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Romance / Action

Chapter 30


“And here I thought I was the only sadist here.”

My back stiffs immediately. That voice. It couldn’t be...

“Ceaser.” She sounds so damn tired. So...relieved.

“Thought I’d find you here.” The bastard says amused while my vision paints red. Turning back, I’m not prepared to see his face already messed up with blood. What the fuck? Who can-Realization almost knocks me out of my breath.

“Where’s Carter? What the fuck did you do?” It freaks the hell out of me to admit the obvious. I don’t know or my guess is worse than me being a liar. Carter might not be in one piece, hell he might be even dea-

“Oh, he’s not dead.” How fucking glorious. He almost sounds like he’s taunting me. Then who’s blood is on his hands? He laughs seeing the question in my eyes. “But can’t say he didn’t make a mess while I tried to behead him. What’s that saying again? Ah... Nadie tropieza dos veces con la misma piedra. He spied around my cartel even after my threat to stay the fuck away, had to retreat to teach the young man a lesson.”

“Where’s he?” Kitty jerks her chin towards the fucker. Her stare reminds me of that girl. Lost. Broken. Dead. Tired of playing games.

“Ran like a coward. Though I did manage to slice his arms. Blood and gore excite me. As you can recall.” He says the last part looking at my Kitty. Fucking shit!

“Don’t you dare take a step,” I warn even before he takes a step towards her. Kitty has her eyes on him while walking until she’s close to me. She doesn’t need me to hold her tighter, she already has her gun aimed at him. This only makes the fucker laugh harder.

His eyes crinkle in amusement. His accent heavy drawling the words out. “What? Afraid I will take her right in front of you?”

I don’t fucking think. I don’t even have the heart to hear a shrill scream that leaves her lips. All I know is slamming down the fucker and beat the shit out of him. There’s a rage running through my vein like venom as I see him still chuckle with blood running down his nose. My knuckles are probably broken by the harsh blow that I landed over his face.

Slam, grin, slam.

My fingers throb in pain but I can’t stop myself. I don’t want to. He snarls trying to fight back but that only makes me blindly search for something to hit him with. The knife glints in the light as if mocking me to take it and fucking end him. End this scheme. Just as I touch the knife I flinch back hearing a scream.

“Seth, look up!”

It’s all happens so fast that even before I can look up I feel something strikes my head harder for me to fly off Ceaser as along with a sound of two gunshots filling my buzzing ears. F-Fuck! I taste the copper in my mouth, the pain in my head explodes like never before. Everything be damned. I’m too dizzy to hear what’s going on.

“Seth? Oh God! Leave him!”

“Kitty, what-”

One more shot and everything goes black.

“You think this one will survive?”

“Doubt so. I injected him with Oleander. Regardless of the small dose, it does its wonder.”

“Haha. Told you I will get her back. The addition was this fucking idiot. Love really makes people blind, Desmond.”

“How the fuck I know about that? I ditch the chicks the next day and never look back.”

“You did for this one. You waited for two years. That’s saying something.”

“Because I wanted to break her. I thought I did too. Can you imagine how she was thrown in a facility? The bitch couldn’t even scream! But this son of a bitch was there to remind her that she was worth something. Had to bust his skull open. I don’t even know how the fuck he’s still breathing.”

I don’t hear a word after that. Maybe they talked more but I just lost my ability to hear or maybe they finally left me alone. My head still feels dizzy and I’m so fucking cold as if someone threw me into a cold lake. My brain asks me to open my eyes, to wake up and see where I am but the only thing I can remember is the snippet of what happened before I lost conscious. Kitty’s scream, her looking down at me horrified, those dark eyes worried for me and then a sound of a gunshot. For a second, I think I hear a very familiar laugh. It tickles over as ice, the sound of someone choking filling my ears. It can’t be- My thoughts drift altogether until everything fades away.

