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Romance / Action

Chapter 24


“They know, Seth. They know.”

I’ve yet to see this reaction on her face and I’ve come to realize that I hate it. Her face ice cold but the eyes delivering what she can’t say. Fear. Pure raw fear for something I’ve yet to find. Then the next second a storm brewing on those dark eyes that I realize she’s not even looking at me. She’s looking over my shoulder.

“What’s the matter. Kitty? Who knows?” There are so many things to know. About her, about me, about us. Our past, present, and future. What’s she referring to?

She sinks to her knees, taking me with her. What feels like hours later she speaks but even that sounds tired. “I saw him, Seth. I saw one of the monsters. He was here a minute ago.”

He was here?

That fucking bastard?

My breath comes out slow and unsteady. I don’t recognize the man who talks. “How did he looked like? Tell you what Kitty, you tell me who it is and I will let you play with him myself.”

She seems so far away yet my words jerks her right back to this world. This new hell that we are going to enter. She looks up to the crowd and frowns. “I can’t see him here. I don’t even know where he went. I was too busy trying not to freak out. What if I just missed a chance to find him? What if I-”

My fingers twitch to punch something or someone. But she needs me. She needs me sane. Clam. Collected. Her salvation. That’s what I am. And that’s what I will be as long as she wants me to be.

“Seth? Where are we going to find him?”

“What was he wearing? Can you remember anything that makes him stand out in a crowd?” I ask grasping her chin. She wants to fade away again. I know that. I’ve seen this look on Grace right before she ran out towards that burning house. But I can’t let her fade away. That fucking bastard better be ready for my fist cause he’s going to get even worse than that.

I find her lifting her eyes to where Grace is standing now. Grace looks so happy while her sister is withering away.

“Kitty? Answer me.”

“He has an ugly smile.” She starts her frown deepening. “He is tall, bulky and has brown hair cropped short. His eyes...they are brown too, almost black at times. And clothes...He was wearing a Serpent’s jacket.”

Shit! This was bad. Way too bad.

“Come to the office with me.” I know Lethal will have my head for this. He trusts me with his life but this time I’m choosing me. I’m choosing her safety over our club rules.

“What?” Her expression falls flat as if she can’t believe me. “Today is my sister’s day. I’m not going to tell what happened to either of them. Seth, please tell me you’re going to respect my choice.”

I’ve always respected what she said. Every fucking word like a goddamn pet. So I don’t disappoint her today either.

“They don’t need to know Kitty. But we have to know who it is.” She nods walking alongside with me. Today the office seems too farther. The bar is empty, only Scar hunched over the counter with a knife pressed over his hand. When our eyes meet we both know we are breaking some kind of code. He’s playing with his life and I’m playing with the fire.

But none of us say a word.

He keeps my secrets as I keep his. When we reach the office it’s cold and dark. But even in the dark, we have some light. The camera is still on and thankfully there’s no blind spot in the arena. We don’t waste time to watch over the CCTV footage. And when her nails dig harder on my skin that I know I’ve found who is going to be my next kill is.

“T-That man. He was the one.” She says without any emotion. I think even fear has driven away from her soul after all.

I have to squint my eyes to see who it is. Cropped brown hair, brown eyes and an ugly smile on his face. He’s even wearing the Serpent’s jacket. The man matches perfectly with her description. And I’m having a hard time to believe what I am seeing.

It can’t be fucking possible.

How can a dead man be here threatening to ruin our life? How the fuck that’s fair?

“Seth? What’s wrong?”

“I know him.” My throat goes dry. I know him. I learned from him. I-I killed him. “I knew him before he supposedly died.”

The words come off harsh and bitter. One monster died only to raise another. When the fuck that’s going to stop?

She gulps looking away from me. “What happened?”

“Remember when Lethal became the President after Mad Dog lost the fight?” She nods silently much to my annoyance. Fuck Kitty, I need you angry now. But she isn’t. Not even close. “Any Serpent who took Mad Dog’s side was killed with a bullet between their eyes. He was one of them. He was known as the Snipper back then. I was the who shot him. I took his place. I thought the fucker died. Fuck! If only I would have checked each body properly then maybe this wouldn’t be-”

“You couldn’t have known.” She cuts me off shrugging. She’s good old Gwen again before I can muster up a reply. “But at least we know who it is. That’s enough for now.”

Something is wrong. She isn’t saying everything. Something is bothering her. I can tell by the way her eyes fail to meet mine.

“What else did he say?” I’m painfully alert that she winces slightly when my fingers trace her thin neck. Her heart beats harder, her eyes forcing not to wander away from me.

“I-I didn’t-”

“Kitty.” The hiss comes so sudden that even I’m surprised. I’ve never felt so helpless. Never so...fucking pathetic. “Don’t lie to me, Kitty. Never.”

There is it. The emotion I want to see. Tears. Beautiful tears fall from her eyes. She doesn’t even attempt to wipe them off. Her voice is hoarse yet so beautiful. “He mouthed they know where I am. And then-then he...lifted his jacket to pull out the gun. That man-He then-”

“He can’t hurt you, Kitty.” I’m stuck between screaming the words or taking her lips against me until she knows who can make her feel the oxygen in her lungs. I end up doing both of them. A pair of haunted dark abyss stares back at me as I give her everything I can. My air, my soul, every fucking thing. “Not when I’ve any saying to that. Mark my words Kitty. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

She laughs. She fucking laughs as the sound tickles over my bones. There are pain and frustration in those sounds. In those little giggles as she suddenly shoves me until I’m against the wall. She laughs once more. At what though? My misery or her pain? Guess we will never know.

“Y-You think I’m afraid because of him?” Her laughter dies down as if even she’s not sure why she shouldn’t be. “Do you, Seth?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Don’t play games, Kitty. I pray. Not now, not ever. I wouldn’t be able to fucking breathe if you do.

“He didn’t pull the gun on me, Seth.” She sounds tired to fight, to even breath I think. Her next words are what nails me to the ground. They choke me until I can’t find any air. Love, fucking love.

“He aimed the gun at you. And that’s what scared the shit out of me.”

She loves me. And maybe that’s what was going to be her downfall...

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