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Chapter 2


Whoever said that pain can't be beautiful has to be a Goddamn idiot. It's all bullshit. It's a lie. Cause I've seen it. I've seen it in her. I've recognized the beauty of pain in those dark as night eyes.

Though I would never tell her that. Just like I will never tell her about how I feel. Cause for me loyalty has always come first. So no matter how it pains me to see her watch Lethal with that look...she will never know.

"Excuse me?" I'm stopped from thinking more when another life joins me in the night. She's short and cute with a worn smile on her face. Two months ago she could have been my type. Now...not so much.

"Did you do what I asked you to do?" I ask her lightening a match. The smoke catches her unguard but she knows not to argue about my choice of poison.

"Yes, I did." She pauses glancing at the closed door once. "Ms. Evans will be ready for a new nurse. But are you sure that this is what can be best for her?"

What I say next makes her gasp but I'm not a saint. Being a Serpent has its perks. So I don't hesitate when I throw her the file I've had with me.

"Accused of two murders. Sold his little girl for gambling and is still running from town to town because someone is after him. Your father isn't exactly a perfect example of parenthood, that's for sure." I finish giving her a grin.

"I know that Snipper." Her voice is still edgy. She's fidgeting in her spot. "But he's still my father. And the only reason I agreed with your crazy idea to refer to a Serpent as a nurse because you are willing to clear his name."

"And I will," I promise her. "When you leave Southside tomorrow, your father will get his freedom. But after that, if he does anything to prove the accusations to be truth-"

"He wasn't lying Snipper. He never had a hand on anything he was accused of. Lorenzo made it up. All of it to take us down and the bastard won." I can clearly see the hatred in her eyes before she sighs. "Look, I will leave with my father and never come back. Lethal has nothing worry about us. And I don't know what business you have with her, but please make sure that Ms. Evans is ok. She has gone through a lot."

She has no clue that I already know what I'm here for. She peeks the door open to see the unknown woman's face before leaving me with a nod. Jade's words flash through my brain alongside with Lethal's warning.

Make sure nothing can harm her, brother.

I'm giving my trust on you, Seth. I hope you know what it means.

Of course, I know what it means. So I light another match and finally feel like opening the door. Entering the relatively small room, I've to squint for a moment to see a figure of someone's back through the dim light coming from the window. My job is sleeping on the bed but I can clearly see the stiffness of her shoulder.

Instantly, I feel pity for the woman. She didn't even fucking realize that someone was looking at her while she was in her room. No wonder she will need as much help as I can give her.

So I watch over her in darkness.

I inhale her fearful breaths.

Until the figure turns around and opens her eyes. I know her breath freezes but I also know that she can't see me through the haze of the dark. She couldn't even if I was standing right in front of her. Cause pain is all she's seeing. I watch her hate the pain and after a minute embrace it like a warrior.

And right then I feel how much beautiful the pain truly can be.

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