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Chapter 23


He has seen my dark world and came out of it alive.

The truth haunts me for the last few days more than I’d like to admit. Should I be so surprised though? After all, he was the only one who knew the pain, the loneliness, and the burden of carrying the disturbing scars.

More than Grace even. She has only seen the snippet of my hell after all.

“I’m so excited!” The voice comes as a sting. What is she so excited about? “Finally Vixen is going to be an official Serpent.”

Is she? How could I not know?

“You know how many preparations are going on in the clubhouse? Prez ordered us all to be on our best behavior. Even Reaper. That poor guy was whining about not scoring tonight.” Ginger laughs shaking her red mane of hair. I’m tempted to run to the clubhouse now and ask my sister why didn’t I know. Was I that inconvenience for her?

“She saved us from losing the club, you know. Some bastards wanted to ruin our home.” Ginger doesn’t know me being a part of Mad Dog’s sick plan. She couldn’t be. Or she would never tell me. “But your sister is something else. She risked her life to save ours. We are all happy to get her on our family. A rare gem she is, just like you, Gwen.”

Grace, my sister, my weakness...

How can she?

“Gwen? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Laughter bubbles up to my core. “Absolutely nothing.”

How can I even disagree with my sister when I’m walking on her path. First being addicted to someone, second lying, then...then what next? Revenge? Becoming someone I don’t want to be?

“That look on your face doesn’t look like absolutely nothing.” She scoffs, I laugh more.

Before she can counter me more the door opens with a thud. His eyes find me first but his face reveals nothing. So I wait until there’s a practiced grin on his face. It’s fascinating to even me how he can show so many different emotions to different people. It doesn’t matter what he’s feeling, to these people, he’s always happy.


What makes him truly happy?

I wonder with a smile. The ashes on the ashtray or me? Tough question. Even tougher competition. But I know none of that matters as long as he’ll be the Serpent everyone seeks when needed help.

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you two for an hour. Have you ever not silent your phone?” He scolds turning to Ginger. She rolls her eyes while looking for her phone. When she finally finds it, there’s more than ten calls and all of them from Seth.

“Shit! I must have forgotten to turn it back on. So, why were you looking for us?” Even I’m curious to know why.

“Prez required you for a man we caught. He’s bleeding badly and Leon is out of Southside. We need your help.” Ginger is out of the room before he can finish. If I thought he will join her, I’m gravely mistaken.

He holds my gaze for like forever before walking closer to me. He smells like blood again even if there’s no sign of blood on his body. Maybe that’s what his natural scent has become now.

“Vixen sent me to take you to the clubhouse.”

He waits for me to say something. Maybe he’s hoping for me to scream. To ask questions. But all I can manage to do is a nod.

“You’re Ok with this?” He’s skeptical. His tone deepens when I still chose to stay quiet. “Don’t hide from me, Kitty. I know you’re dying to say something.”

“She hates what she has become. Yet I know she’s going to be happy after today. How’s that possible?” The question doesn’t shock him. I think it even amuses him.

In answer, he only trails his thumb over my lips until I shiver. Until he’s grinning but this time it’s genuine. It’s so goddamn...him.

“Come on, you will see.”

Torn between laughing him off or walk, I don’t even realize that I’m out of the room and walking towards his bike. Only when he’s helping me sit into his bike that I look up to meet his gaze. And what I find in them...I know I’m being just as selfish as Grace. I know why she wants to be a part of this life. I know that she can’t leave and she doesn’t even want to. And maybe neither will I...

Just as Ginger said the club is full today. More people coming in than other days. Seth has a tight hold on me. His eyes darting from one man to another as if he’s smelling the danger out.

“I want you to be with me all the time during the ceremony Kitty. The Mexican cartel wanted our help after Lorenzo failed to receive the shipment. We let them know that Lorenzo is in the Prison now.” Somehow my mind gathers the information messily. The shipment, Lorenzo, the Cartel. Got it. “If they heard about what Lethal is planning to do then they will come today. I don’t want you to be in danger. You hear me? Don’t go anywhere without me.”

Confusion swirls over. Lethal is planning something? “What is Lethal planning?”

“It’s a surprise.” Surprise? I don’t like surprises anymore. It shocks me and not in a good way.

