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Chapter 26


“I want in.”

“Oh you do, don’t you?” Lethal’s tone is mocking. Does he know already? He better not fucking with me now. He can’t know about what we discussed the night before.

“Yes, Prez.” I force myself to say instead. “I was the one who messed up. If not for me, Lorenzo wouldn’t be in prison now and Cesaer wouldn’t be pissed as hell. So yes Prez, I want to take full responsibility for that one mistake.”

“That wasn’t your fault, Snipper. All of us ran when the cops caught the bastard.” Foxy interjects. I clench my fingers to keep calm. This is not the time to be a saint. I want-no need Lethal to be angry at me. Enough to make me join the Serpents when Ceaser comes out of his hiding place.

“For once I agree with Foxy. You’re always on guard, Snipper.” Reaper adds beneath his breath.

Lethal furrows his brow. I don’t know if he takes my bait or not, but there’s a knowing look in his eyes. “I know you Snipper. It’s not like you to make mistakes.”

“Oh please, I’m a fucking human. I can’t be such a role model all the time.” I say, forcing a grin. Fuck it! If Lethal ever suspected anything-

“If you want me to believe that bullshit then fine. I’ll humor you.” He shakes his head as if frustrated. Oh, brother, you have no idea. “But want to tell me what happened yesterday? Why was Gwen with you? I’d thought Vixen wanted nothing to do with club business when it comes to her sister.”

“She was with you?” Foxy suddenly yelps. “Vixen is going to kill you. Mark my words.”

Damn it!

“She was.” I nod. Hell, even I know that Grace would have my head for teaching Kitty how to use guns. So it’s better she doesn’t know. “Gwen was the one who saw Desmond aiming a gun at my head. She warned me so I didn’t think twice to leave her at the arena. It was dangerous for her to stay alone. I might be pissed at the fucker that time but not stupid.”

They all buy the lie just fine. Or maybe they are just humoring me again. But fuck if I care. All I want is Ceaser’s blood in my hand.

I find Lethal throwing a manila file on the desk. “Count yourself in then, Snipper. There’s going to be a mascarade ball at the celebration of a new deal with the Russians next week. Ceaser invited all of us. I’d say be at your best behavior if you want to fix things faster.”

“We will be ready. I’ll call Tucker to assure more security.” Reaper remarks before dozing off to whatever he was thinking before.

“Good. You’re dismissed.” One by one everyone leaves until I’m the only one left. Lethal raises his eyebrows in a question. “Yes? Anything you’d like to discuss?”

“Did we caught Desmond?” I ask anxiously. It’s not good for any of us to find that bastard gone after I know what he did. The look on Lethal’s face unnerves me more. Shit! This is definitely not good.

“That fucker is gone. It’s so strange for him to come here only to leave.” He frowns and when Lethal frowns it’s usually a dangerous prospect. “Do you want me to still find him or let things go?”

“Like hell, I will.” A snarl leave from my lips. “I will butcher his head off if I see him next. Guns couldn’t kill him before maybe this one will.”

“Fine. Still looking for the fucker then. First Xavier, now Desmond. It’s not like I’m not having a fun ride, right?” He grunts throwing his fists on the desk. When I still don’t leave, he chuckles. “Anything else? Any other favor I forgot to offer?” He isn’t angry at me. Not a fucking bit. I know him and the length of his insanity. He’s angry at the entire world. Fuckers like Desmond and Ceaser are just a top on the cherry.

“Gwen wants to visit New York for dance or some shit. She wants me to come with her. Can I have this week out of Southside?” The lie comes easily. And I definitely don’t miss the clench of his jaw.

“You said you wanted in and quite frankly it’s totally opposite of what you want-”

“I can work from there. Try to find some secrets worth knowing. You know, the usual.” I cut him off with a grin.

“Are you sure of what are you doing? I know something is fucking wrong with you these few weeks. You can tell me if anything happens, right?”

Lethal means well. I know it, but for the love of God, I need some space to brew my own plans. That’s why my tone takes a dangerous turn. I’m not playing around anymore.

“I know what I’m doing, brother. All I want you to do is trust me, Ok?”

He trusts me. Sometimes blindly even. Maybe that’s why he gives me an honest smile in return. And when I return to her, she’s the goddamn warrior I truly know her to be. Desmond or any fucker can’t take her freedom away. I will fucking make sure of it.

Ceaser can go fuck himself for all I care.

The moment we are out of the car, I find Carter waiting for us. There’s no usual smug smile or that shit eating grin on his face. He’s fucking serious for once and he doesn’t forget to show it when he takes the bags from my hand.

