt fills the bathroom. Or is he making love? I don’t know. And I don’t bother to know either.

“Seth! I-I’m close-”

“Come, my Kitty.” Mine...There’s something about the way he conveys the words. Like I can stop thinking. Like nothing else matters than us. Like the only thing I can feel is him.

He slams into me one more time and I can’t stop myself. I-I am too needy to chase the high he can give me. And, he’s too warm for me to not control my own body. I feel him stiff and then we are both chasing the high.

“Oh, God!”

My lips go dry, my throat burns to taste him again. Yet his dark ocean blue eyes burn me more than that as the scream leave my lips. He’s watching me falling apart just as I’m watching his. And, he knows I will embrace anything he will give me. He knows I can never leave. I can never be anyone’s. Always his. His Kitty, only his.

And when I’ve fallen to the ground, he’s only ever helpful to fall with me...

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