He’s awfully quiet when we enter the bar. I want to continue our conversation but whatever he sees in the counter stops him from going any farther. His face pales, the contrast sharp against his skin.

“I think it’s time I walk you to Vixen.” He’s hiding something. I know it. And it becomes clear when for a fleeting second my eyes go to where I used to bartend even a few days ago. There’s a man hovering over the counter. And a gun pressed against his head. I think that’s Reaper who has his gun out. Scar snarls watching them and their president, Lethal looks bored but on guard.

“Come on,” Seth repeats again. His movement is so quick that I’m no match for him. He’s practically dragging me away. Only when we stop near my sister’s room that he inhales air. The sound rushes over my ears like a taunt.

Who was that man that freaked Seth out this much?

“Who was that?” I can’t help but ask.

I’m not even sure who’s name he takes. Something about Xavier. Something about a lost file. All I know that the door is open and I’m thrust into my sister’s gaze. She sounds better, her scars are healing.

She looks happy.

“Prez wants you in ten minutes. Don’t be late, Ok?” Seth says to my sister making her laugh. But I know his eyes are on me. They are burning holes in my skull. They are daring me to walk out of this door without letting him know. I can almost hear him in my head.

You dare to walk out without me, Kitty and I will-

What will he do?

Without question, I know he will burn everything down. So I look down avoiding his gaze. Only when I hear my name calling that I look up.

“Gwen?” I can’t help but give her a smile. Instinct tells me that Seth is going to do something about that man by the way he helps me sit quickly in the bed and then excuses himself to get things ready for the ceremony.

“How are you?” Grace asks softly. My cheeks flame when I notice the look on her face. She knows. Oh God, she knows.

So I shurg to avoid the question on her eyes. “I’m fine.”

“How’s living with Snipper? I heard he can be a pain in the ass. Literally.” The other woman in the room, Foxy says so suddenly that the words first don’t get to my head. Whipping around to watch her is becoming hard. What did she mean by that? I’m no fool when it comes to love but Seth...he can’t-or did he? Did she know how he tastes? Did she moan like me too? What was she to him?

An addiction or just love?

“Hey.” From somewhere from my mind I hear my sister say. “She was joking. Weren’t you?”

Did she?

Did she really?

“Yeah, yeah. I was just kidding! You know I love to do that. Yeah.” Foxy awkwardly finishes with another grin. Do I believe her? The answer is obvious. No, I don’t. And the sick part is I don’t even care.

“Hey! I said ten minutes! Lethal is getting lividly pissed. He’s in Prez mode. Come on you three.” Suddenly the door opens again and Seth enters. I try to understand what changed in these minutes. Did he hurt himself or beat someone up? Is there blood lingering somewhere?

Oddly I find neither.

He helps me walk faster to reach the arena. I’ve only come here once when Grace gave me a tour of the clubhouse. Now blood lingers here and I know how many of them have lost their life here. More people enter and in a few minutes, the whole place is flooding with guys and girls of various ages wearing the Serpent’s vest.

When my sister goes to the podium, I’ve to squint my eyes to see what face she has on for today. Is she my sister, Grace or a Serpent, Vixen? I’m not surprised to see her repeating the Serpent’s rules but the next moment I’m more than surprised. I’m gasping as the words are being driven right through my heart.

“And now I give you your Vice President of Southside Serpents, Vixen! Let’s welcome her brothers and sisters!” Lethal screams making the crowd go crazy.

She looks at him like Seth looks at me. Like she can’t breathe if he isn’t there with her. And I know. Right then I know what Seth meant when he said that I will see. I see her future written on those words on the vest.


Lethal has claimed my sister as his. I might not know much about biker club rules but even I know what it means.

“Now you know.” Seth murmurs, forcing my gaze to meet his. Feeling eyes on me, my chest tightens and suddenly I can’t breathe. It’s not because of him oh no, it can never be because of him. It’s because of another man staring right at me.

And when he sees me stare back, I see that smile tug on his face. the same smile that haunted me for night over nights. The same smile that’s bringing me down on my knees now. F-Fuck. This isn’t happening. This can’t be...This is happening. And then he mouths the words I know will be the beginning of my doom.

“They know where you are.”

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