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Chapter 6


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

This isn’t exactly how I thought everything will go down. A shudder runs through me as I think about the moment I saw the lanky kid trying to sneak around. He even came with a bunch of high as hell other kids with a gun to break into the facility. Looks like fucking Mad Dog was using kids to do his errands nowadays.

How original.

“Shhh, close your eyes, Kitty.” I’m not even sure if my words have an effect on the scared woman beside me. “I’m taking you to somewhere safe.”

My entire body tenses when we reach the safe house. As soon as I’m in the driveway, Hawk runs towards us to escort us through the underground. The dark underground is lightened by small lights which are now being admired by the lost soul beside me.

My knuckles throb in pain when I get out of the car and try to help the woman. She lets out a small gasp when my arms circles around her. And fuck me for feeling another throb going through me.

Though not the place I wanted to.


“Hawk! Get the room ready, quick!” Avoiding her eyes is a hard job, the softness of her skin, the dark pool of pain in those eyes are hard to ignore but I manage to do that until we both reach the room with no windows. Reaching behind I have to clasp her from not stumbling over when I open the room. Looking around I’m confirmed that Hawk has left clothes and a bag of weapons for me.

“Let’s make you comfortable.” It’s a strange experience to talk to someone who has no words left for me to hear. Dropping her in the mattress it doesn’t take her long to flinch away from me. Her whole body is shaking and she’s almost curled into a ball.

“I’m not gonna hurt ya.” My confession isn’t nearly enough to make her see anything as I notice her gaze at the dark corner of my room other than me. What the fuck is she looking at?

“We are all going to die! Fuck! Snipper shouldn’t have taken her here. If Mad Dog knows-”

Who the fuck-

“Here you are!” The door opens with a loud thud that I have to wince. Tucker pokes his head in only to start his argument again. “The fuck were you thinking? Did you leave Ginger to handle everything alone?”

Before I can answer, Rider storms in with a scrawl in his face. “Mad Dog is killing off everything and everyone. Still, you take his shits in here?”

“Fuck off Rider!” The anger brewing in me has nothing to do with Hawks tiny brain. “And you Tucker, she has already called me to let me know that everything’s under control. Now get out of the room and let her breathe.”

Glancing at her again I’ve to stop myself from explaining shit. I had learned it the hard way to read the emotions swirling in those eyes. Fear has a new name for her and unfortunately, it’s me.

Not Mad Dog...not those

“I need to warn Lethal. You two take your fight somewhere else.” Thankfully the two idiots march off farther from her room, leaving me with no choice but to bask in uncertainty.

Did I really fail Jade?

Should I have been more careful?

“I’ll come back in a few.” My hand itches to just comfort the sacred kitty but I know I’ll scare her off more. So I leave without any other word.

It’s all too familiar once I’m out of her room. The screams of those two idiots arguing over each other, Hawk giving me a pitiful look, me making sure our brothers are ok.

“Yes.” I hear Lethal’s flat tone behind the phone.

“Hello? Lethal? Fuck! I’m calling from the safe house. Someone attacked the facility. Did you hear me? Jade might be in danger.” For minutes I wait for something to hear. A curse. The sound of someone’s bones breaking. But it’s all too quiet. Which makes me more worried than ever.

“Don’t worry though. I took Gloria from there at the right time. It was hard to get her in the car as she still thinks that she’s being kidnapped so try to send jade in here. That way both of them will be safe. Gotta go through, see you soon brother.” I cut the call too early to go back to the other girl crumbling inside.

When I open the door, her stiff back welcomes me. I know she doesn’t want to hear me talk yet I’ve to say something. The urge to talk never seemed this painful.

“I know you think me as a dickhead and it’s alright. But I’m trying to protect you here Kitty, at least give me a sign that you understand. That you won’t do anything stupid.” I don’t know how a paralyzed person can do her worst and yet if she is anything like her sister then I’m doomed.

I’m fully prepared to leave with uncertainty when a small sound met my ears. Looking back I am welcomed by the dark eyes criticizing me. Suddenly I’m tempted to take one inhale of poison to avoid her looking at me. To stop her from getting too close to me.

But it’s already too late when she lifts a dainty finger and caresses my thumb with wonder in her eyes. I don’t know at that moment what I feel. Creeped out? Confused? Or fucking hard.

“What are you doing?” I ask curiously. She doesn’t say a thing as predicted but there’s a determination in her eyes. It’s new. It’s fucking ecstatic. Her jaw clenches as the fingers pass by an old scar. She takes time to memorize it, leaving me exposed to these new feelings.

Fuck-what is this even?

Before I can stop her my phone rings angrily. That knocks her out from whatever she was feeling cause in a second she’s far from me, her eyes blank and unfocused. Even I’ve to take a deep breathe to stand up and walk farther from her to take the call. When I see who is it from, a familiar feeling of dread fights through me. I know the cigars won’t take it away nor the mysterious woman in the bed.

“Hey, Foxy. What’s up?” Surprisingly she cuts right though the chase instead of muttering bullshit like every time. And that has me struggling to not let the woman that I’m this close to freak out.

“Fuck, Snipper! I need you to go to the New York safehouse. Boss is going insane. He will end up killing himself!”

“What the fuck you’re talking about?” I can’t stop the snarl. “What happened?”

“Look, it’s a long story but I’m gonna short it out for you. Jade Evans doesn’t exist. The woman living in our club is Grace Knight. Mad Dog not only attacked the facility tonight, he also used a bait to take Grace in his disgusting hand. Now lethal is going insane. I need you to be there for him, Snipper. We can’t handle him as you can. Please!”

Hearing Foxy beg is a rare sight. And at any other circumstances, I would have loved to hear her more. But the only thing getting inside my head is Jade Evans doesn’t exist. Those dark eyes same as the woman in front of me is a liar.

A perfect pretender consuming me in her lies.

“I’m coming.” I let Foxy know. “I’m coming for Lethal.”

If she was Grace Knight, then who was her sister?

Who is really Gloria?

I don’t bother to know though. A lie doesn’t need to be broken. The woman in question might have lied but she still lingers in my vein like a drug. But for the first time, I don’t want to inhale the drug. I don’t want to imagine Grace’s face as I go into a war to save her.

Instead, I glance back at the same yet so different dark eyes. Those ones are filled with pain. But at least they are honest. The pain is morbidly raw. They don’t lie. They don’t betray when I leave the room to do what I always do. Most of all-

They don’t slip through my body even if I’m running a thousand miles away from her...

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