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Romance / Action

Chapter 34


She’s alive.

The declaration should be enough for me. I shouldn’t have started looking around to find any possible danger. I should have just taken her and leave.

But I can’t.

When I don’t know if her soul is still mine. If she still has something to claim. Not anyone else’s. Not any other fucker’s.

“She knows you.” For the first time, she collapsed on my lap that I look up. It’s a woman with a beautiful smile. Her smile doesn’t give off the feeling of dread. When I don’t move, she offers me another smile but this one is urgent. Something wrong went down tonight. “You have to go.”

“What happened to her? Is she ok?” I can’t help but check her body for any injury I missed. I find a couple of cuts here and there but they are well taken care for. Looks like someone washed her up. The thought of any other man seeing her body-

“She has a lot going on. I suggest you leave before the guards enter the manor.” The woman is trying too hard to keep calm. Is Pedro inside?


She cuts me off with a grimace. “Dead. But his men are still alive and they wouldn’t take it very well if they find you two. Please, senor, just take the hidden door and leave.”


How did he die?

In Kitty’s hands?

The thought makes me giddier than I’d like to admit. I’m already snooping her on my arms when Xavier enters through the door. His takes one look at Kitty and rubs a hand over his head before marching to where we are.

“We have to move. I caught some movement near the garden.” Leave. Take her. I know I should just leave but don’t know why I don’t. Instead, I turn back to look at the woman and grunt.

“Thank you.”

Her eyes shares some hope, the smile still radiating. “I hope I could have met her earlier.”

I don’t know what makes me say the next words. I think even she doesn’t get them either. “Do you want to come with-”

“No!” She jerks back from me as if what I said was mortifying. “I belong to this manor. I can’t leave. I-I won’t leave.” With that, she runs back to where she came from.

I don’t say anything. I just take Kitty and leave with Xavier. Behind us, I can hear shouting and sounds of breaking furniture. I think I can even hear a woman’s cry. Maybe she really did belong to the manor. Maybe her screams will always be a part of this house like a haunting melody. And that’s why we walk faster until I put Kitty in the car and Xavier starts to drive.

I knew we were being reckless when Xavier stops near a motel. The same motel we rented for the night. Coming here in one of Ceaser’s jet and then finding Pedro’s manor was harder than I first thought. And after what we did to Ceaser’s men-I’d be really worried if no one comes looking for us.

“I’ll crash on the coach,” Xavier mutters sighing.

“You do that,” I say while I help Kitty to put on the bed. She looks devasted. So I don’t wake her up from the sleep. Fuck knows how many nights she has endured pain in Desmond’s hands. Speaking of Desmond, is he still alive or dead? Because if the fucker isn’t dead yet, I’d love to put a bullet in his dick.

“Have you thought of anything? What are you going to do next?” He frowns as if he thought of something bad. “If Pedro is dead then that makes her the new heir of the cartel.”

Fuck! I was hoping he wouldn’t bring it up.

“Not only that, we destroyed the Mexican cartel. Shit! What shit did we get into?” He asks as if disbelieved.

“Then there’s only one way.” I grit out. Fuck! I was hoping all these secrets didn’t come to this. “Call Lethal and let him know what happened. Then tell him to hook Vixen up for a call when I say.”

He almost jumps from the coach. “He’ll kill me. Fuckkk! Snipper, he’s not going to be a sunshine.”

My grin never felt so fake. “I wouldn’t count on anything else.”

Almost immediately Xavier disappears behind the door to talk and I walk closer to where she lays peacefully. Her dump hair clings to her face, her brow furrowing once I trail my finger over the small cut near her lips.

Even so tired she looks beautiful. I can still remember the early days she used to stare at me like I had all the answers to her pain. Like I am the only one who can give her peace. Only one who can love her like she’s the last air on earth.

I can barely hear a word that’s being said in the other room but I can detect the tension from here. It burns like coil until I can hear footsteps coming behind me. And even before I turn around I know things are not the same anymore. I can’t hide behind my brothers and lie to save their life.

“What did he say?” My mind craves more. What the fuck was his reaction? Is he angry? Pissed? Disappointed?

I hear a loud sigh. “Apparently I wasn’t fucking informed that your cousin is still alive. He ratted you out to Lethal even before my call. This phone call just helped him to know our location.”

Carter ratted me out?

I want to laugh at the weird discovery. Did my cousin for the first time chose my safety over his? The Carter I know would never go to Lethal willingly. Fuck! He even hates the Serpents like I hate alcohol. So for him to actually go through-

“He did, didn’t he? What else?”

Cautiously he glances between me and her. “Your vice -President was rather pissed. Lethal is on his way with Vixen and Foxy. I gave our location but we might have to run again if we see any strange men in this motel.”

“Ok.” I shrug. That went better than I thought. But I said it too early as he pauses for a second before I hear him grit out.

“But that’s not the only thing he said.”

And what he says makes my head swirl. For once, I’m stunned. I’m aching to chuckle, to say stop until that’s the only word I know. I want Xavier to be wrong. I want his words just to be a joke. But lying can go only so far. And if Lethal had any saying on this-

I deserved everything that was coming for me.

