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Chapter 4


In silence, the world speaks fucking louder.

That much I was sure of as I heard the labored breath of the woman all night. Sometimes she changed her position in the bed, sometimes a small sob broke through the relatively small room until it was daylight and I slipped through the door to stand behind the pillar to watch. And sometimes I thought if her sister was suffering the same way.

Not that this was a new thing.

Watching over people is what I’ve done since the moment my father took a bad turn with Mad Dog. He started to snap at everyone, I started doing his errands. He ended up breaking his kneecaps in a fight, I ended up selling drugs to get his fees when Mad Dog refused to help us. I admit I was a little harsh on my old man when in the deep inside I knew he was protesting against Mad Dog for good reasons. He was doing it for the Serpents.

He was doing it for me.

So that I don’t end up like Lethal.

But did he really succeed? Did I really become what I wanted to see myself as?

Sometimes I didn’t think so.

People around here isn’t much of a talker. But they still stare at me. I see the old woman from room no 15 glaring at me from my peripheral eyes. Confusion fills some of their eyes as to why I’m here. But my gaze quickly turns to a redhead coming towards me.

“I see you are doing your job.” My childhood friend Debra also known as Ginger between the Serpents asks with a grin when she reaches me. It’s hard to keep the same grin from forming so in a minute even I’m grinning.

“Ginger. Lovely to meet you again.”

“Well you asked, I came. I’m just that awesome.” She laughs before the laugh vanishes and the seriousness of the situation makes her look over my shoulder. “Though wanna tell me what am I doing in here? I mean when you called for help I was fucking confused. I took nursing at my early age but I never finished my training properly. You know after...” She trails off unsure if I knew it.

“After your brother had that bike accident. I know.” She nods avoiding my eyes. My fingers tighten seeing her comfortable so I quickly change the subject.

“Look, forget it. This is your new job, Ginger. Boss gave me this job of protecting a girl but I know next to nothing about nursing and I can’t protect her all the time if I have to be anonymous about it. Hense you come in. She needs help and you can give her that.”

“Ok.” She nods humming. “I can do it as long as it’s nothing serious. So who is she?”

The girl who’s sister can’t leave my mind- the words are on the tips of my tongue but at the last moment I keep a leash on them.

Lethal didn’t deserve calling shots on his woman. I know it’s only a time when she will bear his mark. Me feeling something for her will only complicate things.

Fuck my cock for rising every fucking time I remember the first time I saw her dancing on that pole.

Clearing my throat, I start. “The name is Gloria Evans, she is in danger from Mad Dog. He has been after her for months and I’m pretty sure every one of us is in his hotlist as a newly dead body.”

“Fuck! Please tell me that’s a joke!” Like every one of us, she’s clearly surprised to hear about the asshole’s return.

“I wish.” Scoffing I give her a report on Gloria, what I heard from her sister and finally what she has to do. When I see the doctor going to open the door, Ginger nearly makes me stumble by the force she uses to turn back and run towards him. I know she will take care of everything for a while so I don’t worry when I stand farther from her room.

Though I’m not given a time break as I hear the telltale sign of my phone ringing. Getting the phone out, I’m worried to see boss’s name glaring at me from the screen.


“Snipper.” I hear the unmistakable laugh of Reaper and all the other Serpent’s talking over each other. Clearly Lethal is in the bar. “I have a news for you. I know where Mad Dog is.”

For a minute there’s no word exchanged between us. I would have loved to see his face right now just to gauge his reaction. But I offer my silence as the same hate we all bare.

“So you finally found him?”

“Yes.” Boss sounds calm to know where the asshole could be hiding. Though I’m not stupid enough to believe that facade. I know he wants to kill the asshole. Hell, even I want to see Mad Dog dead.

“Do you want my help? Should I get around to find-” For a second my voice slips. The door opens again but this time with Ginger helping the woman to enter the dining room.

A pair of dark eyes with equal dark sadness, a small button nose, a pair of lips in a frown stares back at me. And at that moment I realize how I didn’t give her the benefit of being anything but just a girl who makes pain beautiful. She radiates pain like a lamp all the way to the table where some people are getting breakfast.

“I will talk to you later, brother. You clearly didn’t hear whatever the fuck I just spat right now.” Lethal hisses before the call go blank.

A choked laugh leaves my lips but it’s bitter. It’s fucking dangerous. Like it wasn’t enough that I was failing to keep myself together with Jade, here I was getting trapped under Gloria’s sadness. I hate myself to care when her eyes go over the room as if waiting for someone to jump at any time. Maybe it’s something about the Evans. My nostril twitch when I see the other people looking at her like she is the angel of death coming after them.

I’m tempted to go there and fix some of them’s bones but unfortunately, that doesn’t come with the job description. Only hurt the people who are harmful to her. Maybe I can make an exception for them?

Walking towards the room, I hear Ginger chatting about meal choices and all of that about a healthy diet. But I’ve yet to hear a word from her. Suddenly I’m curious. I’m unexpectedly wondering what she would sound like if she could talk. Will it be like Jade? Or softer and filled with cold detachment. I don’t have to think too much when she starts to show the same sign of an afraid kitty.

So I step dutifully into the shadow of the dark corner and inhale the familiar scent of nicotine. They don’t make me confused. They don’t make me wonder about the mute girl in the room. Wondering will only lead to disappointment cause when Mad Dog leaves from our life-

So does my job.

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