“Who is this little bird?” He asks over his shoulder. The house he has chosen isn’t flashy by means but still over the top, even for him. I don’t dare ask where the hell he found the money to keep this kind of safehouse. Not like it would do me any good. Another lie, another practiced smile. Go figure.

“It’s Gwen. The woman I told you about.” Beside me, she stills only for a moment before walking side by side like before. He takes us to the upstairs and opens the door to a room far bigger than we have in our clubhouse.

“Nice to meet ya.” He says with that charming smile when we finally staggered through the door. The bags are already dropped near the King sized bed and he’s now waiting for us to talk.

“Likewise.” She whispers pacing around. I don’t know if she thought that’s where she was going to live for the next week or not but I don’t find any trace of irritation or worry in her face. Guess even she blindly trusts me to take her somewhere safe. Even if that was a cheap hotel room.

“Not much of a talker are you?” He wonders, jerking his chin towards me with a smirk. The temptation to bush his skull is still running through my mind when she stops pacing around and simply stares at him.

“You know. Don’t you?” There’s no pity. No annoyance, just cold hard truth. “Then you know why I am here. Are polite little talks really necessary?”

Something tells me old Gwen would have never said that. She would never brush away people with a little flick of her fingers. But then again she isn’t Gwen anymore. She’s is my Kitty. And she knows to play the role far better than I’d like to admit.

“Very well then. You teach the ropes to your woman until I whip up something.” Regardless of her blunt action of defiance, he pipes up. Thanks fuck he is even sober. “Chinese good with you?”

She stiffens entirely caught off guard. killers like us don’t offer food, we offer blood in a platter. She has learned that very well in the few months. So for her sake, I nod. Only when he leaves with a sigh that I reach for her shoulder to make her look at me.

“You doing ok?”

“Hmm.” She hums still looking around. “When are we starting?”

“Egar to learn are we?” I try to joke but it comes out hallow. She’s giving me her soul, her old self away to get revenge. The least I can do is give all of me to her.

“I-I need to learn now, Seth. Before I lose my mind overthinking.” The desperation sips from her like unwanted rain. Maybe that’s why I let her follow me to the basement. She watches the weapons with new interest. I think some even makes her curious to use.

“Pick your poison, Kitty.” She eyes me wearily but there’s still no expression that screams that she wants to run farther from here.

“What about that one?” My gaze cuts through the weapon she has chosen. A Glock-17. Guess she sees the admiration in my eyes. As her pink lips stretched to make a smile as if she has already found her favorite candy.

“This’ll do. But first, you need to learn how to disassemble the gun. See this?” I pick the gun and unclench her fist. She fingers the gun with a gleam in her eyes. “Don’t touch the trigger unless you want to shoot. No fucking matter what. Loaded or unloaded.”

She nods backing away from the trigger. “Now take out this bar this way so that barrel can be separated from the side. Yeah just like this.”

Slowly she follows me until we have disassembled the gun. Her eyes narrow when we assemble the gun again. That’s all we do the whole afternoon. Teaching her how to load and unload. How to aim the gun and shoot. Carter left the food long ago but she doesn’t even look hungry. She’s eager to learn.

Damn. I release a much-needed sigh. I think for my benefit she acts like she doesn’t hear me. She concentrates on the sound that passes over my ears. Bang! An everyday sound that doesn’t even matter anymore.

“Your phone is ringing.” Only when I hear the small voice that I look up. When I say nothing she gestures towards my pocket. “Your phone.”

Oh. My phone. Dammit! Without seeing who it is from I answer. “Yes?”

“I have a bad news.” Lethal. I don’t even have to check. I can fucking hear a bitter laugh tickles from him. “Let’s just say you’re not the only one who screwed up.”

“What happened?” Kitty watches me with questions in her eyes but she’s quiet, the gun still in her hands.

“I send Xavier out of Southside with one of our brothers. We just found him unconscious in the doc. He said someone knocked him out and when he came to Xavier was nowhere to be found. And guess whose face came up when Foxy ran the footages?”

I don’t even have to wonder. The name comes falls from my lips easily. “Desmond. That bastard.”

“I’m going to find him myself, Snipper and he better have some reason to why he’s not in six foot under yet.”

The call ends with Lethal cursing some more but I can’t ignore the facts running through my mind. If Desmond has taken Xavier then where he has taken him? It’s not easy for him to work alone. What if he’s still with the Mexican cartel?

“Is everything ok?” She asks touching my arm.

Shadows flicker over my sight, my fist clenching so hard that I can almost hear them crack. And when I answer her even she has tasted the hell I’ve thrashed only to get into the same square. “Not even a fucking bit.”

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