She wakes up after an hour. Disoriented and panicking she looks around until her eyes find me in shock. Thank God Xavier is already out guarding us or getting high again. I don’t blame him either.

“How did I-”

“A woman helped you.” I don’t want to fish for answers but I’m pretty damn interested to know what happened. At the mention of the woman, her eyes light up.

“Is she here? Please tell me she’s here somewhere.” What does she expect me to say? I wonder looking at her hopeful eyes.

“She’s not here.” Her eyes go slack. “I offered her to run with us, she didn’t want to come.”

“Oh. How are you here though?” I know it hurts her to not know. I know she sees in my eyes what the woman’s fate was. No one can turn their back on freedom and leave unscathed in our dark world.

“I killed Ceaser.” I don’t see her bat an eyelash to hear that. Our enemy is dead. What a fucking relief. “I was coming for you when-It was already too late. We forced one of his men to give us a jet.”

She smiles. “Desmond is dead too. And Pedro-they are both dead because of Carmen. If she wasn’t there...I might have killed myself.”

As I would. We don’t need to hear the words to know. If she wasn’t alive I would gladly leave this fucking cruel world to be with her. Maybe she understands too. So her smile brightens more.

“We are free, Seth.”

Yes, free. Not bound into a cage. Not hiding behind a lie. We have a lot to talk. Yet perhaps that’s what makes me make the first move. My lips are on her even before she can breathe another word. And I swallow every other word she wants to say.

We are free. We are broken. We will be alright.

We always do.

Her fucking taste lingers in my mouth. So I take more until she’s only moaning out my name. Seth, Seth, Seth. She’s already ripping my shirt off before I can realize that my hands are on her dress, tugging the zipper down until it’s on the floor. Her nails scratch and rack down my chest leaving a burning trail making me groan.


“Yes, f-fuck.” She nods pulling me closer to her. We breathe the same air, falling over the bed. She straddles my hips and I swallow hard when she finds the outline of my cock through the jeans.

“C-Can I-”

“Yes.” Fuck! If she would want me to hand over my dick I would have given it to her with a fucking smile. She shares the same look, those dark eyes wide in despair and when her hands finally unzip my jeans...oh fuck.

Maybe I was the one who groans in the beautiful pain of her small hands on me. Or maybe she was the one moaning as I can feel her clit near my cock, throbbing in want. Either way, we tore apart our demons with screams of pleasure. My fingers find their way to her pussy as her lips open in a broken cry, she bites down hard over my neck and when she finally sinks down my’s fucking hell. The one I’m willing to walk down for eternity.

“Oh, Seth...Oh, God!” My teeth graze down her nipples, biting them softly. They bounce with every time she takes me hard. We watch each other while she rocks up and down. Faster, harder, twisting enough to make me pull her hair, biting the delicious skin of hers.

“Fuck, Kitty! Slow down, baby.” Her legs spread more and her hand’s fist my hair in a moan when I flick her clit making her jerk violently. “You feel this baby? How tight you feel around my cock? How many times can I make you cum? Two, three times?”

I flip her to her stomach and take her hard. Her one ankle is rested over my shoulder, another wrapped around my waist. I can hear the whining. More. Love you. Give me more, Seth. Fuck her. I do. And she comes too. With a loud scream, her pussy quivers and she comes all over my cock. My hips jerk and I’m not far from her. She’s too wet, too fucking good that I can’t stop myself from spilling into her.


I have taken another orgasm from her as if looks like. We both come from the high but none of us are ready to go back to the real world. But we have to. And the thought never felt so terrifying before.

She drags his thumb over my cheeks. Her voice is unsure. “Is something wrong?”

“I had Xavier call Lethal.” Her back stiffens but she’s quick to hide it. “Vixen knows where we are. She’s coming to see you.”

I don’t know what she feels at this point to see her sister. We both lied to save the people we love. She lied to her sister while I did to Lethal.

“Did she sounded mad?” Her voice cracks in the last letter. I’m gripping her chin even before she can leave the bed.

“They both will be mad. But now we have to think what our next plan is. You can’t be the heir of a cartel now that Pedro is dead. They will always hunt you, Kitty. A mafia needs their leader or they all will crumble down. There’s many who would find the leader forcefully even if you like it or not. Do you want to live that life for the rest of your life?”

“N-No. I don’t. But, I don’t understand-”

I silence her with taking her lips. They are swollen. So fuckable. “That’s why the Serpents decided something. I know it might sound harsh but we brought it upon to us. I love you, Gwen. And even if I lose everything, I have you. And, that’s enough for me.”

“What did you do? Seth?” She shakes her head waiting for me to explain. Her eyes are wide with worry. A worry for me. I can’t hide the smile.

“I don’t know about you but I’ve already agreed. It’s only a matter of time we talk in face to face.” She looks more confused, so I break her the one news I know will change everything.

“We are leaving Southside. For good.”

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