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Chapter 28


It was a mascarade ball alright.

Everywhere every fucking person with masks of their own. Literally and figuratively. And between them the only two people who knew what’s going on in here. Who’s going to start the second level of this revenge.

Can’t say I’ve alone to take the credit.

In these three months, I’ve seen my Kitty changed from a lost little girl to a fearsome woman. I’ve seen her in bad and good. Dead and alive. And every time she has managed to throw me off my guard successfully.

Like right now, she’s dancing with Carter yet I know her eyes seek mine every second. They glow like a burning star. They promise a long death when her gaze strays for a moment. Looking over my shoulder I’m not surprised.

Ceaser and Lethal are sitting together on the far end the ballroom. Our original plan is to make Ceaser give us Xavier by giving up half the Eastside land he was wanting for years. However, my little plan for him is totally different than Lethal’s. We plan to take more than his mafia empire, we want to take blood. Right now all that matters is... Eye for an eye.

For outsiders, they are just having a friendly conversation but I know the fucking truth. Lethal’s fists are clenched together so hard that I’m afraid when he will lose his shit. I’m surprised he has lasted even one hour without trying to pummel the fucker to the ground.

“Don’t glare. You will give us away.” I hear a small voice says. My glare vanishes the moment I turn back. In an emerald dress, she looks as beautiful as ever. But I know the lost look on those dark eyes. She’s still worried, still, the same Jade who came to us for revenge. Still thinking over what her sister is doing.

When the person of question is just a foot away probably thinking about the same thing.

As Kitty asked I made sure no one can recognize her. With her red dress, Carter somehow managed to get a matching red wig and a pair of blue contacts. So there’s no way any Serpent can even say that Kitty was here among us. Hell, she even called Grace before leaving the safe house, making up some excuses as to she will have a sleepover in her dance partner’s house and she had nothing to worry about.

Suffice to say, it was something only Gwen Knight would say, not Kitty. So Grace didn’t suspect anything just like Lethal.

“I’m not glaring, just making sure everything is going smoothly.” I murmur, leaning back to give her some space. I don’t think she believes my lie. She only laughs quietly.

“If you say so. But seriously, keep on guard but don’t do something that gives us away.” Her voice is relaxed but the underlining warning is clear as day. Did she know? I try to read her face but come up blank like every time.

That dammed Knight blessing...

So I agree with a nod. “I will make sure of that Vice-Prez.”

I can see a ghost of a smile behind her mask before she strutted away to break Reaper from a lip lock. After that, I kind of went to autopilot. Talking to other club members when needed, laughing with the women like it was just a normal outing for the club. Only when I saw the blur of red fled from the scene that I got a fucking hold of the world.

“Where are you going?” A voice stops me dead in my step that I didn’t even register running from the party. Fuck!

I don’t have to glance over. I know who the fuck this voice belongs to. The only good thing right now I can think is even Carter isn’t somewhere between the dancing bodies so he must have followed her just like I was going to.

So instead of moving forward, I turn back to look at the eye of a dead man. “Ceaser. Thanks for having us.”

My smile is strained and my pulse is throbbing to reach back, only to slam down my fists on his ugly face over and over until he’s choking down his own blood. But I can’t. It’s not my game to play.

I can feel his eyes narrow. “Lethal didn’t introduce his biker crew. How rude of him. However, I’m generous enough to meet everyone who came here tonight. So who would you be?”

Your messenger of death. The words are on the tip of my tongue but somehow I manage not to say them aloud and fuck up. But the curiosity to know how far I can poke him until he snaps is wondering worthy too. So I end up doing both.

I take a too long minute to answer. Sweat him a bit. Making him wonder who the fuck I might be. Only when I see him looking at one of his lap dog that I answer with a satisfied smirk. “I’m Snipper. I handle shooting ranges.”

“Oh, really?” He glances around the people, his jaw set in irritation. “Then you might be really good at it.”

If he was going to insult me, he had to do a little better than that. I think he knows too when a mocking chuckle leaves from my lips, that almost sounded like a snarl. “You want me to prove that by shooting your head off?”

Some would say I was being reckless. A little foolish even. But fuck if he can think of getting away thinking he has the right to destroy lives.

Consequences be dammed.

