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Happy Easter everyone! Hope you guys are at home and having fun :)

MC lovers, the 2nd book of the Devil’s Shadow MC is ready for pre-order! Read the journey of vengeance with Sniper to know just how far one is willing to go to make the sinners pay.

Release day: 25th June

Blurb: The club always comes first.

That’s the rule we have been born and breathe into. So when I was given the job to protect one of the Devil’s sister, it only meant as an act of loyalty. A distraction.

But Gwen Knight is not someone I can use as a distraction. She thinks she is broken, a woman who got skeletons in her closet worse than I can ever think of. But what she doesn’t know that she is more than a little broken, she is the mayhem that I can’t help but crave.

Known as a loyal Devil, I am ought to obey every rule, where even craving her has a price. But she has awakened something in me. So much that for the first time my wrath may as well breaks the club apart.



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