The next time I regain conscious my sight is blurry. Everything swirls in front of me. The cheap lamp over the table, the ceiling, the expensive portraits against the wall, that damned picture of Ceaser smirking like he accomplished the fucking world.

Fuck! Even breathing hurts.

A snarl leaves from my lips as I realized what the fuck that fucker has done. He has stripped me bare as the day I was born and hung me from a hook with my hands over my head. I try to shake the chains just to humor me but even I know it’s fucking difficult to get out of the heavy chains when they injected me with something and my head fucking throbs as if someone ran me over with a truck.

What did he say he used again?


My muscles ache with the way it tightens the hook, the more I try to unhook my hands. Fuck! I don’t know where and how Kitty is. If they’ve stripped me bare then did they do the same- The thought brings a new wave of pain and rage over. My fist clenches thinking about Ceaser and his stupid smirk.


“Angry? I thought you’d be more worried about your busted skull.” I don’t have to open my eyes to know who the fuck is talking. It takes every bit of restraint to not bust his skull open. Probably I’d do that without thinking if I wasn’t hanged like this.

“What? Cat got your tongue?”

“Fuck you.” A hiss leaves from my lips.

“Ask your woman. I did fuck her after all. Oh, wait...that was Desmond.” He flashes a mocking smile with all teeth showing. I wanted to grind all his teeth into ashes. “Oh, Dillon too. Fuck! How can I forget? I can’t miss our Antonio too. Look, all of us have fucked her, including you I guess.”

Kill him. Just plain kill him. I can’t hear any fucking thing other than the sound of this fucker dying. I tell myself that repeatedly. I can’t stop myself from finishing them myself. I wouldn’t be able to keep this one promise to Kitty. The moment my hands are free, he’s dead.

“But first I have to get rid of you, young man. See what you made me do?” He chuckles walking closer. My jaw clenches and if anything his grin widens. Sick fucker.

“You could have worked for me. I’d give you one mercy to let you live. Now you even lost that.” He makes it sound so important as if I fucking care. “No?”

I can feel my lips stretch. To make a grin or snarl? Either way, I’m fucking gone. “You will kill me, Ceaser? You little pimp has the strength to fight? You are a fucking coward. If you want to kill me, give me a fair fight, you coward.”

Pain strikes me hard. My sight going hazy for a second. The fucker punched me in the face. My lips sting but I can’t stop laughing. I spit the blood on his face. Just as I said, coward. “Hiding behind this mafia boss act as if anyone respects you. If you die today, there’s going to be thousands of your friends willing to take your head to get the position.”

His nostril flare in anger but I know I can’t stop now. “Do you think your Desmond is with you? Come on! He knows you’ve practically insured your death by touching my woman. He’s just waiting for you to kick the bucket. Better yet, remember Elijah?”

“Elijah has nothing to do with us!” Oh look, it looks like I’ve hit the words fucking home. “You don’t fucking take my son’s name in our business and live the next day!”

Something inside me catches Carter’s words from before. And now it’s making more sense. “Your son despises your guts, old man. That’s why you were so worried about Lorenzo not getting the shipments that you were fucking desperate enough to ask for our help. There weren’t just weapons in that ship, was it?” Fucking fool. “They were your future investments if your son kicked you off your throne in future.”

He doesn’t give me a second to breathe before I hear a whoosh and then there’s Inferno. There’s a fire over my back that I can’t stop the scream. Fuck! That hurts like a motherfucker. I feel all the burning lava that leaves over my skin thanks to the whip. Again and again, I hear his pleasable groan. Blood and gore excite the bastard after all. I see blue, red, black, white, yellow altogether. So, I blink until my vision clears. Until I can croak a word out. Fuck you, Fuck you, fucker! You’ll never have Kitty! I will kill you! It stings reminding me of the way Lethal used to explain the pain he felt.

It was ok, Seth. I wasn’t even sure about feeling anything. It just looks bad, I’m fucking fine. Just patch me up, brother.

And the laughable thing is?

He fucking lied.

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