He smiles. “You got fire in you, young man. Tell you what-if any day you’d like to retire from the Serpents-”

“I don’t.” I cut him off successfully. “We have an omerta too. And being who you are-I think you’d understand that just fine.”

He shoots me a wry look but others have already caught his attention. “I hope the next time we meet we can talk more. More important thing like a business.”

He thought he had me with that one. Money had every answer to his world anyway. So I let the fucker believe whatever he was thinking to invest in me. After all, A dead man can only go so far before he truly knows that he’s done for...

I find her in one of the guestrooms after searching for half an hour. She has her mask in her hands and she was pacing around right before I entered the room.

“Thank God. Where were you?” She asks the moment I’m near her. I’m ready to give her a full report on the fucker when I catch a hint of lingering smoke in her skin.

Cigarette? No, she didn’t use my type of distraction.

So what?

“What happened?”

Without hearing her I know she has used another method of distraction. Her nose flared as if to warn me. Don’t judge me. You know how it feels. You know me, Seth. And her face shows the revelation of how much she enjoyed it.

“How many?” I grunt.

She looks away sighing. “Two. I just saw Desmond turning towards the hallway so I thought of following him. But two got to me first. Before Carter can do something, the gun was in my hand and-”

And she shot them without a fear.

Has loved it too...

Another grunt leaves my lips. But they are of appreciation. She was taking this better than I’d like to think.

“Where’s Carter now?” Only then I notice that she’s alone. My cousin couldn’t be that stupid to leave her alone in a room without any protection. Was he?

Her fingers curl into a fist. “We got a lead. One of the maids was whispering to another about a man probably newly taken into the attic. So he went there to check things out.”

Fuck! He’s going to end up killing himself or I’d end up killing him...

“I told him to go.” She whispers as if sensing what’s running through my mind. “I can handle myself, Seth. I’m not a broken toy.”

I can’t disagree with that. Broken toys don’t have the power to put a human back together. They don’t have the power to lead a fucker like me to insanity. They can’t claim a killer like me. They can’t love the darkness inside me.

“And did you find something?” She asks me before I can convey how much she wasn’t a toy.

“Ceaser wanted me in.” Right now I can laugh at it with her. The fucker is so dense, so hungry for a lag dog that he forgot to check for the crocodiles. “I might or might not have politely told him to fuck himself.”

She inhales deeply, tucking her now red hair over her ears. “I saw the other two man. They were flirting with a girl near the bar. She was so uncomfortable stuck with those two. I wanted to help you know. But the moment I took a step...their smirk flashed over and it felt like my body was burning all over again. The memories-I couldn’t get a hold on and all I wanted to grip the gun tightly in my hand or aim at their head until they are dead. But I couldn’t. What if-what if I freak out like this later? What if I can’t take them out-”

“Then I will take them out. I will end them for you.” How cute. She doesn’t trust me enough to help her through.

“That you will. I know that very well. But when I will get my hands on them? Desmond disappeared again, those two must still be flirting-”

“No, he didn’t.” I can begin to feel the blood rushes through me. The words glare at me. Taunting me to finish everything tonight.

She inches closer and peers over my shoulder. “What did he sent you?”

I don’t let her show the words. That’s for another day. Instead, I show her the pictures. At first, there’s no emotion in them but then there’s a flame that burns on those dark eyes. Two identical car stares back at her. But I know the flashy car isn’t her of concern, the men looking in mid-scream is.

“H-How did you-”

“Carter had a woman lured those two out.” Her lips twitch into an almost taunting smile. Trust these two to think with their dick. “The moment they were out of the party, he struck them with a rod. They didn’t die if you are worried, only unconscious. We’re taking them to Carter’s home.”

“And Desmond?”

And Desmond? My eyes cut to her wondering if I should tell her or not. I know she’ll stop me if she knew what I was planning to do with that fucker. I can tell her through. Maybe she’ll even join me. But-

“I know where he will be.” That’s all I give her. I don’t want her to regret becoming this person. What if she is still hoping to be just Gwen somewhere deep inside her mind? What if I repulse her once she has seen me there punishing them? So I don’t answer. I’ve said too many lies by now anyway.

One more wasn’t going to hurt any less...

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